Marilyn Manson

Unidentified Woman Files Amended Rape & Death Threat Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson Following Recent Dismissal


The unidentified woman whose lawsuit against Marilyn Manson was recently dismissed by a California Superior Court Judge has refiled her suit against the shock rocker. That woman’s original lawsuit alleged Manson had raped her and threatened her life.

The suit was dismissed last week due to the judge concerns over the statute of limitations having expired on the matter. Given that the alleged incidents in question were said to have transpired back around 2011, the judge felt that the initial accusations made and the lack of details regarding her alleged repressed memories regarding them were not sufficient enough to invoke a delayed discovery rule.

The judge provided the woman with the opportunity to file an amended complaint providing more details, which she did today, September 23rd. That new complaint features more allegations in regards to the rape and death threat claims. Spin saw the documents and noted that it alleged Manson forcibly raped her both vaginally and orally and also threatened to “bash her head in.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Manson “put a condom on the penis of bandmate Twiggy Ramirez (Jeordie White) and performed oral sex on him.” Ramirez was fired from Manson‘s band back in 2017 following a rape accusation made against him by his former girlfriend, Jessicka Addams of Jack Off Jill fame. He would go on to issue this statement in regards to the allegation.

In her initial lawsuit, the woman in question claimed to have only overcome her repressed memories of the alleged incidents involving Manson after reading similar allegations made by a number of women against him earlier this year. She was seeking damages and a public declaration of Manson‘s alleged crimes per her first lawsuit.

Manson also currently faces similar lawsuits from actress Esmé Bianco, his former personal assistant Ashley Walters and his former girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline. Since this past February, over a dozen women also came forward with disturbing allegations against Manson, including his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood.

Manson quickly denied those initial allegations. His legal team have since put forward a motion motion that alleges that several of the women who came forward are “co-conspirators”, claiming they were “desperately trying to conflate the imagery and artistry of [Brian] Warner’s ‘shock rock’ stage persona, ‘Marilyn Manson,’ with fabricated accounts of abuse.”

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