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01/01/21The Dirty NilF*ck Art(Dine Alone Records)


01/08/21Coheed And CambriaGood Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/08/21Frozen SoulCrypt Of Ice(Century Media)
01/08/21InterloperA Revenant Legacy(Nuclear Blast)
01/08/21PanteraReinventing The Steel (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Rhino Records)
01/08/21Rave The ReqviemStigmata Itch(Ingrooves)
01/08/21Vexing HexHaunt(Wise Blood Records)


01/11/21High ReeperHigh Reeper (Reissue)(Heavy Psych Sounds)
01/11/21Terminal BlissBrute Err/ata(Relapse)


01/13/21GatecreeperAn Unexpected Reality(Closed Casket Activities)


01/15/21Bloody HammersSongs Of Unspeakable Terror(Napalm Records)
01/15/21Dale CroverRat-A-Tat-Tat!(Joyful Noise Recordings)
01/15/21Deeds Of FleshNucleus (Vinyl)(Unique Leader Records)
01/15/21Dread SovereignAlchemical Warfare(Metal Blade Records)
01/15/21Emma Ruth Rundle & ThouThe Helm Of Sorrow(Sacred Bones)
01/15/21Front Line AssemblyMechanical Soul(Metropolis Records)
01/15/21IngestedStinking Cesspool Of Liquefied Human Remnants (Re-Mixed/Remastered)(Unique Leader Records)
01/15/21IrkallaVajra(Thunder Cult Records)
01/15/21Luis VasquezA Body Of Errors(2 Mondi Collective)
01/15/21Orbit CultureNija (Expanded Edition)(Seek & Strike)
01/15/21ProngProve You Wrong (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/15/21RazorArmed & Dangerous (Reissue)(Relapse Records)
01/15/21RazorLive! Osaka Saikou 大阪最 (Reissue)(Relapse Records)
01/15/21SaorGuardians(Season Of Mist)
01/15/21ThricePalms (Acoustic Sessions for Octane)(Epitaph)
01/15/21VajraIrkalla(Thunder Cult Records)


01/22/21AsphyxNecroceros(Century Media)
01/22/21Bolt ThrowerHonour Valour Pride (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/22/21Bolt ThrowerMercenary (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/22/21Bolt ThrowerThose Once Loyal (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/22/21Breaking In A SequenceAcronym(B.I.A.S.)
01/22/21CoffinsDefilements(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
01/22/21ComatoseA Way Back(Transcending Records)
01/22/21EktomorfReborn(Napalm Records)
01/22/21HulderGodslastering Hymns Of A Forlorn Peasantry(Iron Bonehead Productions)
01/22/21Jason Bieler and The Baron Von Bielski OrchestraSongs For The Apocalypse(Frontiers Music Srl)
01/22/21MemoriamTo The End(Reaper Entertainment)
01/22/21NervosaPerpetual Chaos(Napalm Records)
01/22/21Nine Inch NailsQuake (Vinyl)(Interscope/Geffen)
01/22/21Phantom EliteTitanium(Frontiers Music Srl)
01/22/21SchammaschSic Lvceat Lvx (Reissue)(Prosthetic Records)
01/22/21VelositorBack To The Future(N/A)
01/22/21WardrunaKvitravn(Sony Music)


01/25/21DipygusBushmeat(Memento Mori)


01/29/21AcceptToo Mean To Die(Nuclear Blast)
01/29/21Alice In ChainsFacelift (30th Anniversary) (Vinyl Deluxe Box Set)(Columbia Legacy)
01/29/21Bad RabbitsWaves Collide(N/A)
01/29/21ClutchThe Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I (Vinyl)(Weathermaker Music)
01/29/21Death AngelFrolic Through The Park (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/29/21Demon HeadViscera(Metal Blade Records)
01/29/21EximperitusŠahrartu(Willowtip Records)
01/29/21Grey DazeAmends... Stripped(Loma Vista Recordings)
01/29/21Harakiri For The SkyMÆRE(AOP Records)
01/29/21Metallica...And Justice For All (Vinyl) (Walmart Exclusive)(Blackened Recordings)
01/29/21MetallicaHardwired...To Self-Destruct (Vinyl) (Walmart Exclusive)(Blackened Recordings)
01/29/21MetallicaKill 'Em All (Vinyl) (Walmart Exclusive)(Blackened Recordings)
01/29/21MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Vinyl) (Walmart Exclusive)(Blackened Recordings)
01/29/21MetallicaRide The Lightning (Vinyl) (Walmart Exclusive)(Blackened Recordings)
01/29/21NightfallAthenian Echoes + Eons Aura (Reissue)(Season Of Mist)
01/29/21NightfallMacabre Sunsets (Reissue)(Season Of Mist)
01/29/21NIghtfallParade Into Centuries (Reissue)(Season Of Mist)
01/29/21PounderBreaking The World(Shadow Kingdom Records)
01/29/21SOENImperial(Silver Lining Music)
01/29/21Steven WilsonThe Future Bites(Arts & Crafts)
01/29/21TrialSisters Of The Moon(Metal Blade Records)
01/29/21TribulationWhen The Gloom Becomes Sound(Century Media)
01/29/21TrillionaireRomulus(Nefarious Industries)
01/29/21WerewolvesWhat A Time To Be Alive(Prosthetic Records)
01/29/21WilsonThank You, Good Night. Live(Novelgoot)
01/29/21Wolves Attack!!Rest In Piss(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)