Shifty Shellshock Arrested

Crazy Town’s Shifty Shellshock Arrested For DUI In Myrtle Beach


Days removed from the now infamous bloody brawl with his Crazy Town bandmate Bobby Reeves, vocalist Shifty Shellshock (aka Seth Binzer) was arrested for driving under the influence in Myrtle Beach, SC. Following a string of erratic performances this year, Shellshock made headlines when video footage of a physical altercation between him and Reeves erupted following their April 23rd show in the aforementioned city

That concert was largely performed without Shellshock, who apparently no showed, leaving Reeves to front the set alone. During that concert, Reeves verbally expressed his anger towards Shifty for not being present.

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When Shifty did show up, he was insistent that he be given his portion of the guarantee for the show. Reeves was adamant that he did not have it, leading to the bloody fight between the two bandmates. That chat also saw Reeves launch numerous racial slurs and make ugly threats against the children of Shellshock.

While Reeves would later state that he and Shifty had mended fences, the incident was the final straw for (hed)p.e., who ejected the platinum-certified outfit from the ongoing ‘Nu Metal Madness 2 Tour‘. A video statement shared by (hed)p.e.‘s vocalist Jared Gomes saw him state that Shifty “needs help” and, “we can’t just sit by while he’s on the road battling demons to the death.”

Now TMZ report that Shellshock was arrested for driving under the influence in Myrtle Beach, SC in the early hours of April 25th. The police were apparently tipped off by concerned citizens who saw a black SUV swerving in and out of lanes. It is also alleged that Shellshock at one point passed out at a red light.

Upon being pulled over, Shellshock was said to be lethargic and slurring his words. He subsequently failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and charged with DUI for a BAC less than .10. It was the 48-year-old’s second offense in that regard, having been arrested for DUI in June of last year.

The sad incident is the latest in a long line of battles with addiction Shellshock has had over the years, which included a much publicized stint on ‘Celebrity Rehab‘ and more.

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