Ronnie Radke Of Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Banned From TikTok & Shadowbanned By Twitter Following Controversial Trans Statements


Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke has found himself apparently banned from TikTok and shadowbanned from X/Twitter amid a string of controversial comments regarding gender identity he made throughout the week.

Some of those comments can be read below in the order they were made:

“Imagine getting your tik tok deleted, or losing your job or alienated for saying that a trans woman can’t have a period, you all have mothers and sisters and wives and girlfriends and know damn well the struggles of being a born women and the pain of endometriosis etc and have the audacity to try and silence or censor the reality. BULLSHIT”

Alongside images of controversial trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney holding Tampax, Radke made then made the following post:

“The same people that call me a womanizer, abuser, and bigot are the same people that support the ideology that trans can have periods and support tampon companies making trans the spokesperson. It’s extremely offensive to all women, to mock their biology. stop pretending this is okay”

Amid some backlash, Radke also brought race into the matter:

Radke continued to share his viewpoints on TikTok, which resulted in him being banned from the social media platform:

Radke‘s statements apparently also landed him in hot water on Twitter/X, with his account effectively being shadowbanned:

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