Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig Threatens Legal Action Against His Rape Accusers


Back in 2017 several women came forward on social media with accusations of rape against now former Slaves frontman Jonny Craig. The fallout from those allegations was immediate, with the band soon being dropped from their label at the time.

Craig would later go on to deny the rape allegations, issuing this statement on the matter in his defense. Craig himself was later kicked out of Slaves last January with his bandmates accusing him of suffering a relapse with his long-running battles with addiction issues.

In a livestream this week of himself playing video games, Craig went on to threaten legal action against three of the women who accused him back in 2017. In the below videos captured from that stream, Craig can in part be heard saying the following to his accusers indirectly:

“…You’re a bunch of fucking liars and I can not wait for this new year. ‘Cause I am about to fucking unload on you. You thought you were just gonna get away with saying some bullshit on me? Yeah… Enjoy it. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

He also focused on one of his accusers in particular in the video, offering:

“…I hope I get her mom in it [presumably a lawsuit] too. I hope I take the fuck out of her house. I hope I take her for everything. I hate to be petty and shit. But you wanted to play the game and now you got it.”

Some of the women who originally accused him and were mentioned by name in this new livestream, took to social media afterwards to respond to his comments:

Craig‘s comments arrive just as another woman has newly come forward against him with allegations of sexual assault and an abusive relationship, she shared the below video regarding that:

The relevant footage of Craig‘s recent livestream was captured by a Twitter user and shared below:

Seemingly echoing his intent to pursue legal action against his accusers, Craig also made some comments on Twitter around the time of the stream:

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