Otep & Amerakin Overdose

Otep Shamaya And Amerakin Overdose’s Frontman Cody Perez Have Been Twitter Beefing


Otep Shamaya and Amerakin Overdose frontman Cody Perez have been partaking in some social media beef as of late. Perez had launched into a series of rants against Shamaya for her alleged mistreatment of opening acts and negative comments she is said to have made of local bands. Perez took offense to the matter, offering:

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Fuck this piece of shit! The band is terrible and she's full of shit! I will never attend a show Otep plays. The only times I have seen her live is because of the other bands playing with her. A recent live stream she posted she said "Local bands DONT sell tickets!" She's full of shit. I have plenty of friends that have opened for Otep and sold tickets. She claims the local promoter is the one who decides if locals open. In my experience, the local promoter allows local bands to open IF the touring manager asks for locals. There is plenty of times the local promoter will say "The touring manager doesn't want locals." If the touring manager is asking for local support it's because they know Otep can't fill the place themselves and they NEED the help of the local bands for a crowd. Otep is a fucking joke! For someone that tries to put herself in the positive light she brings a lot of negativity. Here's to you Otep ????????

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Otep herself recently came under fire for ejecting The Convalescence from her tour with statements from both camps essentially resulting in a he said/she said scenario. In her defense she has stated that a statement from the venue is forthcoming.

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