Sol Invicto

Sol Invicto’s Richie Londres Backs Stephen Carpenter Amid Conspiracy Theory Belief Backlash


Sol Invicto have come forward in defense of Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter in the wake of the backlash he has faced since coming forward with his various conspiracy theory beliefs. In a recent appearance on ‘Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli, Carpenter spoke freely of his opinions on the earth being flat and anti-vaxxing while also denying the existence of viruses in general and more. He has since stated that he didn’t mean to offend anyone with his opinions.

Carpenter himself is also a longtime member of Sol Invicto (you can find their latest single “A Reason For Beinghere) with his Sol Invicto bandmate Richie Londres posting the following on Instagram yesterday, November 15th:

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“Just wanted to say, on a flat plain or a globe or a donut, I stand with my brother @stefdodoubleg 🤟 all day long. Any “fans” or “news” sites getting their biscuits soggy over a random bit of chat on a podcast are having a laugh.

I’ve watched Stephen be a gent to every single person he’s met and written some hall of fame level riffs in his time, even if you do think he is a mad-lad, so what? He’s not working for the WHO he’s a musician and frankly Stephen is one of the tiny minority of famous musicians who isn’t a total wanker, he’s a genuine dude and anyone who’s met him will confirm, he’s only annoyed me once, when he left the studio early to go to a birthday party, but I’ve since forgiven him so that’s fine now. All the best, Richie #istandwithsteph #golfearth”