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09/05/19AlcoholocaustNecro Apocalipse Bestial(Helldprod Records)


09/06/19Black SabbathThe Vinyl Collection 1970 - 1978 (Vinyl)(Rhino Records)
09/06/19CognizanceMalignant Dominion(Prosthetic Records)
09/06/19Cropsy ManiacCarnage(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
09/06/19DeathLive (Vinyl Set)(Relapse)
09/06/19DopesickA Violent Happy Place(EMP Label Group)
09/06/19Drugs Of FaithDecay(Selfmadegod Records)
09/06/19Ecstatic VisionSonic Praise (Remastered)(Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
09/06/19EmptyHope And The Loss Of It(Solid State Records)
09/06/19FoscorEls Sepulcres Blancs(Season Of Mist)
09/06/19Kayo DotBlasphemy(Prophecy Productions)
09/06/19MinistryFilth Pig (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
09/06/19Omophagia646965(Unique Leader)
09/06/19Senses FailFrom The Depths Of Dreams (Reissue)(Pure Noise Records)
09/06/19Sleeping With SirensHow It Feels To Be Lost(Sumerian Records)
09/06/19SlutvomitCopulation Of Cloven Hooves.(Invictus Productions)
09/06/19Sonata ArcticaTalviyö(Nuclear Blast)
09/06/19Type O NegativeNone More Negative (Vinyl Box Set)(Roadrunner/Run Out Groove)
09/06/19VitriolTo Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice(Century Media)


09/13/19Alice CooperThe Breadcrumbs EP(earMUSIC)
09/13/19AsagraumDawn Of Infinite Fire(Edged Circle Productions)
09/13/19BaestVenenum(Century Media)
09/13/19BeartoothThe Blackbird Session EP(Red Bull Records)
09/13/19Betraying The MartyrsRapture(Sumerian Records)
09/13/19Big Scenic NowhereDying On The Mountains(Blues Funeral Recordings)
09/13/19Blood Red ThroneFit To Kill(Mighty Music)
09/13/19Brant BjorkJalamanta (Reissue)(Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
09/13/19Cloud RatPollinator(Artoffact Records)
09/13/19ColdThe Things We Can't Stop(Napalm Records)
09/13/19Crypt SermonThe Ruins Of Fading Light(Dark Descent Records)
09/13/19Devilish ImpressionsPostmortem Whispering Crows(Non Serviam Records)
09/13/19EndseekerThe Harvest(Metal Blade Records)
09/13/19EschatonDeath Obsession(Unique Leader Records)
09/13/19KornThe Nothing(Roadrunner Records/Elektra)
09/13/19KXMCircle Of Dolls(Rat Pak Records)
09/13/19Mike Patton & Jean-Claude VannierCorpse Flower(Ipecac Recordings)
09/13/19Mob RulesBeast Over Europe(SPV/Steamhammer)
09/13/19Puddle Of MuddWelcome To Galvania(Pavement Entertainment)
09/13/19RamThe Throne Within(Metal Blade Records)
09/13/19Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Vinyl)(Rhino)
09/13/19Smash PotaterSuburban Legends(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
09/13/19StarsetDivisions(Fearless Records)
09/13/19Stone Temple PilotsPurple (25th Anniversary Edition)(Rhino Records)
09/13/19The 69 EyesWest End(Nuclear Blast)
09/13/19The CultThe Cult: Sonic Temple 30(Beggars Arkive)
09/13/19The HuThe Gereg(N/A)
09/13/19Visceral DisgorgeSlithering Evisceration(Agonia Records)
09/13/19Void Of VisionHyperdaze(UNFD)
09/13/19War Of AgesVoid(Facedown Records)
09/13/19WarishDown In Flames(RidingEasy Records)
09/13/19WorkshedWorkshed(Rise Above Music)


09/20/19As I Lay DyingShaped By Fire(Nuclear Blast)
09/20/19CoffinsBeyond The Circular Demise(Relapse)
09/20/19Constant ElevationConstant Elevation(Revelation Records)
09/20/19Cult Of LunaA Dawn To Fear(Metal Blade Records)
09/20/19Ecstatic VisionFor The Masses(Heavy Psych Sounds)
09/20/19ExhorderMourn The Southern Skies(Nuclear Blast Records)
09/20/19HangmanOne By One(Flatspot Records)
09/20/19HellbentReBirth(Swimming With Sharks Records)
09/20/19KadavarFor The Dead Travel Fast(Nuclear Blast)
09/20/19Kobra And The LotusEvolution(Napalm Records)
09/20/19MelvinsThe Maggot/The Bootlicker (Vinyl)(Ipecac Recordings)
09/20/19MonolordNo Comfort(Relapse)
09/20/19Motionless In WhiteWhen Love Met Destruction (Vinyl)(Craft Recordings)
09/20/19No One Knows What The Dead ThinkNo One Knows What The Dead Think(Willowtip)
09/20/19Serj TankianElect The Dead Symphony (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
09/20/19Snow BurialOstrava(Prosthetic Records)
09/20/19The AgonistOrphans(Napalm)
09/20/19The Number Twelve Looks Like YouWild Gods(Overlord Music)
09/20/19Tides From NebulaFrom Voodoo To Zen(Long Branch Records)
09/20/19URNIron Will Of Power(Season Of Mist)
09/20/19WolcensmenFire In The White Stone(Indie Recordings)


09/27/19.gif from godapproximation_of_a_human(Prosthetic Records)
09/27/19BorknagarTrue North(Century Media)
09/27/19Car BombMordial(N/A)
09/27/19Creeping DeathWretched Illusions(eOne Music)
09/27/19CynicTraced In Air Remixed(Season Of Mist)
09/27/19Doom CandySuicide Effects(Zombie Shark Records)
09/27/19DragonForceExtreme Power Metal(Metal Blade Records)
09/27/19FirebreatherUnder A Blood Moon(RidingEasy Records)
09/27/19GhostPrequelle Exalted (Deluxe Vinyl)(Loma Vista Recordings)
09/27/19GhostSeven Inches Of Satanic Panic (7")(Loma Vista Recordings)
09/27/19GoatburnerExtreme Conditions(Time To Kill Records)
09/27/19HELLYEAHWelcome Home(Eleven Seven Music)
09/27/19Howling GiantThe Space Between Worlds(Blues Funeral Recordings)
09/27/19Mars Red SkyThe Task Eternal(Listenable Records)
09/27/19MütiilationBlack Millenium (Grimly Reborn) (Reissue)(Osmose Productions)
09/27/19MütiilationRemains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (Reissue)(Osmose Productions)
09/27/19MütiilationVampires Of Black Imperial Blood (Reissue)(Osmose Productions)
09/27/19Of Mice & MenEarthandsky(Rise Records)
09/27/19RenouncedBeauty Is A Destructive Angel(Holy Roar Records)
09/27/19SeeYouSpaceCowboyThe Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds(Pure Noise Records)
09/27/19Steel PantherHeavy Metal Rules(Steel Panther Inc.)
09/27/19Touché AmoréDeflector (7")(Epitaph)
09/27/19VinterseaIlluminated(M-Theory Audio)
09/27/19Wednesday 13Necrophaze(Nuclear Blast)