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02/02/24ArtilleryRaw Live (In Copenhell)(Mighty Music)
02/02/24BaratroThe Sweet Smell of Unrest(Improved Sequence Records)
02/02/24Being As An OceanDeath Can Wait(Out Of Line Music)
02/02/24Big Scenic NowhereThe Waydown(Heavy Psych Sounds)
02/02/24Bipolar ArchitectureMetaphysicize(Pelagic Records)
02/02/24Brigata VendettaThis Is How Democracy Dies(Pirates Press Records)
02/02/24ConflictTemple Of God(N/A)
02/02/24CorpsevoreFeed The Plague(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
02/02/24DwarrowdelfThe Fallen Leaves(Northern Silence Productions)
02/02/24Enterprise EarthDeath: An Anthology(MNRK Heavy)
02/02/24GhoulNoxious Concoctions(Tankcrimes)
02/02/24GraywitchChildren Of Gods(Sleaszy Rider SRL)
02/02/24HauntologistHollow(No Solace)
02/02/24HauntologistThe Fall And Darkside(No Solace)
02/02/24Hero And The HorrorOld Ghosts(Salt Of The Earth Records)
02/02/24Ignis AbsconditusGolden Horses Of A Dying Future(My Kingdom Music)
02/02/24KMFDMLET GO(Metropolis Records)
02/02/24LevelsPulse(SharpTone Records)
02/02/24MasserThe Forlorn Path(Masser)
02/02/24MeanstreakBlood Moon(Step Off Records)
02/02/24meth.SHAME(Prosthetic Records)
02/02/24Mind ConflictTemple Of God(N/A)
02/02/24Modern WitchcraftModern Witchcraft(N/A)
02/02/24MorcolacDrawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn(Dusktone)
02/02/24NecrowretchSwords Of Dajjal(Season Of Mist)
02/02/24Obscura QalmaVeils Of Transcendence(Dusktone)
02/02/24Obsidian TongueThe Stone Heart(N/A)
02/02/24PersefoneLingua Ignota: Part I(Napalm Records)
02/02/24ReconcileArt For Our Sake(Smartpunk Records)
02/02/24Retina SkyWithout Hope We Wither(Retina Sky)
02/02/24Retina SkyWithout Hope We Wither(Retina Sky)
02/02/24RevocationChaos Of Forms (Vinyl)(Relapse Records)
02/02/24RevocationExistence Is Futile (Vinyl)(Relapse Records)
02/02/24RevocationRevocation (Vinyl)(Relapse Records)
02/02/24RevocationTeratogenesis (Deluxe Edition) (Vinyl)(Relapse Records)
02/02/24SlopeFreak Dreams(Century Media)
02/02/24Stages Of DecompositionRaptures Of Psychopathy(Gore House Productions)
02/02/24Transit MethodOthervoid(Brutal Panda Records)


02/08/24In VainBack To Nowhere(Fighter Records)
02/08/24Matt HarveyToward The Cold Light(N/A)


02/09/24AlfahanneVår tid är nu(Dark Essence Records)
02/09/24AureoleAlunarian Bellmaster(Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions)
02/09/24Chelsea WolfeShe Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She(Loma Vista Recordings)
02/09/24Coal ChamberChamber Music (Vinyl)(Round Hill Music)
02/09/24Coal ChamberCoal Chamber (Vinyl)(Round Hill Music)
02/09/24F.K.Ü.The Horror And The Metal(Despotz Records)
02/09/24GalleonsViolent Delights(Famined Records)
02/09/24HaystackDoomsday Goes Away(The Dogma Repertory Institute/threeman Recordings)
02/09/24HulderVerses In Oath(20 Buck Spin)
02/09/24Infected RainTime(Napalm Records)
02/09/24Lacuna CoilDoomsday Tapes(Alone Records)
02/09/24Les ClaypoolAdverse Yaw: The Prawn Song Years(Prawn Song)
02/09/24PetrificationSever Sacred Light(Svart Records)
02/09/24Revolution SaintsAgainst The Winds(Frontiers Music Srl)
02/09/24SlayerShow No Mercy (40th Anniversary) (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
02/09/24Smoking SnakesDanger Zone(Frontiers Music Srl)
02/09/24Spiritual DeceptionSemitae Mentis(Amputated Vein Records)
02/09/24tAKiDAThe Agony Flame(Napalm Records)
02/09/24The ChiselWhat A F*cking Nightmare(Pure Noise Records)
02/09/24The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeNo Name Graves(Unique Leader Records)
02/09/24WarbringerIV: Empires Collapse (Cassette)(M-Theory Audio)
02/09/24WarbringerWaking Into Nightmares (Cassette)(M-Theory Audio)
02/09/24WarbringerWar Without End (Cassette)(M-Theory Audio)
02/09/24WarbringerWorlds Torn Asunder (Cassette)(M-Theory Audio)
02/09/24Where Oceans BurnThe Faces We Portray(Prime Collective)


02/10/24GurneyThe Creeper(H816 Records)


02/12/24The Light SuperiorTidal Wave(Rottweiler Records)


02/16/24A Somerset ParadeCarcosa(Wormholedeath)
02/16/24Acrid DeathAbominable Presence Of Blight(Rising Nemesis Records)
02/16/24Barren WombChemical Tardigrade(F*cking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun)
02/16/24BloomMaybe In Another Life(Pure Noise Records)
02/16/24BokassaAll Out Of Dreams(Indie Recordings)
02/16/24CelldwellerCelldweller (Definitive Edition)(FiXT)
02/16/24Crazy LixxTwo Shots At Glory(Frontiers Music Srl)
02/16/24DurbinScreaming Steel(Frontiers Music Srl)
02/16/24Einar SolbergThe Congregation Acoustic(InsideOutMusic)
02/16/24Elettra StormPowerlords(Scarlet Records)
02/16/24Far BeyondThe End Of My Road(Prosthetic Records)
02/16/24FarsotLife Promised Death(Lupus Lounge)
02/16/24GriffonDe Republica(Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Porductions)
02/16/24HateSphereReduced To Flesh (Vinyl)(Scarlet Records)
02/16/24i HäxaPart 1(Pelagic Records)
02/16/24IhsahnIhsahn(Candlelight Records)
02/16/24IllumishadeAnother Side Of You(Napalm Records)
02/16/24In AutumnWhat's Done Is Done(My Kingdom Music)
02/16/24LeachThe Glory And The Fallen(Ex Cathedra Records)
02/16/24Naga SirenSea Of Myself(Naga Siren)
02/16/24Nefarious MashIn Memory Of Your Hopes(Wormholedeath)
02/16/24No ReliefDestroy Your World(Rest Assured Records)
02/16/24PestilengthSolar Clorex(Debemur Morti Productions)
02/16/24Ponte Del DiavoloFire Blades From The Tomb(Season Of Mist)
02/16/24ProfilerA Digital Nowhere(SharpTone Records)
02/16/24SamaelPassage - Live(Napalm Records)
02/16/24See You Next TuesdayRelapses(Good Fight Music)
02/16/24SujinSave Our Souls(Scarlet Records)
02/16/24SundrifterAn Earlier Time(Small Stone Recordings)
02/16/24Techno AnimalBrotherhood Of The Bomb (Reissue)(Relapse Records)
02/16/24The ObsessedGilded Sorrow(Ripple Music)
02/16/24The RequiemA Cure To Poison The World(Fearless Records)
02/16/24Thy Shining CurseTheurgia(ViciSolum Productions)
02/16/24UKCComing Out – Love & Hate Diaries(Theogonia Records)
02/16/24VanirEpitome(Mighty Music)
02/16/24WitchoriousWitchorious(Argonauta Records)


02/19/24MorbonoctThe Highest Purpose(N/A)


02/20/24The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir / Rotting In DirtSplit(Salvaged Records)
02/20/24Veil Of The SerpentInto The Moon(Veil Of The Serpent)


02/22/24HornsOświecenie(Putrid Cult)
02/22/24Life CyclesPortal To The Unknown(1126 Records)


02/23/24A Burial At SeaClose To Home(Pelagic Records)
02/23/24Ace Frehley10,000 Volts(MNRK)
02/23/24AlaseBeyond Our Imagination(Alase)
02/23/24AmarantheThe Catalyst(Nuclear Blast)
02/23/24AtollInhuman Implants(Unique Leader Records)
02/23/24Austrian Death MachineQuad Brutal(Napalm Records)
02/23/24AutumnblazeAuf zerfetzten Schwingen(Argonauta Records)
02/23/24Big DealBeyond Repair(Heroes + Martyrs)
02/23/24BorknagarFall(Century Media)
02/23/24Crowskin/Bad Luck Rides On WheelsSplit(Exile On Mainstream)
02/23/24Darkest HourPerpetual | Terminal(MNRK Heavy)
02/23/24Desolate TombScorned By Misery(Rottweiler Records)
02/23/24DisastroidGarden Creatures(Heavy Psych Sounds)
02/23/24DistantHeritage: Absolute Deluxe Edition(Century Media)
02/23/24Dust BoltSound & Fury(AFM Records)
02/23/24Fragment SoulGalois Paradox(Fragment Soul)
02/23/24Gore MachineMacerated & Liquified(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
02/23/24GuiltlessThorns(Neurot Recordings)
02/23/24HammerheddNot Important(Hammerhedd)
02/23/24Hand Of KalliachCorryvreckan(Prosthetic Records)
02/23/24InferiousSalt Your Earth(Dark Match Music)
02/23/24Job For A CowboyMoon Healer(Metal Blade Records)
02/23/24King DiamondMasquerade Of Madness (12")(Metal Blade Records)
02/23/24LokheiraDark Of The Night(Wormholedeath)
02/23/24Mick MarsThe Other Side Of Mars(1313 LLC)
02/23/24Monkey3Welcome To The Machine(Napalm Records)
02/23/24Morta SkuldCreation Undone(Peaceville Records)
02/23/24MotörheadThe Löst Tapes(BMG)
02/23/24MotörheadThe Löst Tapes (CD)(BMG)
02/23/24NebularisExodus - Shattered Earth Saga - Part I(Nebu Records)
02/23/24North Sea EchoesReally Good Terrible Things(Metal Blade Records)
02/23/24OnelinedrawingSketchbook 1999-2001(Iodine Recordings)
02/23/24RenewerSunne(Transylvanian Recordings)
02/23/24RhinoHuman Farm(Argonauta Records)
02/23/24SlaughterrorEndless Lust For Gore(Noble Demon)
02/23/24Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumOf The Last Human Being(Avant Night)
02/23/24SmorrahWelcome To Your Nightmare(Sick Taste Records)
02/23/24StiriahPortal(Crawling Chaos Records)
02/23/24The Body & Dis FigOrchards Of A Futile Heaven(Thrill Jockey)
02/23/24The CultDreamtime (40th Anniversary) (Vinyl)(Beggars Banquet)
02/23/24ThouBlessings Of The Highest Order (Vinyl)(Sacred Bones Records)
02/23/24ThouMagus (Vinyl)(Sacred Bones Records)
02/23/24TimelostDrained(Church Road Records)
02/23/24Van HalenLIVE: Right Here, Right Now (Black Vinyl)(Rhino Records)


02/28/24Crying SteelLive And Thunder(Underground Symphony Records)
02/28/24SeigmenElskhat(Indie Recordings)


02/29/24DevorzhumExigens Monumentum(Via Nocturna)
02/29/24In VainShadows Flap Their Black Wings(Indie Recordings)
02/29/24Lilla VenedaPrimordial Movements(N/A)