Motionless In White/Falling In Reverse Music Videos

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Feels Motionless In White ‘Ripped Off’ His “Popular Monster” Music Video


Falling In Reverse‘s ever-controversial vocalist Ronnie Radke apparently has continued beef with gold-certified industrial metalcore outfit Motionless In White. Having previously taken issue with the band’s Chris Motionless earlier this year, over the latter’s treatment of Crown The Empire in the wake of abuse allegations, Radke took another shot at the Scranton, PA band earlier this week on social media.

Speaking on X, Radke fired this initial shot against the band:

As it would turn out, Radke took issue with Motionless In White‘s 2022 video for their song “Werewolf” and the similarities he feels it has to his band’s 2019 music video for their platinum-certified single “Popular Monster“.

He holds the belief that the video for “Werewolf” essentially ripped off elements of the Falling In Reverse clip, claiming to have heard as much from people that worked on the video. It’s worth nothing that director Jensen Noen helmed both of the aforementioned videos, which are embedded below.

When a fan criticized Radke for not being the only band to make a video about werewolves, Radke replied:

“Bro it’s the timing, of course people have done this, popular monster I turn into a werewolf, they went to the video director I use Because of my video, I know this is a fact because I was told by people that worked on it. they asked to be turned into a werewolf, video director said “I already did that with ronnie” they said they still want to proceed. it’s not about it being doing 30 years ago. It’s about the circumstance, the movie style tour admats it’s everything. I’m not the first to do anything but my ideas come from a real place I’m not hating man it’s just disheartening. I understand coincidences may happen but this ain’t that case. It’s a RIP”

“Y’all will never understand, a lot of bands feel like this but don’t say it, I just speak up on it. I can ASSURE you. imma bit tactless in my approach and at end of day who cares. but LOL ITS. Fucking rip off hahahaha”

Radke then opened up further on the matter. Speaking across several posts on X, he explained how he felt slighted over the matter:

“You know what I think it is? I think it’s the fact that people don’t acknowledge the inspiration, like they see something doing good and try to do it, but pretend like they got it from somewhere else because they don’t want to come off like they’re jacking a current thing, for me I mention my inspirations In My music like it’s so obvious I grew up listening to Eminem and loved horror movies and Batman etc. you can hear my Eminem Inspiration in my rapping. And I literally say it in my songs. let’s make 2024 the year we give credit to each other. And stop lying.
Bring me the horizon is inspiring
Bad omens is inspiring
Parkway drive is inspiring
architects is inspiring
and so on”

“oli Sykes went to the video director I use because he was inspired my mine, and guess what he told him “I like what you did but I don’t want to copy” he went out of his way to make a video that was his own, I gained so much respect for oli after I was told this, this is what I mean. Instead of just ripping he went out of his way to do his own thing. I RESPECT THAT SHIT, same with ice nine kills they do there OWN THING. this is what I mean.”

“Anyway, this copy cat stuff is so trivial, and at end of day will be forgotten, it’s trivial to get upset at, it should be flattering if anything. But sometimes I can’t help to express myself on these matters. like who cares at end of day”

Following that, Radke posted a gallery of shots he feels share too many similarities between his band and Motionless In White.

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