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Falling In Reverse, Ice Nine Kills And More Had A Message For Spiritbox After Their Controversial Tour Cancellation


Canadian alternative metal outfit Spiritbox found themselves courting controversy earlier this year after some of their fanbase revolted against them for agreeing to take part in Falling In Reverse‘s ‘The Popular Monstour‘.

Spiritbox were excoriated by a vocal contingent of their fans across social media who apparently felt that Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke‘s various controversial statements and actions over the years went against the values exhibited by Spiritbox.

Ultimately, Spiritbox dropped off the bill well in advance of it the tour kickoff, with Our Last Night taking over their slot. That run, which also featured Underoath, Ice Nine Kills, Slaughter To Prevail and more, just wrapped last night.

Before heading their separate ways, Radke and several of the other bands on the trek found the time to send a message from the stage to Spiritbox. While some have taken to it being a shot at Spiritbox, Radke has since stated his intentions were ‘light hearted’.

That post can be seen below:

Responding to a a user on social media, who criticized Radke for the sign, he responded:

“You do know spiritbox agreed to touring with me 4 months in advance and also playing festivals with me and also hanging in our green room, it wasn’t me it was you guys. You do know my post was light hearted? It’s not me it’s you guys. you guys know so little yet think you have it figured out, we only show you what you we want you to see, you guys are so easy.”

Radke previously blamed Spiritbox‘s fans for the band’s decision to drop from the tour, stating that while he respected the group, he felt that “some of their fans are awful.”

Meanwhile, Our Last Night also got dragged for taking part in the aforementioned picture from the closing show, to which they responded in kind:

Radke himself recently wound up back in hot water on social media, having been banned by TikTok and shadowbanned by Twitter/X over his recent statements on gender identity.

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