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06/07/19All HellThe Witch's Grail(Prosthetic)
06/07/19As Cities BurnScream Through The Walls(Equal Vision)
06/07/19Axel Rudi PellXXX Anniversary Live(SPV/Steamhammer)
06/07/19Cave InFinal Transmission(Hydra Head)
06/07/19CombichristOne Fire(Out Of Line Music)
06/07/19DespyreRise Up(Pavement Entertainment)
06/07/19Dinosaur Pile-UpCelebrity Mansions(Parlophone/Roadrunner)
06/07/19DistantTyrannotophia(Unique Leader)
06/07/19DrowseLight Mirror(The Flenser)
06/07/19EnthronedCold Black Suns(Season Of Mist)
06/07/19FirespawnAbominate(Century Media)
06/07/19FlubFlub(The Artisan Era)
06/07/19Fuming MouthThe Grand Descent(Triple-B Records)
06/07/19Heart Of A CowardThe Disconnect(Arising Empire)
06/07/19HeartistSleep(Big Pog Records)
06/07/19Jesse HughesEagles Of Death Metal Presents: Boots Electric Performing The Best Songs We Never Wrote(UMe)
06/07/19MajesticaAbove The Sky(Nuclear Blast)
06/07/19Motionless In WhiteDisguise(Roadrunner Records)
06/07/19NailsI Don't Want To Know You (7")(Nuclear Blast)
06/07/19NebulaHoly Shit(Heavy Psych Sounds)
06/07/19NevalraConjure The Storm(N/A)
06/07/19PelicanNighttime Stories(Southern Lord Recordings)
06/07/19The RodsBrotherhood Of Metal(SPV/Steamhammer)
06/07/19Upon A Burning BodySouthern Hostility(Seek & Strike)
06/07/19Vault DwellerExistence At A Distance(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
06/07/19Violent Life Violent DeathSadness Rains(Innerstrength Records)
06/07/19VultureGhastly Waves & Battered Graves(Metal Blade Records)


06/09/19Melvins/FlipperHot Fish(AmRep Records)


06/14/19BaronessGold & Grey(Abraxan Hymns)
06/14/19BeheadedOnly Death Can Save You(Agonia Records)
06/14/19Berthold CityWhat Time Takes(WAR Records)
06/14/19Bullet For My ValentineGravity/Radioactive (Vinyl)(Spinefarm)
06/14/19Bury TomorrowBlack Flame (Deluxe Edition)(Music For Nations)
06/14/19Def LeppardPyromania (Vinyl)(Island Records)
06/14/19Dimmu BorgirLive At Dynamo Open Air 1998(Caroline International)
06/14/19HateAuric Gates Of Veles(Metal Blade Records)
06/14/19Hell BentApocalyptic Lamentations(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
06/14/19IngestedThe Call Of The Void(Unique Leader)
06/14/19Pinkish BlackConcept Unification(Relapse)
06/14/19Plague YearsUnholy Infestation (Vinyl)(eOne Music)
06/14/19RainbowRising (Vinyl)(Republic/Polydor)
06/14/19ScorpionsLove At First Sting (Vinyl)(Island Records)
06/14/19Serpent Of GnosisAs I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation(1126 Records)
06/14/19This Gift Is A CurseA Throne Of Ash(Season Of Mist)
06/14/19ThriceDeeper Wells (Digital)(Epitaph)
06/14/19Yawning ManMacedonian Lines(Heavy Psych Sounds)


06/18/19Anup SastryIlluminate(N/A)


06/21/19(hed)p.e.Stampede(Pavement Music)
06/21/19Beauty In ChaosBeauty Re-Envisioned(N/A)
06/21/19BokassaCrimson Riders(Kings Of Stonerpunk Records)
06/21/19Def LeppardVolume 2(Island Records)
06/21/19Dog Fashion DiscoCommitted To A Bright Future (Re-Recorded)(Razor To Wrist)
06/21/19Fever 333Strength in Numb333rs (Pink Vinyl)(333 Wreckords Crew/Roadrunner Records)
06/21/19GygaxHigh Fantasy(Creator-Destructor Records)
06/21/19HiveNight Cats(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
06/21/19Howling SycamoreSeven Pathways To Annihilation(Prosthetic Records)
06/21/19MemoriamRequiem For Mankind(Nuclear Blast)
06/21/19MinistryThe Land Of Rape And Honey (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
06/21/19Moonlight HazeDe Rerum Natura(Scarlet Records)
06/21/19OrganectomyExistential Disconnect(Unique Leader)
06/21/19SilverchairFrogstomp (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
06/21/19The Meads Of AsphodelRunning Out Of Time Doing Nothing(Godreah Records)


06/28/19AnthraxState Of Euphoria (Vinyl)(Island Records)
06/28/19AshbringerAbsolution(Prosthetic Records)
06/28/19AtreyuLead Sails Paper Anchor (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
06/28/19Bloody HammersThe Summoning(Napalm Records)
06/28/19Denial Of GodThe Shapeless Mass(Osmose Productions/Hells Headbangers)
06/28/19DescendencyGenerate The Genocide(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
06/28/19Dog Fashion DiscoCommitted To A Bright Future (Re-Recorded)(Razor To Wrist Records)
06/28/19He Is LegendWhite Bat(Spinefarm)
06/28/19Head AutomaticaDecadence (Vinyl)(Headphone Records)
06/28/19HeilungFutha(Season Of Mist)
06/28/19Low Flying HawksAnxious Ghosts(Magnetic Eye Records)
06/28/19PrimusAnimals Should Not Try To Act Like People (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusAntipop (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusBrown Album (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusMiscellaneous Debris (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusPork Soda (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusRhinoplasty (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19PrimusTales From The Punchbowl (Vinyl)(Interscope)
06/28/19ScumripperAll Veins Blazing(Hells Headbangers)
06/28/19SoundgardenDown On The Upside (Vinyl)(A&M/UME)
06/28/19SUMAC & Keiji HainoEven For Just The Briefest Moment / Keep Charging This “expiation” / Plug In To Making It Slightly Better(Trost Records)
06/28/19The ConvalescenceMonument Of Misery(LEGEND Recordings)
06/28/19Various ArtistsGeneration Axe - The Guitars That Destroyed the World: Live In China(earMUSIC)