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05/01/18TwilightTrident Death Rattle(Ascension Monuments Media)


05/02/18Dead CrossDead Cross(Ipecac Recordings)


05/04/18AdversvmAion Sitra Ahra(Iron Bonehead Productions)
05/04/18Angelus ApatridaCabaret de la Guillotine(Century Media)
05/04/18AnywhereAnywhere II(ORG Music)
05/04/18Comeback KidBeds Are Burning(Nuclear Blast/New Damage)
05/04/18Dimmu BorgirEonian(Nuclear Blast)
05/04/18Galactic EmpireEpisode II(Rise Records)
05/04/18LikCarnage(Metal Blade)
05/04/18Parkway DriveReverence(Epitaph Records)
05/04/18SanhedrinA Funeral For The World(Cruz Del Sur Music)
05/04/18The Word AliveViolent Noise(Fearless Records)
05/04/18Various ArtistsWe All Want Our Time In Hell(Corpse Flower)
05/04/18WolvhammerThe Monuments Of Ash & Bone(Blood Music)


05/08/18Wes BorlandMatadors And Daughters(Edison Sound Records)


05/11/18AbrahamLook, Here Comes The Dark!(Pelagic)
05/11/18Animals As LeadersLive 2017(Sumerian)
05/11/18Child BiteBurnt Offerings(Housecore)
05/11/18Ecstatic VisionUnder The Influence(Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
05/11/18Follow The CipherFollow The Cipher(Nuclear Blast)
05/11/18From BeyondThe Band From Beyond(Candlelight Records/UMG)
05/11/18Ghoul/Ill BillSplit (7")(Tankcrimes)
05/11/18Hollywood UndeadSwan Songs (Vinyl)(Interscope/Geffen/A&M)
05/11/18ImmortalNorthern Chaos Gods (7" Single)(Nuclear Blast)
05/11/18ImmortalNothern Chaos Gods (Digital Single)(Nuclear Blast)
05/11/18OrganectomyDomain Of The Wretched(Unique Leader)
05/11/18OrgyArmy To Your Party(D1 Music/Pacific Rising Entertainment)
05/11/18SevendustAll I See Is War(Rise)


05/18/18Age Of TaurusThe Colony Slain(Rise Above Records)
05/18/18AmorphisQueen Of Time(Nuclear Blast)
05/18/18At The GatesTo Drink From The Night Itself(Century Media)
05/18/18AtreyuBest Of Atreyu (Vinyl)(Concord Music Group)
05/18/18Bad WolvesDisobey(Eleven Seven Music)
05/18/18Burn The PriestInherit The Earth/In The Meantime (7")(Epic)
05/18/18Burn The PriestLegion: XX(Epic)
05/18/18FisterNo Spirit Within(Listenable)
05/18/18FisterNo Spirit Within(Listenable)
05/18/18Five Finger Death PunchAnd Justice For None(Prospect Park)
05/18/18High PriestessHigh Priestess(Ripple Music)
05/18/18King DiamondAbigail (Picture Disc Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18King DiamondFatal Portrait (Picture Disc Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18King DiamondThem (Picture Disc Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18Nocturnal GravesTitan(Season Of Mist)
05/18/18Nocturnal GravesTitan(Season Of Mist)
05/18/18ObliterateImpending Death(Unique Leader)
05/18/18OverkillLive In Overhausen(Nuclear Blast)
05/18/18Rotten SoundSuffer To Abuse(Season Of Mist)
05/18/18SlowtripBlur(Anchor Eighty-Four)
05/18/18The AfterimageEve(Tragic Hero)
05/18/18The Black Dahlia MurderEverblack (Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18The Black Dahlia MurderRitual (Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18The Black Dahlia MurderUnhallowed (Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/18/18Vision Of DisorderImprint (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)


05/25/18BaptistsBeacon Of Faith(Southern Lord)
05/25/18Bleeding ThroughLove Will Kill All(SharpTone Records)
05/25/18CandlemassHouse Of Doom(Napalm)
05/25/18Christ On ParadeA Mind Is A Terrible Thing (Reissue)(Neurot Recordings)
05/25/18DopethroneTranscanadian Anger(Totem Cat Records)
05/25/18FailureYour Body Will Be(Failure Records)
05/25/18Full Of Hell / Intensive CareSplit(Anthems Of The Undesirable)
05/25/18GraveyardPeace(Nuclear Blast)
05/25/18HoobastankPush Pull(Napalm Records)
05/25/18Jonathan DavisBlack Labyrinth(Sumerian)
05/25/18Light This CityTerminal Bloom(Creator-Destructor Records)
05/25/18LordiSexorcism(AFM Records)
05/25/18MicawberBeyond The Reach Of Flame(Prosthetic Records)
05/25/18MidnattsolThe Aftermath(Napalm Records)
05/25/18NeurosisPain Of Mind (Reissue)(Neurot Recordings)
05/25/18Pressure CracksPressure Cracks(War Against Records)
05/25/18RefusedServants Of Death (Digital)(Epitaph)
05/25/18Sign Of The JackalBreaking The Spell(Wax Maniax)
05/25/18Split CraniumI'm The Devil And I'm OK(Ipecac Recordings)
05/25/18SvalbardIt's Hard To Have Hope(Holy Roar)
05/25/18The Devil Wears PradaSour Breath (Digital)(Rise Records)
05/25/18Torture RackMalefic Humiliation(20 Buck Spin)
05/25/18WayfarerWorld's Blood(Profound Lore)
05/25/18WhitechapelThis Is Exile (Vinyl)(Metal Blade)
05/25/18Witch MountainWitch Mountain(Svart Records)
05/25/18WitchsorrowHexenhammer(Candlelight Records)