Crazy Town Fight

Footage Of Bloody Backstage Fight Between Crazy Town’s Vocalists Surfaces Online


Video footage of the physical altercation between Crazy Town vocalists Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves has newly emerged online. In the below videos, various blows can be seen being thrown between Shellshock and Reeves. Shellshock is repeatedly asking for his money throughout the video, claiming that Reeves “robbed” him.

A heated verbal argument follows the initial fight, with Shellshock apparently asking for his portion of the guarantee from playing the show. The show in question was the band’s April 23rd performance at the Boathouse Waterway Bar & Grill in Myrtle Beach, SC. According to reports from those in attendance, Shellshock missed the majority, if not all, of the set for undisclosed reasons.

Reeves attempted to cover the vocal duties for him amid that performance, but was seen venting onstage at how mad he was for Shellshock not showing up. In the below video of the backstage altercation that followed, ugly threats are made against family members and racial slurs are thrown around as the pair continue to argue about the guarantee from the show, and who has it.

Amid a post-fight argument, Reeves at one point sucker punches Shellshock, leading to several more blows being thrown. Throughout the fight Shellshock repeatedly tells Reeves that he loves him, but wants his money, insisting that Reeves was paid it, which Reeves repeatedly denies.

Neither Shellshock nor Reeves appear to have addressed the incident publicly as of yet.

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