Ronnie Radke & Chris Motionless

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Says Motionless In White Frontman Owes Crown The Empire An Apology For Ejecting Them From A Tour In Light Of Past Abuse Allegations


Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has taken to defending Crown The Empire guitarist/vocalist Brandon Hoover online following the allegations of abuse that were made against Hoover last summer. Those allegations saw a woman Hoover was said to have been involved with accusing him of being physically abusive towards her.

Following the allegations, Crown The Empire were ejected from a tour alongside Ice Nine Kills, Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White. Earlier this month, Hoover and his bandmates issued two public statements denying the allegations, while also stating that they had initiated legal action against the accuser. In response to the statements, the woman in question went on to publicly dispute their statements.

In addition to his own present and past interactions with the accuser in question, Radke‘s latest involvement came about on social media this past week, when he called out Motionless In White vocalist Chris Motionless. According to Radke, Chris Motionless, was instrumental in having Crown The Empire removed from the aforementioned tour last year after the allegations picked up traction on social media.

Those tweets can be found below:

Radke later followed up with his own experience with the matter:

Now Radke has gone public across a lengthy thread of tweets with various screenshots and posts, which appear to showcase private conversations, interactions and more with the woman who accused Hoover. While various accusations are made by Radke about the mental state of the accuser, there were also some allegations fired back against Radke.

As some of the information appears to be confidential (a driver’s license, an apparent psychiatric report and more, it won’t be embedded below for potential legal reasons), but you can find it in the rough order it was posted in over on Twitter:

Amid the above series of posts, Radke also took to further calling out Chris Motionless:

Thus far, Motionless does not appear to have responded publicly.

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