Silent Planet

Silent Planet & UnityTX To Replace Trapt & Des Rocs At 2024 ‘Louder Than Life’ Festival


This year’s ‘Louder Than Life‘ festival in Louisville, KY has seen some lineup changes. Both Trapt and Des Rocs have exited the bill, with Silent Planet and UnityTX having newly been added in their place. In addition to that, several artists have swapped dates on the fest, which will take place September 26th-29th at the Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Exposition Center. An updated admat for the event can be seen below.

While Trapt don’t appear to have commented on their departure from the bill, the festival’s organizers mentioned they were ‘sad’ to see both bands go. According to a previous post made by Trapt, several individuals had banded together in an attempt to get Trapt removed from the bill of the festival.

To that end they citied various controversies the band’s vocalist Chris Taylor Brown has has been involved in. Speaking of that campaign on February 25th of this year via Truth Social, Trapt stated:

“So Trapt being invited to play Louder Than Life festival in Louisville in Sept made some extreme leftist troll’s heads explode 😂 How pathetic are these people? I wonder how many of these accounts who run these ops are paid by the US govt in some way? All along the media (govt propaganda mouthpiece) has tried to “destroy trapt” after 2020 and they have failed miserably. We went from 5 million monthly listeners to over 8 million now, 150 million plus streams a year for 2 years in a row and about 250 shows since early 2022. Shows have been amazing! Let’s hope the people at Louder Than Life stay strong in the face of these lying trolls and their operation…”

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