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07/02/21At The GatesThe Nightmare Of Being(Century Media)
07/02/21Born Of OsirisAngel Or Alien(Sumerian Records)
07/02/21ClutchSongs Of Much Gravity... 1993-2001(Warner Music Group)
07/02/21Imperium ADThe Last Gasping Breath Of The Empire(Modern Empire Music)
07/02/21Lord Of The LostJudas(Napalm Records)
07/02/21Nanowar Of SteelItalian Folk Metal(Napalm Records)
07/02/21NoctambulistThe Barren Form(Willowtip Records)
07/02/21TestamentThe Legacy (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
07/02/21The QuireboysA Bit Of What You Fancy (30th Anniversary Edition)(N/A)
07/02/21Year Of No LightConsolamentum(Pelagic Records)
07/02/21Year Of No LightMnemophobia(Pelagic Records)


07/08/21MidhavenOf The Lotus & The Thunderbolt(N/A)


07/09/21Ascension Of The WatchersTranslations(Dissonance Productions)
07/09/21Christian DeathAtrocities (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
07/09/21ClutchBlast Tyrant (Clutch Collector's Series) (Vinyl)(Weathermaker Music)
07/09/21Domination CampaignOnward To Glory(Prosthetic Records)
07/09/21Ego Kill TalentEgo Kill Talent: Acoustic #1(N/A)
07/09/21Eighteen Visions1996(Eighteen Visions)
07/09/21Hammers Of MisfortuneThe Bastard (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Cruz Del Sur Music)
07/09/21L.A. GunsCocked & Loaded Live(Frontiers Music Srl)
07/09/21Lost SymphonyChapter III(XOFF Records)
07/09/21MarrasEndtime Sermon(Spread Evil Productions)
07/09/21Misery IndexCoffin Up The Nails(N/A)
07/09/21Serj TankianCool Gardens Poetry Suite(Serjical Strike Records)
07/09/21SilversteinWhen Broken Is Easily Fixed (Vinyl Reissue)(Craft Recordings)
07/09/21Solus Ex InferisDaemones Ceramici(N/A)
07/09/21Struc/turesNone Of The Above(N/A)
07/09/21The L.I.F.E. ProjectThe L.I.F.E. Project(Blood Blast Distribution)
07/09/21Thought LeadersIn Wastelands(King Of Sticks Records)
07/09/21VesselBehind The Walls(Golden Robot Records)
07/09/21XasthurVictims Of The Times(Lupus Lounge)


07/12/21Lower AutomationLower Automation(Zegema Beach Records)


07/16/21August Burns Red/Fit For A KingGuardians Of The Path(Solid State Records)
07/16/21BulbModerately Fast, Adequately Furious(3DOT Recordings)
07/16/21CognitiveMalevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction(Unique Leader Records)
07/16/21Crippled Black PhoenixPainful Reminder / Dead is Dead(Season Of Mist)
07/16/21Death AngelFrolic Through The Park (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
07/16/21DeathcraeftOn Human Devolution(Wormholedeath)
07/16/21Dungeon SerpentWorld Of Sorrows(Nameless Grave Records)
07/16/21GWARBloody Pit Of Horror (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
07/16/21GWARLust In Space (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
07/16/21HeartsickCinco(Godsize Records)
07/16/21Inhuman ArchitectsParadoxus(Vicious Instinct Records)
07/16/21OpethBlackwater Park (20th Anniversary Edition)(Music For Nations)
07/16/21Ophidian IDesolate(Season Of Mist)
07/16/21Paradise LostAt The Mill(Nuclear Blast)
07/16/21PessimistSlaughtering The Faithful (Vinyl)(Season Of Mist)
07/16/21PowerwolfCall Of The Wild(Napalm Records)
07/16/21Shadows FallOf One Blood (Vinyl)(M-Theory Audio)
07/16/21SnogardMoral Presence, Corrupt Misdeeds(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
07/16/21Space ChaserGive Us Life(Metal Blade Records)
07/16/21The WringProject Cipher(Wormholedeath)
07/16/21Times Of GraceSongs Of Loss And Sepration(Wicked Good Records)
07/16/21Until I WakeUntil I Wake(Fearless Records)
07/16/21Various ArtistsDark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack (Physical)(Loma Vista Recordings)
07/16/21Weston Super Maim180-Degree Murder(Dark Trail Records)
07/16/21WizardthroneHypercube Necrodimensions(Napalm Records)


07/17/21(hed)p.e.Best Of Suburban Noize Years (Vinyl)(Regime Music Group/Suburban Noize Records)
07/17/21All Them WitchesLive On The Internet (Vinyl)(New West Records)
07/17/21Amigo The DevilCover, Demos, Live Versions, B-Sides (Vinyl)(Liars Club)
07/17/21AnthraxMadhouse / I Am The Law / Got The Time / Discharge (3" bundle)(N/A)
07/17/21Bad OmensLive + Unplugged (Vinyl)(Sumerian Records)
07/17/21BushSea Of Memories (10th Anniversary) (Vinyl)(eOne Music)
07/17/21Cro-MagsThe Age Of Quarrel (Vinyl)(Rock Hotel/Astor Place)
07/17/21Dee Gees (Foo Fighters)Hail Satin (Vinyl)(N/A)
07/17/21DioGod Hates Heavy Metal (12" Picture Disc)(BMG)
07/17/21EvanescenceThe Open Door (Vinyl)(Craft Recordings)
07/17/21FallujahThe Harvest Wombs (Vinyl)(Unique Leader Records)
07/17/21FearThe Record (Vinyl)(Run Out Groove)
07/17/21From First To LastDear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has A Body Count (Original Mix) (Vinyl)(Epitaph)
07/17/21God ForbidDetermination (Vinyl)(M-Theory Audio)
07/17/21Green Jellÿ333 (Vinyl)(Say-10 Records)
07/17/21HawkwindGreasy Truckers Party (Vinyl)(Parlophone)
07/17/21Hell StrikeHellstrike(Chaos Records)
07/17/21Judas PriestBest Of (Vinyl)(eOne Music)
07/17/21King's XManic Moonlight (Vinyl)(Svart Records)
07/17/21MastodonFallen Torches (12" Picture Disc)(Warner)
07/17/21Pearl JamAlive (12" Vinyl)(Legacy)
07/17/21Pearl JamAlive (Cassette)(Legacy)
07/17/21RamonesTriple J Live At The Wireless Capitol Theatre, Sydney Australia, July 8, 1980 (Vinyl)(Sire)
07/17/21Sammy Hagar & The CircleHeavy Metal (Live) (12" Picture Disc)(BMG)
07/17/21SoenThe Undiscovered Lotus(Silver Lining Music)
07/17/21St. VincentPiggy / Sad But True (7")(Loma Vista Recordings)
07/17/21TadInhaler (Vinyl)(Real Gone Music)
07/17/21TeslaMechanical Resonance (Vinyl)(LMLR)


07/22/21Bad OmensLive(Sumerian Records)


07/23/21(hed)p.e.Sandmine(Suburban Noize Records)
07/23/21Alexis MarshallHouse Of Lull(Sargent House)
07/23/21CapstanSeparate(Fearless Records)
07/23/21Descendents9th & Walnut(Epitaph)
07/23/21EradicatorInfluence Denied(Metalville Records)
07/23/21ErdveSavigaila(Season Of Mist)
07/23/21ExilWarning(Armageddon Label)
07/23/21FulciExhumed Information(Time To Kill Records)
07/23/21GodslavePositive Aggressive(Metalville Records)
07/23/21KrossfyreRites Of Extermination(Hells Headbangers)
07/23/21Lee AaronRadio On!(Metalville Records)
07/23/21Lotus EaterWhere The Body Goes(Hopeless Records)
07/23/21MordredThe Dark Parade(M-Theory Audio)
07/23/21NecrogodIn Extremis(Transcending Obscurity)
07/23/21Phil SgrossoTension Rising/Light Of Day(440 Artist Entertainment)
07/23/21Phoenix RisingActa Est Fabula(Wormholedeath)
07/23/21Saving VicePhantom Pain(N/A)
07/23/21Sleep WakerAlias(UNFD)
07/23/21Stone Temple PilotsTiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop (25th Anniversary Edition)(Rhino Records)
07/23/21TantricThe Sum Of All Things(Cleopatra Records)
07/23/21Various ArtistsParadise City (Season One Soundtrack)(Sumerian Records)


07/24/21Lunar FuneralRoad to Siberia(Helter Skelter Productions)


07/26/21GalvanizierPrying Sight Of Imperception(Me Saco Un Ojo Records/Everlasting Spew)


07/30/21Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!Gone Are The Good Days(Fearless Records)
07/30/21Covered In SoresCivilian Casualties(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
07/30/21Dee SniderLeave A Scar(Napalm Records)
07/30/21ExpungedInto Never Shall(Hells Headbangers)
07/30/21Geezer ButlerManipulations Of The Mind - The Complete Collection(BMG)
07/30/21Geezer ButlerThe Very Best Of Geezer Butler(BMG)
07/30/21GlassingLight And Death (Vinyl)(Brutal Panda)
07/30/21IngestedThe Surreption II(Unique Leader Records)
07/30/21KarloffThe Appearing(Dying Victims Productions)
07/30/21King WomanCelestial Blues(Relapse Records)
07/30/21Know/SufferThe Great Dying(Silent Pendulum Records)
07/30/21Lotus ThronesLovers In Wartime(Disorder Recordings)
07/30/21Nigrum PluviamEternal Fall Into The Abyss(Signal Rex)
07/30/21Nuclear RevengeDawn Of The Primitive Age(Helldprod Records)
07/30/21Section H8Welcome To The Nightmare(Flatspot Records)
07/30/21SeetherWasteland – The Purgatory EP(Fantasy Records)
07/30/21Swallow The Sun20 Years Of Gloom, Beauty And Despair – Live In Helsinki(Century Media)
07/30/21The Ghost InsideRise From The Ashes: Live At The Shrine(Epitaph Records)
07/30/21TombstonerVictims Of Vile Torture(Redefining Darkness Records)
07/30/21TragedyDisco Balls To The Wall(Napalm Records)
07/30/21VaderDe Profundis (Remastered) (Reissue)(Nuclear Blast)