Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Sued By Ashley Morgan Smithline For Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery, Human Trafficking & More


This past spring, model Ashley Morgan Smithline came forward with numerous allegations of sexual assault and abuse against Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Warner). Smithline told her story via an interview with that was published this past May. In it she detailed various disturbing allegations and past incidents involving Manson. You can find a summary of that here.

Among the various allegations she made were “countless” sexual assaults, being cut with a knife that featured a swastika on it and other abusive behaviors during sex. She also alleged he coerced her into signing a blood pact with him and would force her into a glass soundproof room dubbed ‘the bad girls room’ if she displeased him.

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Since giving the interview, Smithline has now officially filed suit against Manson, alleging sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, unlawful imprisonment and violations of both the Bane Act and the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. She is seeking potential damages and equitable relief via the suit and is the fourth woman to file suit against Manson this year for similar allegations.

Previous women who filed suit against him this year include actress Esmé Bianco, his former personal assistant Ashley Walters and an unidentified woman.

Smithline alleges that Manson initially reached out to her on social media back in the summer of 2010 when she was working as a model in Bangkok, Thailand. She claims that Manson would later entice her to fly to Los Angeles to meet with him with the prospect of landing a role in a remake of the film ‘True Romance‘ to be directed by Eli Roth.

While Smithline states that she and Manson initially began a consensual relationship, she said things took a turn for the worse in November of 2010 when she awoke to find herself bound and being forcibly penetrated by Manson. She claims that Manson denied her repeated requests that he stop.

She alleges that Manson would soon go on to groom and manipulate her into a state of isolation that he could control her from and would repeatedly threaten her life, while also demeaning and degrading her in front of his friends. She also alleges he took photographs of her that were sexual in nature and would threaten to release them to ruin her career, using them as leverage over her.

She also alleges that he had her purchase him Nazi-related paraphernalia and often used racial slurs when discussing her Jewish heritage. Should you want to delve further into her allegations, a full copy of the lawsuit has been published over at

At least sixteen women have come forward with disturbing allegations against Manson this year after his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood went public with her own allegations this past February.

Responding to the allegations initially leveled against him by Wood and several others, he issued this denial.

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