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Marilyn Manson Ordered To Pay An Additional $169,408 In Legal Fees Amid His Defamation Suit


Marilyn Manson‘s defamation suit against his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood and her associate Ilma Gore was back in court this week and did not go well for the 55-year-old shock rocker. Manson filed suit against the aforementioned pair back in early 2022, alleging that Wood and her associate Gore had conspired to wage a concerted smear campaign against him. Wood publicly came forward with allegations of abuse against Manson back in early 2021.

In the wake of that, as many as a dozen or more other women came forward with public allegations of a similar nature against Manson. Several of those accusers filed civil lawsuits, with numerous twists and turns having occurred since.

In response to the allegations, Manson filed a defamation suit against Wood and Gore, which alleged that the pair intentionally set out to defame him, claiming they coaxed and coached a number of other women to come forward against him.

Manson claimed that the pair also engaged in impersonating an FBI agent in a bid to give credibility to their claims. It also claimed that Gore had impersonated Manson via a fake email account, and that Gore allegedly ‘swatted’ Manson‘s residence back in 2021.

In May of 2023, a a judge struck down many of Manson‘s claims against the pair, including the claims of impersonating an FBI agent and allegedly providing several other accusers with scripts and checklists in coming forward against Manson.

Last month saw Manson ordered to pay $326,956 of Wood‘s legal fees in relation to her defense of the since struck down claims in that ongoing defamation suit. Now Rolling Stone report that Manson has been ordered to pay an additional $169,408 to cover the costs of Gore‘s legal fees regarding the dismissed claims.

Several claims of Manson‘s suit are still presently headed to trial on May 01st, including the claims that Wood and Gore conspired to gain unauthorized access to his computer, impersonate him over the internet, and that they were behind the ‘swatting’ call that brought police to his residence.

Manson for his part has continued to deny the various allegations against him and is currently appealing the anti-SLAPP motion ruling, which led to these legal fees being awarded. Rolling Stone report that Manson‘s team intends to prove his claims of wrongdoing by the pair in court.

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