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10/01/22Acid WitchRot Among Us(Hells Headbangers)


10/07/22AenaonMnemosyne(Agonia Records)
10/07/22Armed For ApocalypseRitual Violence(Candlelight Records)
10/07/22BushThe Art Of Survival(Zuma Rock Records/BMG)
10/07/22Cloud RatThreshold(Artoffact Records)
10/07/22CounterpartsA Eulogy For Those Still Here(Pure Noise Records)
10/07/22De ProfundisThe Corruption Of Virtue(Transcending Obscurity Records)
10/07/22Deeds Of FleshTrading Pieces (Reissue)(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
10/07/22DiabologyFather Of Serpents(Dissonant Hymns Records)
10/07/22F*cked UpOberon(Tankcrimes)
10/07/22Faith In JaneAxe To Oak(Grimoire Records)
10/07/22FaustianFaustian(Black Lion Records)
10/07/22Get The ShotMerciless Destruction(New Damage Records)
10/07/22Gillian CarterSalvation Through Misery(Skeletal Lightning)
10/07/22GoatwhoreAngels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven(Metal Blade Records)
10/07/22IncantationTricennial Of Blasphemy (Vinyl/CD)(Relapse Records)
10/07/22JivebombPrimitive Desires(Flatspot Records)
10/07/22Keiji Haino & SUMACInto This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never(Thrill Jockey Records)
10/07/22King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardIce, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava(KGLW)
10/07/22Lamb Of GodOmens(Epic)
10/07/22LanguishFeeding The Flames Of Annihilation(Prosthetic Records)
10/07/22Lost In KievRupture(Pelagic Records)
10/07/22Memories Of A Lost SoulRedefining Nothingness(My Kingdom Music)
10/07/22PariusThe Signal Heard Throughout Space(Willowtip)
10/07/22QueensrÿcheDigital Noise Alliance(Century Media)
10/07/22Ritual DictatesNo Great Loss(Artoffact Records)
10/07/22Saving ViceDichotomy(N/A)
10/07/22StatementDreams From The Darkest Side(Mighty Music)
10/07/22SuspyriaThe Valley Of Despair(693570 Records)
10/07/22Terror CellCaustic Light(Fisher King Records)
10/07/22The Antichrist ImperiumVolume III: Satan In His Original Glory(Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
10/07/22Upon Your GraveGold & Decay(N/A)
10/07/22Wednesday 13Horrifier(Napalm Records)


10/10/22Embrace Of ThornsEntropy Dynamics(Nuclear Winter Records)
10/10/22Lesser AnimalGnashing(Lesser Animal)


10/12/22King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardLaminated Denim(KGLW)


10/14/22AdagaNas Ruínas do Ser(Altare Productions)
10/14/22Alter BridgePawns & Kings(Napalm Records)
10/14/22AvoidCruel Mentality(Thriller Records)
10/14/22Birds In RowGris Klein(Red Creek Recordings)
10/14/22Bleed From WithinShrine (Vinyl)(Nuclear Blast)
10/14/22BoundariesBurying Brightness(3DOT Recordings)
10/14/22CatalystA Different Painting For A New World(Non Serviam Records)
10/14/22Cavernous GateVoices From A Fathomless Realm(Lupus Lounge)
10/14/22EarthriseUntil We Rest Beneath The Winter Way(Shifted Frames)
10/14/22EleineAcoustic In Hell(Atomic Fire Records)
10/14/22Exist ImmortalN/A(Seek & Strike)
10/14/22GirihIkigai(Dunk!records/A Thousand Arms Music)
10/14/22GirthIkigai(A Thousand Arms/dunk!records!)
10/14/22KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance (Vinyl)(Peaceville)
10/14/22Lacuna CoilComalies XX(Century Media)
10/14/22Lorna ShorePain Remains(Century Media)
10/14/22Nothing MoreSpirits(Better Noise Music)
10/14/22OrianthiRock Candy(Frontiers Music Srl)
10/14/22Outline In ColorCoast Is Clear(Thriller Records)
10/14/22P.O.D.When Angels & Serpents Dance (Remixed & Remastered)(Mascot Label Group)
10/14/22PoppyStagger(Republic Records)
10/14/22Red Hot Chili PeppersReturn Of The Dream Canteen(Warner Records)
10/14/22Rhythm Of FearFatal Horizons(MNRK Heavy)
10/14/22Ripped To Shreds劇變 (Jubian)(Relapse Records)
10/14/22S.I.D.City Of Chemistry(Gruesome Records/SFA Records/V.A.N.G.A. Records)
10/14/22Skid RowThe Gang's All Here(earMUSIC)
10/14/22Sleeping With SirensComplete Collapse(Sumerian Records)
10/14/22SoulslicerPandemic(Great Dane Records)
10/14/22SpartaSparta(Dine Alone Records)
10/14/22StormrulerSacred Rites & Black Magick(Napalm Records)
10/14/22TurbochargedAlpha Beast, Omega God(Emanzipation)
10/14/22V.E.I.N.Blood Oaths(Eternal Death)
10/14/22VarialsScars For You To Remember(Fearless Records)
10/14/22We Came As RomansDarkbloom(SharpTone Records)


10/17/22Diabolical RawElegy Of Fire Dusk(Base Record Production)


10/18/22VacuousDreams Of Dysphoria(Me Saco Un Ojo Records/Dark Descent Records)


10/19/22BaysideThe Red EP(Hopeless Records)


10/21/22A Wake In ProvidenceEternity(Unique Leader)
10/21/22AbductionBlack Blood(Candlelight)
10/21/22ArchitectsThe Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit(Epitaph)
10/21/22BasementColourmeinkindness (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Run For Cover Records)
10/21/22BattalionsKing Of A Dead World(APF Records)
10/21/22Black RoyalEarthbound(M-Theory Audio)
10/21/22Black Space RidersWe Have Been Here Before(Cargo Records)
10/21/22Black Veil BridesThe Mourning(Sumerian Records)
10/21/22Black WidowsAmong The Brave Ones(Inverse Records)
10/21/22BrutusUnison Life(Sargent House)
10/21/22CabalMagno Interitus(Nuclear Blast)
10/21/22Crooked RoyalsQuarter Life Daydream(3DOT Recordings)
10/21/22ExhumedTo The Dead(Relapse Records)
10/21/22FlagmanThank You, Come Again(GRUBIS Records)
10/21/22God AloneETC(Prosthetic Records)
10/21/22GospelheimRitual & Repetition(Prophecy Productions)
10/21/22In This MomentBlood 1983(BMG)
10/21/22InclinationUnaltered Perspective(Pure Noise Records)
10/21/22InvictusUnstoppable(MNRK Heavy)
10/21/22KajoshinChrisalys (Re-Release)(Wormholedeath)
10/21/22Nameless TheoryInto The Void(Wormholedeath)
10/21/22Noise UnitCheeba City Blues(Artoffact Records)
10/21/22PinkshiftLove Me Forever(Hopeless Records)
10/21/22Queens Of The Stone AgeQueens Of The Stone Age (Vinyl)(Matador Records)
10/21/22Ruby The HatchetFear Is A Cruel Master(Magnetic Eye Records)
10/21/22SarcatorAlkahest(Black Lion Records)
10/21/22Scott WeilandThe Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Deluxe Edition(Rhino Records)
10/21/22Seraina TelliSimple Talk(Metalville Records)
10/21/22Serj TankianPerplex Cities(Serjical Strike)
10/21/22Steel InfernoEvil Reign(From The Vaults)
10/21/22The 40 ThievesThe White Album(Wormholedeath)
10/21/22Tobias Sammet's AvantasiaA Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society(Nuclear Blast)
10/21/22Ugly Kid JoeRad Wings Of Destiny(Metalville Records)
10/21/22VigilanceVigilance(Dying Victims Productions)
10/21/22Watch Them FailHybris(Wormholedeath)
10/21/22Witch BladeMånsken(Dying Victims Productions)


10/24/22Fall Of SeraphsFrom Dust To Creation(Memento Mori)
10/24/22MorbificSquirm Beyond The Mortal Realm(Memento Mori/Me Saco Un Ojo Records)


10/28/22AbyssicBrought Forth In Inquity(Osmose Productions)
10/28/22AntropofagusOrigin(Agonia Records)
10/28/22BlacklistAfterworld(Profound Lore Records)
10/28/22BonesVomit(Disorder Recordings)
10/28/22Brant BjorkBougainvillea Suite(Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
10/28/22Celtic FrostDanse Macabre (Europe/UK)(Noise Records)
10/28/22CinderblockBreathe The Fire(WAR Records)
10/28/22DarkthroneAstral Fortress(Peaceville Records)
10/28/22Dead CrossII(Ipecac Recordings)
10/28/22DefleshedGrind Over Matter(Metal Blade Records)
10/28/22Demon HunterExile(Weapons MFG)
10/28/22Despised IconDéterré(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Devenial VerdictAsh Blind(Transcending Obscurity Records)
10/28/22Devin TownsendLightwork(InsideOut Music)
10/28/22Dimmu BorgirDust Of Cold Memories(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Remixed & Remastered)(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Downset.About Ta Blast (7")(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Downset.Anger/Ritual (7")(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Dr. AculaDr. Acula(Silent Pendulum Records)
10/28/22Fear FactoryRecoded(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22Fire From the GodsSoul Revolution(Better Noise Music)
10/28/22Fit For A KingThe Hell We Create(Solid State)
10/28/22Hiss From The MoatThe Way Out Of Hell(Distortion Music Group)
10/28/22HoaxedTwo Shadows(Relapse Records)
10/28/22King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardChanges(KGLW)
10/28/22MorbikonOv Mournful Twilight(Tankcrimes)
10/28/22NecromutilatorOath Of Abhorrence(Osmose Productions)
10/28/22NoctemCredo Certe Ne Cras(MNRK Heavy)
10/28/22ObsidiousIconic(Season Of MIst)
10/28/22October EndsPhases(UNFD)
10/28/22PolyphiaRemember That You Will Die(Rise Records)
10/28/22PsychonautViolate Consensus Reality(Pelagic Records)
10/28/22Rival SchoolsUnited By Fate (Deluxe Edition) (Digital)(Run For Cover Records)
10/28/22Show Me The BodyTrouble The Water(Loma Vista Recordings)
10/28/22Silver PhantomCrimson Cabaret(Uprising! Records)
10/28/22Sodom40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom(Steamhammer/SPV)
10/28/22Sovereign EagleSovereign Eagle(Filthy Note)
10/28/22SpellTragic Magic(Metal Blade Records)
10/28/22TEETH575 (Cassette)(Nuclear Blast)
10/28/22The End A.D.It's All In Your Head (Deluxe Edition)(Wormholedeath)
10/28/22The Gloom In The CornerTrinity(SharpTone Records)
10/28/22TheotoxinFragment : Totenruhe(AOP Records)
10/28/22TherionGothic Kabbalah (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
10/28/22TherionLemuria (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
10/28/22TherionSecrets Of The Runes (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
10/28/22TherionSirius B (Reissue)(Napalm Records)
10/28/22ThotcrimeD1G1T4L_DR1FT(Prosthetic Records)
10/28/22ThursdayFull Collapse (21st Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)(Victory Records/Craft Recordings)
10/28/22Universally EstrangedDimension Of Deviant Clusters(Blood Harvest Records)
10/28/22Various ArtistsBound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip(The Numero Group)
10/28/22VévakiFórnspeki(Season Of Mist)
10/28/22Vio-lenceEternal Nightmare (2022 Edition)(Metal Blade Records)
10/28/22WormBluenothing(20 Buck Spin)


10/31/22Exordium MorsAs Legends Fade And Gods Die(Praetorian Sword Records)
10/31/22VHSDeep Gashes And Long Lashes(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)