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10/01/21Asking AlexandriaSee What's On The Inside(Better Noise Music)
10/01/21AzothystBlood Of Dead God(Vault Of Dried Bones)
10/01/21BABYMETAL10 Babymetal Budokan(BABYMETAL Records)
10/01/21Black SabbathTechnical Ecstasy (Super Deluxe Edition)(Rhino Records)
10/01/21Caveman CultBlood And Extinction(Nuclear War Now! Productions)
10/01/21CharredPrayers Of Malediction(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
10/01/21Circle Of DustCircle Of Dust (25th Anniversary)(FiXT Radium)
10/01/21Dying WishFragments Of A Bitter Memory(SharpTone Records)
10/01/21EnslavedCaravans To The Outer Worlds(Nuclear Blast)
10/01/21Fear ConnectionProgeny Of A Social Disease(Black Sunset/MDD)
10/01/21Fear Of GodWithin The Veil (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
10/01/21Four Stroke BaronClassics(Prosthetic Records)
10/01/21FrontiererOxidized(Blood Blast Distribution)
10/01/21Full Of HellGarden Of Burning Apparitions(Relapse Records)
10/01/21Hideous DeathRemnants Of Archaic Evil(Invictus Productions)
10/01/21KatatoniaMnemosynean(Peaceville Records)
10/01/21KK's PriestSermons Of The Sinner(Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records)
10/01/21MalgöthGlory Through Savagery(Iron Bonehead Productions)
10/01/21MinistryMoral Hygiene(Nuclear Blast)
10/01/21Touché AmoréLament (Demos)(N/A)
10/01/21UnforgedEye For An Eye(Fastball Music)
10/01/21Various ArtistsSilence Is A Dangerous Sound(Ripcord Records)
10/01/21Various ArtistsThe Metallica Blacklist (CD/Vinyl)(Blackened Recordings)
10/01/21VenefixionA Sigh From Below(Iron Bonehead Productions)
10/01/21Wage WarManic(Fearless Records)
10/01/21WinglessNonconform(Selfmadegod Records)
10/01/21XenosisParalleled Existence(N/A)


10/06/21The Hate ClubPrologue(The Hate Club)


10/08/21AldaA Distant Fire(Eisenwald)
10/08/21AnnihilatorNever, Neverland (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
10/08/21BlanketModern Escapism(Music For Nations)
10/08/21Blood Red ThroneImperial Congregation(Nuclear Blast)
10/08/21Cannabis CorpseBlunted At Birth (Reissue)(Season of Mist)
10/08/21Cannibal CorpseButchered At Birth (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
10/08/21Cannibal CorpseEaten Back To Life (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
10/08/21Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
10/08/21Creeping DeathThe Edge Of Existence(eOne Music)
10/08/21DemonicalDeath Infernal (Reissue) (Vinyl/CD)(Agonia Records)
10/08/21DemonicalHellsworn (Reissue) (Vinyl/CD)(Agonia Records)
10/08/21DemonicalServants Of The Unlight (Reissue) (Vinyl/CD)(Agonia Records)
10/08/21EndlessLapse: The Guilt We Hold(N/A)
10/08/21Eternal SilenceTimegate Anathema(Rockshots Records)
10/08/21Gus GQuantum Leap(AFM Records)
10/08/21Kowloon Walled CityPiecework(Neurot Recordings/Gilead Media)
10/08/21Local HAwesome Quarantine Mixtape #3(Brutal Panda Records)
10/08/21Mercury CircleKilling Moons(Noble Demon)
10/08/21NothingThe Great Dismal B-Sides(Relapse)
10/08/21Outer HeavenIn Tribute (Physical)(Relapse Records)
10/08/21P.O.D.Satellite (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Rhino Records)
10/08/21Paradise LostParadise Lost (Vinyl)(N/A)
10/08/21Sumo CycoInitiation (Digital Deluxe Edition)(Napalm Records)
10/08/21The Breathing ProcessLabyrinthian(Unique Leader Records)
10/08/21ThoughtcrimesTap Night (Reissue)(Pure Noise Records)
10/08/21TriviumIn The Court Of The Dragon(Roadrunner Records)


10/13/21AngelMakerTwilight(Blood Blast Distribution)
10/13/21Knocked LooseA Tear In The Fabric Of Life(Pure Noise Records)


10/14/21Pupil SlicerCollective Unconscious(Prosthetic Records)


10/15/21AeonGod Ends Here(Metal Blade Records)
10/15/21BodyguerraFire & Soul(Fastball Music)
10/15/21Bound In FearPenance(Unique Leader Records)
10/15/21CherubsSlo Blo 4 Frnz & Sxy(Relapse Records)
10/15/21DEDSchool Of Thought(Suretone Records)
10/15/21Deviant ProcessNurture(Season Of Mist)
10/15/21Feed The Corpses To The PigsThis Insidious Horror(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
10/15/21From Ashes To NewQuarantine Chronicles Vol. 3(Better Noise Music)
10/15/21Gemini Syndrome3rd Degree – The Raising(Century Media)
10/15/21HateRugia(Metal Blade Records)
10/15/21Ice Nine KillsThe Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood(Fearless Records)
10/15/21IlludiumAsh Of The Womb(Prophecy Productions)
10/15/21Inebrious IncarnateAbstemious Genocide(Ultimate Massacre Productions)
10/15/21Judas Priest50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music (Box Set)(Columbia)
10/15/21Lair Of The White WormEP1(APF Records/Trepanation Recordings)
10/15/21MelvinsFive Legged Dog(Ipecac Recordings)
10/15/21MisanthurEphemeris(Season of Mist Underground Activists)
10/15/21NecromantiaTo The Depths We Descend...(The Circle Music/Hell's Fire Records/Rabauw Records)
10/15/21Ozzy OsbourneDown To Earth (20th Anniversary Edition)(Epic)
10/15/21Reaping AsmodeiaDarkened Infinity(Prosthetic Records)
10/15/21SeetherVicennial: 2 Decades Of Seether(Craft Recordings)
10/15/21The AgonistDays Before The World Wept(Napalm Records)
10/15/21The DarknessMotorheart(Cooking Vinyl)
10/15/21The LucidThe Lucid(SpoilerHead Records)
10/15/21Tom MorelloThe Atlas Underground Fire(Mom + Pop Records)
10/15/21TunicQuitter(Artoffact Records)
10/15/21Twelve Foot NinjaVengeance(Volkanik Music)
10/15/21VildhjartaMåsstaden Under Vatten(Century Media)
10/15/21ZetarDevouring Darkness(Spirit Coffin Publishing)


10/20/21Dooms ChildrenDooms Children(Dine Alone Records)


10/22/211914Where Fear And Weapons Meet(Napalm Records)
10/22/21Angel Du$tYAK: A Collection Of Truck Songs(Roadrunner Records)
10/22/21Armored SaintSymbol Of Salvation Live(Metal Blade Records)
10/22/21Can't SwimChange Of Plans(Pure Noise Records)
10/22/21Cattle DecapitationHomovore (Reissue)(Three One G)
10/22/21Circa SurviveA Dream About Love(Rise Records)
10/22/21Cradle Of FilthExistence Is Futile(Nuclear Blast)
10/22/21DraconiconDark Side Of Magic(Beyond The Storm Productions)
10/22/21Dream TheaterA View From The Top Of The World(N/A)
10/22/21Ember SunOn Earth And Heaven(Code666)
10/22/21EmptyMade Of Fire(Solid State Records)
10/22/21Every Time I DieRadical(Epitaph Records)
10/22/21Evil SpellPadre Vostro(Blasphemous Records)
10/22/21ExsulAllegoresis(Caligari Records)
10/22/21ForeignWolfYour Weapons, Your Words(Wormholedeath)
10/22/21GhoulLive In The Flesh(Tankcrimes Records)
10/22/21HexenbrettIntermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi(Dying Victims Productions)
10/22/21IhsahnThe Hyperborean Collection (Box Set)(Candlelight Records)
10/22/21KolossusK(964221 Records DK)
10/22/21MassacreResurgence(Nuclear Blast)
10/22/21NecrofierProphecies Of Eternal Darkness(Season Of Mist Underground Activists)
10/22/21Phantom FireThe Bust Of Beelzebub(Edged Circle Productions)
10/22/21SepulturaSepulnation - The Studio Albums 1998 - 2009(BMG)
10/22/21Sixx:A.M.Hits(Better Noise Music)
10/22/21SlayerHaunting The Chapel (Reissue)(Metal Blade Records)
10/22/21SlayerHell Awaits (Reissue)(Metal Blade Records)
10/22/21SlayerLive Undead (Reissue)(Metal Blade Records)
10/22/21SlayerShow No Mercy (Reissue)(Metal Blade Records)
10/22/21StarsetHorizons(Fearless Records)
10/22/21The Sonic OverlordsLast Days Of Babylon(M-Theory Audio)
10/22/21Waking The CadaverAuthority Through Intimidation(Unique Leader Records)
10/22/21WormForeverglade(20 Buck Spin)


10/29/21156/SilenceDon't Hold Your Breath(SharpTone Records)
10/29/21Ad InfinitumChapter II - Legacy(Napalm Records)
10/29/21ArchspireBleed The Future(Season Of Mist)
10/29/21Bad WolvesDear Monsters(Better Noise Music)
10/29/21Be'lakorCoherence(Napalm Records)
10/29/21Beast In BlackDark Connection(Nuclear Blast)
10/29/21Black Veil BridesThe Phantom Tomorrow(Sumerian Records)
10/29/21Burning The OppressorDamnation(Candlelight Records)
10/29/21Cult Of EibonBlack Flame Dominion(Iron Bonehead Productions)
10/29/21First FragmentGloire Éternelle(Unique Leader Records)
10/29/21Frozen SoulEncased In Ice (Reissue)(Century Media)
10/29/21Fueled By FirePast...Present...No Future...Part 1(M-Theory Audio)
10/29/21Ghost BathSelf Loather(Nuclear Blast)
10/29/21Goat TormentForked Tongues(Season of Mist Underground Activists)
10/29/21Grand CadaverInto The Maw Of Death(Majestic Mountain Records)
10/29/21Jerry CantrellJerry Cantrell(Jerry Cantrell)
10/29/21John 5Sinner(Big Machine Records)
10/29/21Kayo DotMoss Grew On The Swords And Plowshares Alike(Prophecy Productions)
10/29/21Lizzy BordenGive 'Em The Axe (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
10/29/21LuciferLucifer IV(Century Media)
10/29/21MastodonHushed And Grim(Reprise Records)
10/29/21Minus The BearFarewell(Suicide Squeeze)
10/29/21MonolordYour Time To Shine(Relapse Records)
10/29/21MotörheadEverything Louder Forever - The Very Best Of(BMG)
10/29/21NemecicThe Last Magic In Practice(Inverse Records)
10/29/21OverkillThe Atlantic Years 1986 - 1994(BMG)
10/29/21SunlessYlem(Willowtip Records)
10/29/21TeethgrynderHostages(Isolation Records)
10/29/21ThulcandraA Dying Wish(Napalm Records)
10/29/21War Of AgesRhema(Facedown Records)
10/29/21WhitechapelKin(Metal Blade Records)
10/29/21WhitesnakeRestless Heart: Super Deluxe Edition(Rhino Records)


10/31/21DeceasedThrash Times At Ridgemont High(Hells Headbangers)
10/31/21ElkapathBlack Spiders(Symmetric Records)