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Ashley Morgan Smithline Shares Details Of Her Horrific Abuse Allegations Against Marilyn Manson


Actress/model Ashley Morgan Smithline has shared further details regarding the abusive relationship she is alleged to have had with Marilyn Manson around 2010-2013. Morgan was one of numerous women who came forward against Manson on February 01st of this year alongside Manson‘s ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood. Smithline first went public with her story on Instagram on that day.

Speaking to in a new video interview, she has now shared graphic details of the abuse and sexual violence she claims to have suffered at the hands of Manson.

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She claims that during their two-year relationship Manson sexually assaulted her “countless” times, bit her and whipped her without her consent, cut her with a knife emblazoned with a swastika (Smithline is of Jewish descent) and shoved his fist in her mouth during sex.

She also alleges that she was coerced into a blood pact with Manson and would be locked in a glass soundproof room dubbed ‘the bad girls room’ if she displeased him. She further alleged that he cut his initials into her outer thighs. A photo of that apparent scar can be found at

She stated that Manson originally reached out to her offering an acting role, with the pair initially bonding over a shared interests in film and literature while she was residing overseas. Upon eventually accepting his invitation to meet, she alleged that he would later ply her with absinthe and cocaine, claiming  that there were “mounds of cocaine” in each room of his residence at the time.

Morgan told her side of the story to People in a new video interview, which can be viewed here. At one point speaking on the matter, she stated:

“I didn’t know that you could rape someone that you were in a relationship with. There’s a difference between waking up to someone having sex with you nicely in the morning and waking up tied up with someone having sex with your unconscious body. Like, being tied up and screaming, not enjoying it, and him laughing like sadistically.”

Speaking on how she reacted to the incidents like the one she alleged above, she replied “I never stood up to him ever, because I knew that would be more abuse and more torture and I just didn’t want it. There was a time where, during a rape there was a struggle, and my nose broke.” She would later head overseas following that particular incident.

She also alleged that Manson became increasingly violent as their relationship went on, stating:

“He made it very clear that I was replaceable, that I was vulnerable, that I was extinguishable. That he could kill me at any moment and he would remind me when I was tied up or whatever. But ‘I could kill you at anytime’.

At one point I brought up ‘do you want me to kill myself?’ ‘Do you want me to just kill myself?’ So he decided it was a good idea to show me clips of suicide scenes from movies.

And I’ve asked the other girls that I’ve spoken to that are victims of him, what do you think his objective was? And we all agree that, we think that he honestly wanted us all to kill ourselves.”

Speaking of her own naivety at the time, she offered:

“…People are like ‘you knowingly entered into a BDSM relationship’—I don’t know what that is now even? …I didn’t know what that was then and that wasn’t what he presented at all.

He didn’t say we’re gonna have a relationship where you’re gonna kneel down or lay on the bed and I’m gonna whip you with a swastika whip or I’m gonna cut you while we’re having sex or we’re gonna have a blood pact, I’m gonna drink your blood, you’re gonna drink mine.

I didn’t know like… Obviously I knew that was weird, but I was already taken, I was already there. And the more I did for him, the more I let him hurt me, the more I loved him and the more I was proving myself to him. He found me as a vulnerable shell of a person and he hollowed me out more and more.”

Speaking of her mindset now in going public, she offered:

“I’m not a victim. I’m a fucking survivor. I want people to know who he is, and it’s worth it if not one more woman gets hurt again.”

Smithline is one of over a dozen women to come forward against Manson this year. Most recently actress Esmé Bianco (‘Game Of Thrones‘, ‘The Magicians‘) filed suit against Manson alleging sexual assault, human trafficking and more. You can read about that here. Since then Manson‘s attorney Howard E. King has issued a statement, stating that Bianco‘s claims are “probably false.”

Addressing Smithline‘s claims, a spokesperson for Manson stated:

“We strongly deny [Smithline‘s] There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them. This relationship, to the limited extent it was a relationship, didn’t last one week.”

Manson himself has previously denied the allegations made against him, stating this past February:

“Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how – and why – others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth.”

In the wake of the numerous allegations made against Manson he has been dropped by his label, his longtime manager Tony Ciulla (who was also named in Bianco‘s lawsuit), his talent agency and more. The Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department opened an investigation into at least one of the domestic violence claims made against Manson earlier this year.

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