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07/01/18Holy+GoldEverything Needs Something...I Need Your Light(Mind Over Matter)


07/06/18DamageplanNew Found Power (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
07/06/18DevilDriverOutlaws 'Til The End(Napalm)
07/06/18Devin TownsendOcean Machine - Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv(Inside Out Music)
07/06/18Dog Fashion DiscoExperiments In Embryos(Razor To Wrist)
07/06/18GlassjawMaterial Control (Pink Vinyl)(Globochem Music Inc.)
07/06/18ImmortalNorthern Chaos Gods(Nuclear Blast)
07/06/18Kissin' DynamiteEcstasy(Metal Blade Records)
07/06/18KontinuumNo Need to Reason(Season Of Mist)
07/06/18LuciferLucifer II(Century Media)
07/06/18Rotting ChristUnder Our Black Cult(Peaceville)
07/06/18SatanThe Doomsday Clock(Metal Blade)
07/06/18Secret CutterQuantum Eraser(Deathwish Inc./Holy Roar)
07/06/18Six Feet UnderUnburied (Digital)(Metal Blade)


07/13/18AxegrinderSatori(Rise Above)
07/13/18Between The Buried And MeAutomata II(Sumerian Records)
07/13/18Birds In RowWe Already Lost the World(Deathwish Inc.)
07/13/18Black FastSpectre Of Ruin(eOne Music)
07/13/18Bury TomorrowBlack Flame(Music For Nations)
07/13/18Cave InUntil Your Heart Stops (Vinyl)(Hydra Head Records)
07/13/18DaggraSetsuna(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
07/13/18DeafheavenOrdinary Corrupt Human Love(ANTI-)
07/13/18GojiraFrom Mars To Sirius (Vinyl)(Listenable)
07/13/18GojiraTerra Incognita (Vinyl)(Listenable)
07/13/18GojiraThe Way Of All Flesh (Vinyl)(Listenable)
07/13/18HopesfallArbiter(Graphic Nature Records/Equal Vision Records)
07/13/18HvymineFight Or Flight(Seek And Strike)
07/13/18King DiamondIn Concert 1987: Abigail (Picture Disc)(Metal Blade)
07/13/18King DiamondThe Graveyard (Picture Disc)(Metal Blade)
07/13/18King DiamondThe Spider's Lullabye (Picture Disc)(Metal Blade)
07/13/18OublietteThe Passage(The Artisan Era)
07/13/18Shallow SideOrigins(Thermal Entertainment LLC)
07/13/18The Devil Wears PradaSour Breath (7")(Rise Records)


07/17/18Same FearsGlitching(N/A)


07/20/18AmorphisTales From The Thousand Lakes (Vinyl)(Relapse)
07/20/18AmorphisThe Karelian Isthmus (Vinyl)(Relapse)
07/20/18Cemetery LustRotting In Piss(Hells Headbangers)
07/20/18Daron Malakian And Scars On BroadwayDictator(Scarred For Life)
07/20/18DeathIndividual Thought Patterns (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Relapse)
07/20/18DeathLeprosy (30th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Relapse)
07/20/18DeathThe Sound Of Perseverance (Remastered) (Vinyl)(Relapse)
07/20/18Depths Of HatredBloodguilt(Prosthetic Records)
07/20/18EpicaAttack On Titan(Nuclear Blast)
07/20/18God AloneBent Shoulders(Rise Records)
07/20/18If Not For MeCapture the Current(Standby Records)
07/20/18Jungle RotJungle Rot(Victory Records)
07/20/18Mike Patton'1922' Original Score(Ipecac Recordings)
07/20/18MothersoundThe Distance Between(Stay Sick Recordings)
07/20/18Mutilation RitesChasm(Gilead Media/Argento Records)
07/20/18SkeletonwitchDevouring Radiant Light(Prosthetic Records)
07/20/18The Agony SceneTormentor(Outerloop Records)
07/20/18The Lion's DaughterFuture Cult(Season Of Mist)
07/20/18While She SleepsYou Are We (Special Edition)(SharpTone Records)
07/20/18Wisdom In ChainsNothing In Nature Respects Weakness(Fast Break! Records)


07/27/18BlasphemousEmerging Through Fire(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
07/27/18CoarseI(Zegema Beach Recordings)
07/27/18Dee SniderFor The Love Of Meta(Napalm Records)
07/27/18Invocation SpellsSpread Cruelty In The Abyss(Hells Headbangers)
07/27/18OtepKult 45(Napalm Records)
07/27/18Shed The SkinWe Of Scorn(Hells Headbangers)
07/27/18ThouRhea Sylvia(Deathwish Inc.)
07/27/18Ultra-ViolenceOperation Misdirection(Candlelight/Spinefarm)
07/27/18VenuesAspire(Arising Empire)
07/27/18Weed DemonAstrological Passages(Electric Valley Records)