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08/01/22FleshrotUnburied Corpse(Me Saco Un Ojo/Desert Wastelands)


08/05/22Abaddon IncarnateThe Wretched Sermon(Transcending Obscurity Records)
08/05/22Amon AmarthThe Great Heathen Army(Metal Blade Records)
08/05/22Bong-RaMeditations(Tartarus Records)
08/05/22Bullet For My ValentineBullet For My Valentine (Deluxe Edition)(Spinefarm/Search And Destroy)
08/05/22Def LeppardAdrenalize (Vinyl)(Island Records)
08/05/22Def LeppardEuphoria (Vinyl)(Island Records)
08/05/22Dog Eat DogPlay Games (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
08/05/22Dub WarWestgate Under Fire(Earache Records)
08/05/22EinherjerNorse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends)(Napalm Records)
08/05/22Ether CovenThe Relationship Between The Hammer And The Nail(Good Fight Music)
08/05/22FearsoreBloedwyrx(Dead Sage Records)
08/05/22Grave BathersRock ‘N’ Roll Fetish(Seeing Red Records)
08/05/22GrigorienMagtens Evangelium(Signal Rex)
08/05/22In Hearts WakeGreen Is The New Black Soundtrack(UNFD)
08/05/22Liminal ShroudAll Virtues Ablaze(Willowtip Records)
08/05/22PsycropticDivine Council(Prosthetic Records)
08/05/22Rolo TomassiCloser (The Edits)(MNRK Heavy)
08/05/22Savage MasterThose Who Hunt At Night(Shadow Kingdom Records)
08/05/22Shuriken Cadaveric EntwinementConstructing The Cataclysm(Comatose Music)
08/05/22SoulflyTotem(Nuclear Blast)
08/05/22Static-XStart A War (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
08/05/22Sunflower DeadMarch Of The Leper(Bloody Bat Records LLC)
08/05/22Today Is The DayWillpower (Reissue) (Vinyl)(SuperNova Records)
08/05/22ToolFear Inoculum (3xLP Vinyl)(RCA)
08/05/22ToxikDis Morta(Massacre Records)
08/05/22TurianNo Longer Human(Wise Blood Records)
08/05/22WindhandLevitation Sessions (Vinyl)(N/A)


08/08/22Life's QuestionWorld Full Of...(Triple B Records)


08/11/22GrotesqueriesHaunted Mausoleum(Caligari Records)


08/12/22A-ZA-Z(Metal Blade Records)
08/12/22Arch EnemyDeceivers(Century Media)
08/12/22BarbarianViperface(Hells Headbangers)
08/12/22Bitter EndHarsh Realities (Reissue)(M-Theory Audio)
08/12/22BorisHeavy Rocks(Relapse Records)
08/12/22Carrion VaelAbhorrent Obsessions(Unique Leader Records)
08/12/22Hollywood UndeadHotel Kalifornia(BMG)
08/12/22LocrianGhost Frontiers(Profound Lore)
08/12/22LocrianNew Catastrophism(Profound Lore)
08/12/22Norma JeanDeathrattle Sing For Me(Solid State)
08/12/22SarattmaEscape Velocity(Nefarious Industries)
08/12/22The Halo EffectDays Of The Lost(Nuclear Blast)
08/12/22WeregoatThe Devil's Lust(Iron Bonehead Productions/Parasitic Records)
08/12/22WolfbrigadeAnti-Tank Dogs(Armageddon Label/Agipunk Records)


08/15/22Holding Absence / Alpha WolfThe Lost & The Longing(SharpTone Records)


08/19/22ConanEvidence Of Immortality(Napalm Records)
08/19/22DawnwalkerHouse Of Sand(Room 132)
08/19/22DevilDriverClouds Over California The Studio Albums: 2003 - 2011(BMG)
08/19/22EruptionTellurian Rupture(From The Vaults)
08/19/22Fatso Jetson / All SoulsLive From Total Annihilation(Ripple Music)
08/19/22Five Finger Death PunchAfterLife(Better Noise Music)
08/19/22HeilungDrif(Season Of Mist)
08/19/22Hours Of WorshipThe Cold That You Left(Iron Bonehead Productions)
08/19/22I PrevailTrue Power(Fearless Records)
08/19/22KalahDescent Into Human Weakness(Pure Steel Records)
08/19/22Mass ExtinctionNever-Ending Holocaust(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
08/19/22Morbid EvilsSupernaturals(Transcending Obscurity Records)
08/19/22Nocturnal SorceryThe Holy Law In Total Ruin(KVLT)
08/19/22OrthodoxLearning To Dissolve(Century Media)
08/19/22Russian CirclesGnosis(Sargent House)
08/19/22SoilworkÖvergivenheten(Nuclear Blast)
08/19/22Spirit Adrift20 Centuries Gone(Century Media)
08/19/22SpiteDedication To Flesh(Rise Records)
08/19/22Still / FormFrom The Rot Is A Gift(Hex Records)
08/19/22The Lone WolfGrand Theft Audio(One A Records)
08/19/22The SombreMonuments Of Grief(Chaos Records)
08/19/22ThundermotherBlack And Gold(AFM Records)
08/19/22Tomb Of FinlandAcross The Barren Fields(Uprising)
08/19/22White RuneDawn Of The White Rune(Hammer Of Hate)


08/26/22Align The TideHollow(Cleopatra Records)
08/26/22Apeiron BoundMultiplicity(Layered Reality Productions)
08/26/22Auriferous FlameThe Great Mist Within(True Cult Records)
08/26/22Bastard Noise / MerzbowRetribution By All Other Creatures(Relapse)
08/26/22BleedSomebody's Closer(20 Buck Spin)
08/26/22Blood Of IndigoDawn Of The Shaded World(N/A)
08/26/22BloodboxPost Human Disorder(Headwound Recordingz)
08/26/22BrymirVoices In The Sky(Napalm Records)
08/26/22Cold Night For AlligatorsThe Hindsight Notes(Arising Empire)
08/26/22Drag Me OutDemons Away(Lödereih Music)
08/26/22DreadnoughtThe Endless(Profound Lore Records)
08/26/22Epoch Of ChiralityNucleosynthesis(Wormholedeath)
08/26/22Greet DeathNew Low(Deathwish Inc.)
08/26/22HierophantDeath Siege(Season Of Mist)
08/26/22Iron SaviorReforged Ironbound Vol 2(AFM Records)
08/26/22Lacrimas ProfundereHow To Shroud Yourself With Night(Steamhammer/SPV)
08/26/22Machine HeadØf Kingdøm And Crøwn(Nuclear Blast/Imperium Recordings)
08/26/22MightAbyss(Exile On Mainstream)
08/26/22No TriggerDr. Album(Red Scare Industries)
08/26/22ObituaryCause Of Death - Live Infection (Blu-ray/CD/Vinyl)(Relapse Records)
08/26/22ObituarySlowly We Rot - Live And Rotting (Blu-ray/CD/Vinyl)(Relapse)
08/26/22Pianos Become The TeethDrift(Epitaph)
08/26/22Red RotMal de Vivre(Svart Records)
08/26/22Sebastian CaldasMe-We(Wormholedeath)
08/26/22SOiLPlay It Forward(Cleopatra Records)
08/26/22Spirit In The RoomFlamingo(Housecore Records)
08/26/22ThoughtcrimesAltered Pasts(Pure Noise Records)
08/26/22Wampyric RitesThe Wolves Howl To The Moon(Signal Rex)


08/29/22GoatsnakeGoatsnake Vol. 1 (Vinyl)(Southern Lord)
08/29/22Various ArtistsDead Formats Volume 1(Pure Noise Records)