Deftones' Stephen Carpenter

Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter On Backlash To His Conspiracy Theory Beliefs: “I Never Had The Intent To Upset Anybody In Any Way With My Opinions”


Deftones, etc. guitarist Stephen Carpenter recently appeared on ‘The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast‘ and addressed the reaction to his appearance on the ‘Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli‘ podcast. That latter appearance saw him express his beliefs on numerous conspiracy theory related topics, revealing he is a flat earther, anti-vaxxer, disputing the existence of COVID-19 and the transmission of viruses in general and more. You can read what he had here.

Speaking yesterday, November 13th, on the ‘The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast‘ about his controversial opinions and the reaction to them, he stated:

“…In regards to this story, you know, I want to say this, I made some people… you know, people got a little aggravated [and] feel like I was insensitive.

I want to say, hey you know, I never had the intent to upset anybody in any way with my opinions. But I was just giving my opinions. And for all those who’ve who’ve experienced it in any way, it’s not to upset or offend you in any way with my opinion. But I did you know, and some were… they were ruffled.”

“So I say to all you who were ruffled about in any way, you know, it’s only love you know, it’s always about love. I would never want to see anybody… In fact, that’s the reason why I give my opinion. Hopefully it can inspire you into something else, you know, at least for alternative perspective. But not to offend you know, all my love, sorry. Apologies.”


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