Sion (Light The Torch, Etc.) Clarify Why Their Previously Scheduled Live Debut Didn’t Take Place Yesterday


Those hoping to have seen Sion make their live debut yesterday (September 10th) at this year’s ‘Blue Ridge Rock Festival‘ were left disappointed. The outfit built around the core duo of Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) and YouTuber/musician Jared Dines, had been booked to perform at the festival, though apparently opted out of the set several weeks ago.

Speaking via Instagram, Dines stated of the confusion surrounding their spot:

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“We submitted a statement to them 3 weeks ago. I will post that statement here since apparently they did not update anyone..”

He then followed up with that statement, which reads as follows:

“Due to conflicting schedules, Sion will be unable to perform at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Howard and I both agree that due to lack of availability for both of us that now is not ideal to take SION to the stage. With conflicts affecting our ability to prep/rehearse we opted to wait until we can do it right.”

According to one festivalgoer, fans who sent to view the band’s planned set were treated to an empty stage. Dines further added:

“I’m really really sorry about this. I’m not sure why there was never an update. We submitted our statement 3 weeks ago saying we couldn’t make it happen. I was under the impression it was going to be handled.”

It’s not the only blow fans of Howard Jones have been dealt recently, as his band Light The Torch were recently forced to drop off their planned run with GWAR and more this fall due to transportation issues.

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