Trapt’s Twitter Account Suspended Following Chris Taylor Brown’s Comments On Pedophilia


The official Twitter account of Trapt has been suspended by the social media networking service for violating the service’s rules. The account was run by Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown, who had become increasingly combative throughout the year, frequently defending his political and personal beliefs, largely in regards to his support for right-wing politics and some other controversial opinions.

Trapt‘s official Facebook account was deleted in November of this year for violating the platform’s community standards, while Brown‘s personal Instagram account was was taken down soon after.

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It would appear his suspension emerged following a series of comments and arguments made with Twitter users in regards to his thoughts on what constitutes pedophilia in a relationship between a 15-year-old male and a 25-year-old teacher. Several screenshots of that apparent conversation have been circulating online since, you can find them below:

Trapt On Twitter

Trapt On Twitter

Trapt On Twitter

Trapt On Twitter

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