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Previously Dismissed Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson Revived In Court After Successful Appeal


Marilyn Manson‘s legal troubles have once again begun piling up. Billboard report that the previously dismissed lawsuit filed against him by his ex-personal assistant Ashley Walters is once again on. That suit, which saw Walters make allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual battery, infliction of emotional distress and the violation of several Californian civil codes against Manson, was previously dismissed back in May of 2022.

Upon its dismissal, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Stern stated in court that, “the plaintiff has pleaded too few facts and too late to keep this case in court.” The suit had previously been amended prior to that dismissal, with the courts urging Walters to provide more facts in order to overcome the two-year statute of limitations.

Walters was under Manson‘s employ from August of 2010 to July of 2011, and alleges the incidents mentioned in the suit took place during that timeframe. Today, December 13th, saw that dismissal officially appealed, with a rule of delayed discovery being weighed in to allow the case to proceed.

Walters claimed to have initially repressed some of the alleged incidents, stating that she didn’t recall them properly until 2020, upon seeking treatment and joining a support group with other abused women. Per Billboard, the appeals court stated of today’s appeal:

“Until she received diagnosis and treatment, Walters [says she] was unable to remember the repressed events, and once she did recall them, she was unable to immediately identify these events as abuse,” the court wrote. These allegations of suppressed memories and psychological blocking are sufficient to withstand [dismissal].”

With the dismissal upended, the case is now clear to proceed, with an eventual trial sought. Manson has so far denied all the allegations made against him from several women over the past several years.

Numerous individuals filed sexual assault or abuse related claims against him amid the pandemic. 2023 has already seen Manson reach settlements with two of those alleged victims, including actress Esmé Bianco and an unidentified woman.

Model Ashley Morgan Smithline‘s suit against Manson was dismissed earlier this year after she chose to eventually recant her accusations.

Now, in addition to this revived suit, Manson faces a civil lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe earlier this year. That suit alleges Manson sexually assaulted a minor in the 1990s. Meanwhile, this past September saw Manson receive sentencing over a spitting incident involving an videographer at one of his 2019 live shows. A previously dismissed civil lawsuit filed around that spitting incident was revived in court last month.

Manson‘s legal team has previously argued that the shock rocker is the victim of a targetted campaign orchestrated by his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood and her associate Ilma Gore. Manson filed a defamation suit against Wood and her associates this past May.

Manson alleged in that suit that Wood and Gore had, ‘recruited, coordinated, and pressured’ numerous women into making false statements and allegations against him. Wood went on to publicly deny Manson‘s allegations.

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