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These Are The ’10 Heaviest Nu-Metal Songs Of All Time’ According To Revolver


As maligned as the genre has come to be viewed in the decades since its heyday, nü-metal remains perhaps heavy music’s last foray into dominating both the charts and the media as a unified movement. For all its faults and eventual saturation, that scene saw the careers of numerous heavy musicians skyrocket in a short span of time, cementing a legacy many of them still tour on to this day to varying degrees of success.

However, those that paid attention during the zenith of all things red cap and chain wallets are painfully aware of what soon followed after.  Like every scene before it, the increased pressures of record label influence to become the next big thing and blatant copycat attempts at commercial success effectively crippled the much rawer aggression found in nü-metal’s first wave. These and several other well-worn music industry clichés quickly struck a resounding death knell for almost all things nü.

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Having previously compiled a list of the ’20 most essential albums’ from that movement, Revolver have now set their sights on the songs that best tapped into the heavier side of what nü-metal offered.  As such, they have newly published their choices for the ’10 Heaviest Nu-Metal Songs Of All Time’.

Their complete list of choices can be found below, while explanations for each along with the requisite video embeds can be found over at

  • Deftones – “Rickets
  • Kittie – “Spit
  • Korn – “Good God
  • Limp Bizkit – “Counterfeit
  • Mudvayne – “Internal Primates Forever
  • Mushroomhead – “The Dream Is Over
  • Slipknot – “People = Shit
  • Soulfly – “Bleed
  • Static-X – “Get To The Gone
  • System Of A Down – “Suite-Pee

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