Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig Is Currently Looking To Sell A MacBook Via His Social Media


In perhaps an odd indication of what 2020 has in store for us, ousted Slaves, etc. vocalist Jonny Craig is currently selling a MacBook online via his social media. Back in 2011, Craig was found to have cheated his fans out of thousands of dollars by fraudulently taking money for a MacBook he was selling at the time to fund his drug addiction.

He was shown to have lined up advance payments from multiple fans for the laptop without any intention of ever sending it to any of those who ‘purchased’ it. This time around he’s not solely seeking money, mentioning he is also willing to barter for studio headphones and a home made vocal booth or shoes.

As for his infamous 2011 MacBook activities, Craig initially suggested he was the victim of hacking/identity theft via social media before eventually apologizing for his behavior. He was fired from Emarosa as a result of the matter and would later go to rehab for his addiction issues.

His issues didn’t end there however, as back in 2017 he was publicly accused of rape/sexual assault by several women—allegations which he denied and is said to be seeking legal action in regards to. Craig‘s threats of legal action against his accusers were made via a livestream last month. They arrived around the time another woman from his past came forward with troubling accusations against him.

In January of 2019 Craig was booted from Slaves after the band claimed he had once again relapsed. He more recently has been vocal on his social media about remaining committed to his sobriety and dropped a new single online titled “D.R.E.A.M.” earlier this month ahead of a new solo album due in April.

Jonny Craig's MacBook

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