Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Appear To Have Borrowed A Deftones Riff On Their New Track “Dear Diary”


In light of Bring Me The Horizon admitting to ‘subconsciously’ having stolen a verse from Evanescence on their track “Nihilist Blues“, and retrospectively giving Amy Lee a writing credit as a result after being called on it; it’s been pointed out by various listeners that the band may have just landed themselves in a similar situation.

The opening track of Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Dear Diary” from their newly released “Post Human: Survival Horror” EP bears a striking resemblance to Deftones‘ 2012 song “Swerve City“. While not limited to one section, the riff that kicks in at around 2:10 into “Dear Diary” sounds remarkably close to that of “Swerve City“. You can compare for yourself below:

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