Slayer's Kerry King

Kerry King Once Again Laments Slayer’s “Premature” End


It has been evident over the years that guitarist Kerry King was not onboard with his legendary thrash metal band Slayer hanging it up back in November of 2019. King has been vocal in the past about his desire to continue on with the band and has since devoted his time to an as-yet unannounced new project in recent years.

Thus far, fellow Slayer veteran, drummer Paul Bostaph has been confirmed to be a member of that group—which might be named ‘Blood Reign. Speaking recently with Metal Hammer, King once again lamented the dissolution of Slayer, stating that he felt “anger” at the decision for the group to call it a day. He offered:

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“It was premature. The reason I say ‘premature’ is because my heroes from my childhood are still playing! I can still play, I still want to play, but that livelihood got taken away from me.

But, anyway, on to the next chapter, I guess. We were on top of the world, and there’s nothing wrong with going out on top of the world, it’s a good way to go out. So, bravo for that. But do I miss playing? Yeah, absolutely.”

He also elaborated further on the band’s farewell tour, offering:

“Every one of those shows was a bummer! We were going to all these places and all these cities where we have all this history. It’s a bummer to think, ‘I’m not gonna see my friends there again.’ You’d get to that country and know you were going to see these people, and you’d see them yearly. I haven’t seen them now in three years. That sucks. And the fans, too. Slayer means a lot to our fans, and they mean a lot to us. I know I will see these people again, but no Slayer leaves a big hole for a lot of people.”

As for his forthcoming new project, King teased, “If you know my work, you know what it’s going to sound like.”

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