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05/06/21DefilerA Deity Depraved(Defiler)


05/07/21ArtilleryX(Metal Blade Records)
05/07/21Cvlt Ov The SvnWe Are The Dragon(Napalm Records)
05/07/21Dawn Ray'dWild Fire(Prosthetic Records)
05/07/21DiamanteAmerican Dream(N/A)
05/07/21Ereb AltorEldens Boning(Hammerheart Records)
05/07/21Feed Them DeathNegative(Brucia Records)
05/07/21Ghost IrisComatose(Long Branch Records)
05/07/21KataanKataan(Prosthetic Records)
05/07/21KosmodemonicLiminal Light(Transylvanian Recordings)
05/07/21Led To The GravePray For Death(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
05/07/21MisstressResurrected(Blasphemous Records)
05/07/21SalivaEvery Twenty Years(Megaforce Records)
05/07/21SethLa Morsure du Christ(Season Of Mist)
05/07/21Skarlett RiotInvicta(Despotz Records)
05/07/21StaindLive: It’s Been Awhile(Yap'em/Alchemy Recordings)
05/07/21Sumo CycoInitiation(Napalm Records)
05/07/21ToxikWorld Circus (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
05/07/21TraumatomyExtirpation Paradigms(Gore House Productions)


05/13/21KvelertakSplid: Game Of Doom EP(Rise Records)


05/14/21BalaMaleza(Century Media)
05/14/21CalibanZeitgeister(Century Media)
05/14/21Canvas SolarisChromosphere(Divebomb Records)
05/14/21Charlie BenanteSilver Linings(Megaforce Records)
05/14/21EarthlessLive In The Mojave Desert(Nuclear Blast)
05/14/21Fu ManchuReturn To Earth 91–93 (Vinyl)(N/A)
05/14/21Grave MiasmaAbyss Of Wrathful Deities(Dark Descent Records/Sepulchral Voice)
05/14/21JesuHeart Ache (Deluxe Edition)(Avalanche Recordings)
05/14/21Luna's CallVoid(Listenable Records)
05/14/21Mouth For WarLife Cast In Glass(1126 Records)
05/14/21Myles KennedyThe Ides Of March(Napalm Records)
05/14/21Per WibergAll Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us... Lights Out(Despotz Records)
05/14/21PessimistCult Of Initiated (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
05/14/21Scar Of The SunInertia(Napalm Records)
05/14/21SeeYouSpaceCowboy/If I Die FirstA Sure Disaster(Pure Noise Records)
05/14/21Seventh CrystalDelirium(Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
05/14/21SněťMokvání V Okovech(Blood Harvest Records)
05/14/21SolanumRuled By The Cruel(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
05/14/21SunbombEvil And Divine(Frontiers Music Srl)
05/14/21Teenage WristEarth Is A Black Hole (Live at Kingsize)(Epitaph Records)
05/14/21The BleedingRise Into Nothing(Decimated Eardrums Records)
05/14/21The Ember, The AshFixation(Prosthetic Records)
05/14/21Various ArtistsThe Problem Of Leisure: A Celebration Of Andy Gill And Gang Of Four(Gill Music)
05/14/21ZombiLiquid Crystal(Relapse Records)


05/15/21Panopticon.​.​.​And Again Into The Light(Bindrune Recordings)
05/15/21Phillip H. Anselmo And The IllegalsWalk Through Exits Only (Cassette)(Housecore Records)


05/19/21ChthonicChthonic Megaport 2021(N/A)


05/20/21AnatomiaCorporeal Torment(Saco Un Ojo Records/Dark Descent Records)
05/20/21AnatomiaCorporeal Torment(Me Saco Un Ojo Records/Dark Descent Records)


05/21/21AmorphisLive At Helsinki Ice Hall(Nuclear Blast)
05/21/21AmorphisVinyl Collection 2006-2020(Nuclear Blast)
05/21/21An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenAs The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes(Prosthetic Records)
05/21/21August Burns RedLeveler (10th Anniversary Edition)(N/A)
05/21/21Destroyed In SecondsDivide And Devour(Deep Six Records)
05/21/21Divine HeresyBleed The Fifth (Vinyl)(M-Theory Audio)
05/21/21Divine HeresyBringer Of Plagues (Vinyl)(M-Theory Audio)
05/21/21End YouAimless Dread(Pax Aeternum)
05/21/21Eskimo CallboyMMXX (Hypa Hypa Edition)(Century Media)
05/21/21FiddleheadBetween The Richness(Run For Cover Records)
05/21/21Impure WilhelminaAntidote(Season of Mist)
05/21/21KaonashiDear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year(Equal Vision Records/Unbeaten Records)
05/21/21King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardTeenage Gizzard (Vinyl)(Improved Sequence)
05/21/21LeachLovely Light Of Life(Brutal Records)
05/21/21LindemannLive In Moscow(Vertigo Records)
05/21/21Monster MagnetA Better Dystopia(Napalm Records)
05/21/21NadjaLuminous Rot(Southern Lord)
05/21/21PerversorPsicomoro(Hells Headbangers)
05/21/21Skeletal RemainsBeyond The Flesh (2021 Reissue)(Century Media)
05/21/21Skeletal RemainsCondemned To Misery (2021 Reissue)(Century Media)
05/21/21Skeletal RemainsDesolate Isolation (10th Anniversary Edition)(Century Media)
05/21/21Standard Human ExperienceNever Belong(Wormholedeath)
05/21/21The Devil Wears PradaZII(Solid State Records)
05/21/21Tooth And ClawDream Of Ascension(Good Fight Music)
05/21/21Trade WindThe Day We Got What We Deserved(Other People Records)
05/21/21Various ArtistsMetal Massacre XV(Metal Blade Records)
05/21/21VexedCulling Culture(Napalm Records)
05/21/21VolaWitness(Mascot Records)
05/21/21WishAdapt Or Die(War Records)
05/21/21YautjaThe Lurch(Relapse Records)


05/25/21SkinlessFrom Sacrifice To Survival (Vinyl)(Violence In The Veins)


05/28/21AFILooking Tragic / Begging For Trouble (7")(Rise Records)
05/28/21AlestormLive In Tilburg (DVD/Blu-ray)(Napalm Records)
05/28/21AlluvialSarcoma(Nuclear Blast)
05/28/21American NightmareWhen We Were Young (Vinyl)(Heartworm)
05/28/21AngstskrigSkyggespil(Despotz Records)
05/28/21Burning WitchesThe Witch Of The North(Nuclear Blast)
05/28/21Cirith UngolHalf Past Human(Metal Blade Records)
05/28/21GhastlyMercurial Passages(20 Buck Spin)
05/28/21GwarThe Disc With No Name(Pit Records)
05/28/21KhandraAll Occupied by Sole Death(Season of Mist Underground Activists)
05/28/21Kill The ImposterThe Violence Sessions(MVK Records)
05/28/21Lung KnotsGolden Dirges, Molten Larynges(Tartarus Records)
05/28/21NoctuleWretched Abyss(Translation Loss Records/Church Road Records)
05/28/21Of Mice & MenBloomd(SharpTone Records)
05/28/21PantheonAge Of Wolves(Necrotic Records/Doc Records/Old Shadows Records)
05/28/21PortalAvow(Profound Lore)
05/28/21Satanic PlanetSatanic Planet(Three One G Records)
05/28/21SatyriconDark Medieval Times (Re-mixed & Remastered)(Napalm Records)
05/28/21SatyriconThe Shadowthrone (Re-mixed & Remastered)(Napalm Records)
05/28/21Silver LakeSilver Lake(Nuclear Blast)
05/28/21StormrulerUnder The Burning Eclipse(Napalm Records)
05/28/21The Flight Of SleipnirEventide(Eisenwald)
05/28/21Unfathomable RuinationDecennium Ruinae(Willowtip Records)
05/28/21Windir1184 (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
05/28/21WindirArntor (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
05/28/21WindirLikfred (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
05/28/21WindirSóknardalr (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)