Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown Has Been Taking On Everyone In An Epic Twitter Meltdown


Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has long had a reptuation of being outspoken, having no problem publicly sparring with fans and detractors or arguing with those who dispute his strong right wing political beliefs. His decision to do so has generated numerous headlines over the years. In fact, following a particularly heated series of exchanges back in 2015, Brown explained why he chooses to directly engage people with no filter, stating:

“I will try to watch my language, I’ll try to be more professional. But I really don’t think a rock band needs to be professional. I don’t think we’re sitting in a corporate boardroom, mapping out how we should talk to people on social media. I’m gonna say what I want to say and I’m not gonna apologize for it.”

Though several years have passed, Brown seems to very much still subscribe to this school of thought. This week has seen Brown on quite an epic Twitter meltdown with vitriolic tweets and replies seemingly numbering in the hundreds. went on to compile just a portion of them. Some highlights from the exchanges, which range from the outright political to the petty, can be seen below:

The political and more:

Brown also commonly seeks to dismiss any potential barbs about his relevance as an artist with statistics pulled from streaming services, a sampling of that includes:

There’s also been seemingly hundreds of of personal attacks and insults posted against those who have come out against Brown over the past few days as well. Should you want to dig into those, you can take the entire deep dive over at Twitter. Trapt of course found early success with their 2002 self-titled major label debut, which was certified platinum by the RIAA back in 2003. The sales were buoyed greatly by the breakout single “Headstrong“, which was certified platinum by the RIAA back in October of 2009. As of press time, that particular single has over 195 million streams on Spotify.

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