Marilyn Manson

Another Ex-Girlfriend Of Marilyn Manson Has Filed Suit Against Him Alleging Rape & Death Threats


TMZ report that Marilyn Manson is facing yet another lawsuit from a former girlfriend of his. The unidentified woman has anonymously launched suit against him, claiming that he raped her and threatened to kill her amid a relationship that took place around 2011.

She further claims that he made her watch a home movie which depicted Manson tying a young fan to a chair, forcing her to drink a glass of a band member’s urine, while also threatening her with a gun and more.

Spin report that a member of Manson‘s team have denied the authenticity of the video, claiming it is “a scripted short film shot by a crew and a famous photographer/videographer who frequently collaborated with Manson. The actress in the film was an adult who had also appeared in a previous music video called ‘The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.’ The scripted short film was meant to be an extra video feature for an upcoming album release, but it was never released.” Spin further provided footage of Manson discussing the film back in 2002.

The unidentified woman who filed this new suit is seeking damages and a public declaration of Manson‘s alleged crimes. Manson is currently facing several lawsuits that allege sexual assault, including those filed by his ex Esmé Bianco and his former personal assistant Ashley Walters. He is also currently being sought by authorities in Gilford, NH for spitting on a concert videographer.

This year saw at least sixteen women come forward with disturbing accusations against Manson, many of whom spoke up following his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood going public with her own allegations this past February.

Manson would go on to deny those allegations. Since they were made he was dropped by his label, his longtime manager, his talent agency and had several TV and touring opportunities withdrawn.

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