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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Explains His Issues With Spiritbox & Motionless In White Vocalist Chris Motionless


With this morning’s announcement of Falling In Reverse‘s first new album since 2017, a video for the new single “Ronald“, and the reveal of a summer headlining tour, the band’s outspoken frontman Ronnie Radke also indulged in a rare interview with Rock Feed. In that wide-ranging discussion, the controversial musician was asked about some of his more prominent beefs in recent years.

First up was the controversy surrounding Falling In Reverse‘s headlining tour in 2023. Originally that run was also set to feature Canadian alternative metal outfit Spiritbox alongside Underoath, Ice Nine Kills, Slaughter To Prevail and more. However, after the tour’s announcement, Spiritbox found themselves the target of backlash from a vocal contingent online.

Those fans took issue with Spiritbox‘s planned participation in the tour, given that Spiritbox were often seen as pushing for inclusivity and acceptance at their shows. Those fans seemingly felt that those values clashed with those exhibited by Radke. In addition to increasingly polarizing statements made by Radke via social media, his allegedly problematic behavior over the years was cited as the reason for the ire.

Further fanning the flames was the inclusion of Crown The Empire on that bill, whose guitarist/vocalist Brandon Hoover had denied allegations of domestic abuse in early 2023. Ultimately Spiritbox would drop off the bill, with Radke taking a shot at some of their fanbase.

Speaking now on how the situation played out, Radke told Rock Feed [transcribed by]:

“They were like friends with me. They were friends. Not like buddy buddy, but one time at a show — they opened for us, about seven months before this happened. And all their gear went down, so I gave all my gear to them, so they could perform. They only got to perform like four songs. They were so grateful. They’re Canadians. They’re super nice. They’re saying sorry all the time, know what I mean?

But I don’t have any respect for ’em, because they know me. They know what kind of person I am — to a degree, they don’t know me personally, right? But they know all the stuff they’ve seen online before they agreed to the tour. They know about my Twitter, they know about everything.

Their manager knows about everything. And they agreed to the tour, and then they backed out because a couple fans got mad at them; fans that couldn’t like probably afford to go are mad. And they backed out with no word. And it just really upsets me and I have no respect for that. They’re bowing to the mob, and I think that that’s messed up.

And I don’t like how they go and preach about this wokey, preachy stuff after it dude. It’s like, what are you doing? I can’t respect that, I’m sorry. I hate to offend anybody else that thinks that that’s OK. It’s not. All you guys are stupid that think that they backed out because they realized I was a ‘bad’ person.

They know everything, they agreed months in advance. They backed out because… they felt the heat, and they didn’t like… they’re not built for the heat. That’s what it comes down to. They’re not built for it.”

Radke was later asked to discuss his issues with industrial metalcore outfit Motionless In White. Radke has been vocal about that in the past, having called out Chris Motionless for not apologizing to Crown The Empire after booting them from a tour amid the initial wake of the allegation against Hoover.

Radke also publicly vented in the past on on Motionless In White allegedly ripping off aspects of Falling In Reverse. When asked to elaborate on that feud, Radke replied to Rock Feed:

“It’s not like a beef. The band — the actual members —are cool. I have a problem with Chris. Me and him… he doesn’t respond, and people think that his silence means that he doesn’t care. Oh, he cares. He’s not responding ’cause… it’s like Kendrick and Drake. You don’t wanna respond to it. That’s all I’ll say.

It starts because there’s a band called Crown The Empire, and they’re the little guys right? They’re the little guys… I’ve known those guys since… I put those guys on their first tour in 2012. They were just kids at the time, right? They’re such good dudes, and there’s a guy in the band, his name’s Brandon, and he talks with a stutter. He’s the most innocent, genuinely nice people, he really is. And I’m saying this and I know some of you don’t think my word is gold, because you think that I’m a terrible person, so why would I co-sign for a good person, right? But he’s a good person, and he got accused of some things that aren’t true.

And they were on this tour with Motionless, and Chris kicked them off the tour just because he saw something that was like accusing him, instead of getting to the bottom of it. He just immediately kicked them off and then cut contact with them. And then they couldn’t pay their rent — not couldn’t pay their rent, but their bills and stuff, and it just really messed them up.

That’s when I was like that’s so messed up, because anybody can say anything they want about you man. What about the truth? What if it’s not true? And it turned out it wasn’t true. And he never responded to them. And he still hasn’t said anything, and he just kicked them off the tour, they lost the money, they lost a lot of stuff, they got attacked online and It turned out to not be true. So where’s the repercussions for that. It’s really messed up.

I would never… if a band, if I brought a band on tour — that’s why I brought them on my tour after that. That next tour, I did that for a statement. ‘Cause everybody’s attacking them online and it really upsets me because he didn’t do anything dude. I know personally, I know for a fact, he didn’t do anything. So that’s where I got really upset. I got upset because it’s messed up. You don’t do that. So if I bring a band out on tour and somebody’s like, ‘Hey, they did this, this and this’, I’m like ‘Ok, well we need to get to the bottom of this first.’

And then they show me something and I’m like ‘What the hell, you’re out of here, you piece of shit, get the fuck out of my face.’ But if you wait a couple days, and it turns out it’s like… ‘wait a minute, this person’s insane. Wait a minute, hold on, this doesn’t add up. It’s not adding up’ I’m not gonna kick somebody off and cease contact and ruin… That’s messed up. We gotta stand up for like… there’s so much fake shit on the internet. And I was a victim of that stuff back in the day.”

Speaking on his experience with that (Radke filed a defamation suit against a woman who accused him of rape back in 2015. He later reposted evidence from the case he claimed exonerated him in since deleted social media posts), he offered:

“That’s traumatic dude and even though I have all these receipts and DNA evidence and detectives telling me, like screenshots of like this is insane, and she deserves prison, like blah, blah, blah, right? I provide all this information and people still like to pretend like they don’t see it. It’s not fair.

I sympathize with people that get wrongfully accused, because it happens way more now. Even if it’s small little accusations. Then they spiral into big things, right? So I really took offense to that. And I don’t like when somebody tries to keep this squeaky clean personality and I know for a fact… I mean, I’ve been a band since they’ve been a band, bro. I know a lot about ’em. I just don’t like when people try to upkeep this squeaky clean personality when they have demons too.

And then they go and they take the route of kicking bands off tours. And then it goes into their like label contacting my director and my producer to do songs, because my songs are doing good. And then they go and they turn into a werewolf… and it’s just a spiraling thing. And you shouldn’t be so upset about that. It’s stupid . People copy each other. I get it, you’re inspired right? I was inspired by Eminem, I’m inspired by a lot of people, so I get it.

But it’s just, you know, I gotta stick up for the little guy man. Period. And I don’t care what anybody says and I’ll do it and I’ll take it to my grave. I’ll stick up for the little guy because it’s messed up. I don’t care. I’m not gonna stick up for the rich guy ’cause it’s gonna get me somewhere.

I’m gonna stick up for the little guy that has nothing, dude. You guys just messed this whole guys career up for a year because of something that somebody said that wasn’t even true. And then you’re gonna ignore it, and pretend like it doesn’t happen. Like ignore all contact with these people. I don’t respect that man. I don’t respect that. That’s the line drawn in the sand.”

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