Marilyn Manson

Judge Dismisses Rape & Death Threat Lawsuit Filed Against Marilyn Manson


In addition to his ongoing misdemeanor simple assault case, Marilyn Manson is presently facing several lawsuits accusing him of crimes ranging from rape and sexual assault to abuse and human trafficking.

One of the lawsuits brought against him was put forth by a woman who chose to remain anonymous, claiming that Manson raped and threatened to kill her during their relationship back around 2011. You can read more on her allegations here.

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Yesterday, September 14th saw California Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian dismiss that woman’s lawsuit. Her complaint was dismissed due to the woman’s claims that she had previously repressed the memories of being raped by Manson. She is said to have claimed that her memories of the alleged rape came back to her this past February after reading of the other women who came forward against Manson.

Keosian‘s objection to the woman’s complaint came from her claims of repressed memories, which he felt were not detailed enough to overcome the statute of limitations passed since the alleged incidents took place. The unidentified woman has 20 days to file a new complaint and provide more details regarding her alleged repressed memories. Should she do so, the new complaint will be taken under consideration and potentially proceed further.

The unidentified woman’s legal team have since issued a statement to Rolling Stone on this latest development, offering:

Marilyn Manson wants to silence our client about her rape. He tried to use technical legal arguments to get her case thrown out altogether. The judge thoughtfully analyzed the case law, and rightfully held that her case can go forward, so long as she amends her complaint to add some additional details. We intend to amend with those additional details very shortly, and look forward to the opportunity to make Manson answer for his actions.”

Manson also currently faces similar lawsuits from actress Esmé Bianco, his former personal assistant Ashley Walters and his former girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline. Over a dozen women also came forward with disturbing allegations against Manson earlier this year.

This past July a motion put forward by Manson‘s legal team labeled several of the women who came forward against him as “co-conspirators”, claiming they were “desperately trying to conflate the imagery and artistry of [Brian] Warner’s ‘shock rock’ stage persona, ‘Marilyn Manson,’ with fabricated accounts of abuse.”

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