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01/03/20Foo Fighters00959525(Roswell Records)
01/03/20Stabbing WestwardDead And Gone(Drugstore Records)


01/07/20Turnstile & Mall GrabShare A View(Roadrunner Records)


01/10/20America's HauntMind Freeze(Shadow Kingdom Records)
01/10/20ApocalypticaCell-0(Silver Lining Music)
01/10/20BehemothLive At Maida Vale (Digital)(Nuclear Blast)
01/10/20IncubusA Crow Left Of The Murder (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
01/10/20Loma PrietaContinuum/Fate(Deathwish Inc.)
01/10/20OceansThe Sun And The Cold(Nuclear Blast)
01/10/20Pig Destroyer38 Counts Of Battery (Vinyl)(Relapse)
01/10/20Pressure CracksThis Is Called Survival(War Against Records)


01/17/20Antagonist A.D.Through Fire(Greyscale Records)
01/17/20Bad OmensFinding God Before God Finds Me (Deluxe Edition)(Sumerian Records)
01/17/20Bleed The SkyThis Way Lies Madness(Art Is War Records)
01/17/20BloodletViper In Hand (10")(Translation Loss Records)
01/17/20BondedRest In Violence(Century Media Records)
01/17/20Ether CovenEverything Is Temporary Except Suffering(Century Media)
01/17/20Mark MortonEther(Rise Records)
01/17/20Odious MortemSynesthesia (Vinyl)(Willowtip)
01/17/20Porta NigraSchöpfungswut(Soulseller Records)
01/17/20ProspectiveAll We Have(Long Branch Records)
01/17/20VictoriusSpace Ninjas From Hell!(Napalm Records)
01/17/20VomitoryCarnage Euphoria (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/17/20VomitoryOpus Mortis VIII (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)


01/24/20AnnihilatorBallistic, Sadistic(Silver Lining Music)
01/24/20BlasphemerThe Sixth Hour(Candlelight Records)
01/24/20Breaking BenjaminAurora(Hollywood Records)
01/24/20Brothers Of MetalEmblas Saga(AFM Records)
01/24/20CaspianOn Circles(Triple Crown Records)
01/24/20DefiledInfinite Regress(Season Of Mist)
01/24/20Fit For An AutopsyThe Sea Of Tragic Beasts (Vinyl)(Nuclear Blast)
01/24/20FleshcrawlAs Blood Rains From The Sky (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/24/20FleshcrawlSoulskinner (Vinyl)(Metal Blade Records)
01/24/20Higher Power27 Miles Underwater(Roadrunner Records)
01/24/20Kirk WindsteinDream In Motion(eOne Music)
01/24/20KonventPuritan Masochism(Napalm Records)
01/24/20MidnightRebirth By Blasphemy(Metal Blade Records)
01/24/20MortiisSpirit Of Rebellion(Omnipresence Productions/Dead Seed Productions)
01/24/20Musket HawkUpside Of Sick(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
01/24/20Nero Di MarteImmoto(Season Of Mist)
01/24/20New Years DayThrough The Years (Vinyl Box Set)(Century Media)
01/24/20SaudadeShadows & Light/Sanctuary Dub(Sargent House)
01/24/20Silent PlanetThe Night God Slept Redux(Solid State)
01/24/20Thy CatafalqueNaiv(Season Of Mist)


01/31/20AlesanaThe Complete Trilogy (Vinyl Box Set)(Revival Recordings)
01/31/20Berzerker LegionObliterate The Weak(Listenable Records)
01/31/20Big Scenic NowhereVision Beyond Horizon(Heavy Psych Records)
01/31/20BodysnatcherThis Heavy Void(Stay Sick Recordings)
01/31/20Clint LoweryGod Bless The Renegades(Rise Records)
01/31/20DeathwhiteGrave Image(Season Of Mist)
01/31/20GnawBarking Orders(Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
01/31/20HeathenThe Evolution Of Chaos (10th Anniversary Edition)(Mascot Records)
01/31/20LordiKillection(AFM Records)
01/31/20Lorna ShoreImmortal(Century Media)
01/31/20Pantheon Of BloodVoices Rooted In Blood(Signal Rex)
01/31/20Savage HandsThe Truth In Your Eyes(SharpTone Records)