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02/07/20American NightmareYear One (Reissue)(Heartworm Press/Bridge Nine Records)
02/07/20Avenged SevenfoldLive In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough (Digital)(Warner Records)
02/07/20DelainApocalypse & Chill(Napalm Records)
02/07/20EnvyThe Fallen Crimson(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
02/07/20God DethronedIlluminati(Metal Blade Records)
02/07/20LoatheI Let It In And It Took Everything(SharpTone Records)
02/07/20Napalm DeathLogic Ravaged By Brute Force (7"/Digital)(Century Media Records)
02/07/20OrthodoxLet It Take Its Course(Unbeaten Records)
02/07/20OrthodoxLet It Take Its Course(Unbeaten Records)
02/07/20Redundant ProtoplasmAdipose Piquerism: A Collection Of Maniacal Bloodlettings(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
02/07/20SepulturaQuadra(Nuclear Blast)
02/07/20Stone Temple PilotsPerdida(Play Pen Music/Rhino)
02/07/20Svart CrownWolves Among The Ashes(Century Media)
02/07/20SylosisCycle Of Suffering(Nuclear Blast)


02/13/20Zakk SabbathVertigo(Magnetic Eye Records)


02/14/20AnvilLegal At Last(AFM Records)
02/14/20Archon AngelFallen(Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
02/14/20Black SwanShake The World(Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
02/14/20Blaze Of PerditionThe Harrowing Of Hearts(Metal Blade Records)
02/14/20Brian PosehnGrandpa Metal(Megaforce)
02/14/20EnsnaredInimicus Generis Humani(Invictus Productions/Dark Descent)
02/14/20Hollywood UndeadNew Empire, Vol. 1(Dove & Grenade Media/BMG)
02/14/20IhsahnTelemark(Candlelight Records)
02/14/20Jason KuiNaka(Prosthetic Records)
02/14/20KreatorLondon Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse(Nuclear Blast)
02/14/20KvelertakSplid(Rise Records)
02/14/20NecrowretchThe Ones From Hell(Season Of Mist)
02/14/20PyogenesisA Silent Soul Screams Loud(AFM Records)
02/14/20Serious BlackSuite 226(AFM Records)
02/14/20Seven SpiresEmerald Seas(Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
02/14/20Suicide SilenceBecome The Hunter(Nuclear Blast)
02/14/20TuriaDegen van Licht(Eisenwald)
02/14/20Various ArtistsDead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam And Death Tribute To Nu-Metal(Imploding Sounds)




02/21/20Demons & WizardsIII(Century Media)
02/21/20HorseneckFever Dream(N/A)
02/21/20IncubusLight Grenades (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
02/21/20IncubusS.C.I.E.N.C.E. (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
02/21/20InvocationAttunement To Death(Iron Bonehead Productions)
02/21/20Metal ChurchThe Human Factor (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
02/21/20Ozzy OsbourneOrdinary Man(Epic Records)
02/21/20PolarisThe Death Of Me(SharpTone Records)
02/21/20Raspberry BulbsBefore The Age Of Mirrors(Relapse Records)
02/21/20Sightless PitGrave Of A Dog(Thrill Jockey Records)
02/21/20The Amity AfflictionEveryone Loves You...Once You Leave Them(Pure Noise Records)
02/21/20The Word AliveMonomania(Fearless Records)
02/21/20TorpëdoMechanic Tyrants (Reissue)(Gates Of Hell Records)
02/21/20XenobioticMordrake(Unique Leader Records)


02/28/20Be//gotten< love/loathe/lust 3(Stay Sick Recordings)
02/28/20Beneath The MassacreFearmonger(Century Media)
02/28/20Dark FortressSpectres From The Old War(Century Media)
02/28/20Five Finger Death PunchF8(Better Noise Music)
02/28/20Four Year StrongBrain Pain(Pure Noise Records)
02/28/20Insect ArkThe Vanishing(Profound Lore)
02/28/20IntronautFluid Existential Inversions(Metal Blade Records)
02/28/20NeaeraNeaera(Metal Blade Records)
02/28/20Paradise LostIcon (Vinyl)(Music On Vinyl)
02/28/20Porcupine TreeIn Absentia (Deluxe Edition)(Kscope Records)
02/28/20Regarde Les Hommes TomberAscension(Season Of Mist)
02/28/20The Night Flight OrchestraAeromantic(Nuclear Blast)
02/28/20These Grey MenThese Grey Men(N/A)
02/28/20TombsMonarchy Of Shadows(Season Of Mist)
02/28/20Visceral DisgorgeIngesting Putridity (Re-Release)(Agonia Records)