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Scar Symmetry Part Ways With Bassist Andreas Holma Over Scheduling Conflicts


Scar Symmetry have announced the departure of their bassist/vocalist Andreas Holma after an apparently avoidable scheduling conflict. The group’s guitarist/vocalist, etc. Per Nilsson commented of the split:

“It is with disappointment and a sense of disbelief that we announce the departure of Andreas Holma from Scar Symmetry just weeks before our tour of Finland, Japan and the Baltic Sea. Andreas recently informed us that he couldn’t take part in these shows due to a scheduling conflict with another band that he’s playing with, even though the Scar Symmetry shows (that he agreed to do!) have been planned for several months and he’s had ample time to notify us about the situation.

With this short notice, it’s impossible for us to a secure a Japanese visa in time for a replacement bass player, as well as finding someone good enough to learn all the music and rehearse in just a few weeks. Also, since the flight tickets are non-refundable, we’d be forced to shell out for new ones.

Cancelling with just a few weeks notice without a very good reason is completely unacceptable to me, it puts the tour in jeopardy and makes the band look bad, and as a consequence Andreas is no longer a member of Scar Symmetry. For our upcoming shows we won’t have a bass player, instead we will use a pre-recorded bass performance (by me) on backing tracks. It might not be optimal but it’ll sound really good and we’ll have a little bit of extra space on stage :)

As for a permanent replacement, we have a few people we’re gonna talk to but since we don’t have any shows beyond this tour booked we aren’t in a big hurry.

Even in our upset and disappointment, we still want to thank Andreas for the good times we had and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Thank you everyone for your support and understanding, hope to see you soon in Helsinki, Tampere, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo or on the Close-Up Cruise in the Baltic Sea!


Holma himself issued the following statement:

“A letter of resignation

Due to time restraints I have decided to resign from my position as bass player in Scar Symmetry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank; Per, Henrik, Roberth, Lars and Benjamin for three amazing years. I’m very proud and happy to have played in this very musically gifted sextet and I wish you guys all the best on your future musical ventures. Furthermore, I’d also like to thank all of you Scar Symmetry fans around the world for all the love and support that you give. ❤️

Moving forward, I appreciate all of you for your continuing support for my band, “The ROAD “ – Thank you / A.H.”

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