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Amerakin Overdose Vocalist Cody Perez Calls Otep A “Drama Queen”, Claims Feud Isn’t For Publicity


Amerakin Overdose frontman Cody Perez has issued a new statement detailing his grievances against Otep singer Otep Shamaya following their Twitter feud. In his statement, he asserts that his issues with Shamaya are not motivated by publicity for his band as Shamaya has frequently claimed, but rather her alleged mistreatment of local acts and a number of other related gripes, including comments she made in in this livestream.

In his statement, which you can read below, he accuses Shamaya of being hypocritical for stating that she stands for ‘positivity and anti-bullying’ only to threaten violence against Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd. He also defends himself against Shamaya calling him homophobic in a tweet—Shamaya has later stated she leveled that accusation in response to an apparent mistaken tweetPerez posted his statement via his Facebook, it reads:

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“Otep Shamaya,

We had enough of your bullshit drama, harassment, putting down of bands and we had to speak out. You have a history of attacking both known national artists and local, underground bands. You said I did it for publicity which is complete bullshit. Why would anyone target YOU for a publicity stunt when there are so many HUGE artists that are light years ahead of you in the game?!

Look at my history, I have been speaking my mind for years and years before I started Amerakin Overdose. For you, or anyone else who may think we are doing this to get our name in press, google my band. We have been in media and press MANY TIMES. We have played plenty of big shows with tons of nationals and toured.

I don’t need to talk shit on washed up Otep Shamaya to make it on press. Once you started shit talking local bands, you made it personal with me. I am a “local band” I have friends all over the world in “local bands”. You made an attack on all of us. We local bands bust our asses off to sell tickets (yes, WE SELL TICKETS) to open up for shows with national acts,

We bust our asses off to get our name out there, to sell merch, to make enough money so we can do another run of merch and get gas in the van to get to the next show or to get back home. I normally stay out of the drama that involves you (because you are the ultimate drama queen in metal music), but I was not going to let this one slide. If you haven’t noticed, you pissed a lot of people off. What the hell makes you think you are better than any of the bands that open for you?

You said “local bands don’t sell tickets.” The only reason a local band would be put on a national show is to guarantee there is a crowd and there is enough sales for the promoter to pay you (the national act). Local bands make maybe a fucking $1 per ticket sale regardless of the cost per ticket. If you are selling out shows, I highly doubt a promoter is going to hire on a local band to open “just to support the local scene”.

All of my friends from local bands from all over the world who have had the displeasure of playing with you had nothing but negative things to say about how you conduct business and how unprofessional you are. You mention how you take up and coming bands on the road with you to offer them an opportunity.

No, you do it so they can fill the gas on that big touring bus you drive in. They pay the buy on which covers the cost of that bus. You can’t/won’t tour with other big national acts because none of them will put up with your diva sorry ass. None of them will play by the rules you set for them. I find it hilarious you are trying to back pedal and say “we welcome all local bands…”

The only reason you are saying that is because now you are realizing the impact local bands can have on your right?!

You don’t appreciate what you have and many of your own fans have turned on you for that reason. You have said it yourself many times in video interviews, “Otep only played 4 shows when we first started, before Sharon Osbourne picked us up and immediately put us on Ozzfest” What the hell do you know about putting in hard work when that’s the story?! It is no wonder you take what you have for granted and treat your fans like shit and think you are god’s gift to the world. Reality check…..YOU ARE NOT!

Humble yourself, you are nothing special. Yeah we get it, you say it every interview, 7 albums, 15 years in the business, doing voice overs for Hollywood movies….NO ONE GIVES A FUCK! You eat, sleep, breathe and shit like the rest of the world!

You’ve caused a lot of shit recently, you got Chad (former singer of Terror Universal) fired from his gig, almost ruined his personal life and fucked up his music career. You talked shit about The Butcher Babies (Heidi and Carla) and threatened to break Heidi’s jaw or her ribs.

For someone who preaches positivity and anti-bullying, that’s pretty violent and ignorant to try and resolve issues with violence. We have worked with several national acts in our past and never once experienced the horror you put bands, venue staff and fans through. Recently, we worked with Waylon Reavis (A Killers Confession), Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, ex Machine Head) on our album and they were amazing people.

They understood we are a local band and can’t afford to pay crazy prices for services. They worked within our budget. If you ask their scene and their fans about them, everyone loves them. They are involved with their scene, with their fans. Any time you, Otep, are in the media, it is always negative.

You are always involved in some drama mess. You always point the finger at someone else. The common denominator is YOU OTEP! You are the problem! Take some accountability.

Something that really added fuel to the fire was when you called me a “homophobe” for ZERO reason. I never once said anything that could have been misconstrued to be homophobic, sexiest, racist or any of your other slanders you are infamously use against people. All of the screen shots are on, Loudwire, and MIRP etc. I welcome anyone and everyone to see for themselves.

There is nothing homophobic about me, I have both gay guy friends and gay lady friends. Our bass player in Amerakin Overdose is OPENLY GAY for crying out loud!!!

Then you tell The Human (my guitarist/producer) “wait. I bet you have a black friend too” thinking you’re being clever or even “cunning,” it just made YOU seem racist for implying that a white (technically Jewish descent) male can’t have black friends. Most of his clients are actually black.

He even worked at a school predominantly attended by young black students for a time. Do you think someone who is constantly surrounded by black culture wouldn’t make a few friends along the way? Your implication that him pointing out we have a gay band member was a way to jump on the politically correct bandwagon not only demeans the struggle of all who experience social injustice, it was downright ignorant.

You should truly be ashamed of how you handled this situation. You are not noble. You are not savage. You’re a race baiting misandrist.

The only way you stay relevant is by pulling the drama you constantly pull and by making false accusations. It is always someone else that messed up, someone else’s fault. You are so quick to accuse people of being “homophobe”, “racist” “sexist” or have to classify them as a republican/conservative. That is your go to when someone speaks out against you. When we got in our argument, you were so quick to pull the trigger on those accusations with no reason to do it.

You made an ass of yourself and you hid (or edited/deleted) your comments. Luckily the media caught all of them in their original form from both sides so people can see you had no legitimate reason to claim homophobia or make that racial remark. It is people like you who fuck it up for the rest of the world when someone speaks out against a person who really is being a homophobe or racist. Stop using it as a weapon to defend yourself. That is a hell of a serious thing to be just throwing it out there so loosely.

I am willing to bet, the next stab you will take at us will be that we are bullying you. Let me be very clear, we ARE NOT. We, as in Amerakin Overdose and the rest of the music scenes (both local, underground and national, international) are sick of your bullshit. We are sick of your drama! No one gives a fuck, you are just Otep.

You take pride about how the Bush era and the conservatives were not able to stop you and shut you don’t…great. I’ll tell you who CAN shut you down is your own fans who helped build you up AND the local bands who sell tickets to your shows so that you can get paid. I can only hope your shows continue to decline and your band goes bankrupt.

In your response video (“Can’t stop, won’t stop”) you did not address anything the media was talking about in the post. You used some promoter to defend you for one of the shows you were at. You didn’t even get your facts straight about our numbers (claiming we have 100 twitter followers when in fact we have 3X what you have over 150K followers on twitter). Also, we NEVER put a link to buy any of our merch, we didn’t use this as an opportunity to sell merch.

Our fans know where to find our merch if they want it. We NEVER once posted any of our band merch links or even mention buy AOD merch. Not a single time!

For those of you sick of reading about it, unfollow me/us. I get it if you don’t want to get involved or this is “just band drama” you can stay out of it. But don’t you dare get pissed at those of us who are speaking out. Those people bitching about all of us speaking out are also part of the problem. Nothing ever gets resolved if you don’t speak out against it.

Just because it makes media, doesn’t mean it was done for publicity. I can’t help what the media picks up. I post my thoughts daily on social media. Things don’t change if you stay silent. The worst thing that could happen is if people don’t speak out against this, her attitude and treatment of local bands could spread to other national artists. It needs to be addressed and stopped!

The “Fuck Otep” and “Otep Sucks” shirts were NOT made by us, we are not making a profit from them. Our friend who owns a screen printing company made them and he is donating all of the money to a local school music program

Once again, this is not because you are gay, a female, a vegan, a Clinton supporter, an animal activist or because anyone is bullying you. This is because you are an absolute piece of shit human being and diva with drama who needs to come back to reality and humble yourself for the few remaining fans you have. Stop treating people like shit!

We have made no threats to Otep and have not encouraged anyone to do any harm against her. We do however hope to see the downfall of her music career and we hope bands wake up and stop selling tickets to open for her, promoters stop booking Otep, music fans stop attending any Otep shows. Stop buying the music and merch, if you have merch BURN IT! I am done talking about this shit for now! 🖕🏻

From all the local/underground/national bands who are fed up with your bullshit! #FuckOtep #SupportLocalBands”

You can watch Otep defend herself against various claims leveled at her in recent weeks in this video, which she shared this past Wednesday, June 28th. In it, Shamaya continues to state that the bands that have spoken out against her recently were either misinformed or just out for publicity.

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