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Scar Symmetry Welcome New Drummer & Guitarist


Swedish melodic death metal outfit Scar Symmetry have overhauled their lineup. A statement newly issued by the band reveals that co-founding drummer/lyricist Henrik Olsson and guitarist Benjamin Ellis have both departed. In their place are Lawrence Dinamarca (ex-Nightrage, etc.) and Stephen Platt (Collibus, etc.) respectively.

The band’s lead guitarist/vocalist, etc. Per Nilsson commented of the changes:

“We regret to announce the departure of our drummer, lyricist and founding member Henrik Olsson and our guitarist Benjamin Ellis.

This year it’s been 20 years since Henrik, Jonas and I formed Scar Symmetry. Little did we know when we recorded the demo for the song Seeds of Rebellion that it would sow the seeds for a two-decade long progressive melodeath journey that has taken us to places beyond our wildest dreams. We created seven Scar Symmetry albums together that we are immensely proud of, and Henrik‘s drumming and awe-inspiring lyrics have played a big part in our enduring success.

Due to family reasons, Henrik couldn’t join us when we returned to the stages post-covid in 2022 and he has been sitting out all shows since. He has now made the decision to leave the band to continue to focus on his family as well as on other musical endeavours. While we will continue to miss him dearly – we did our last show with him in 2019 – we do understand and respect his decision. We are so grateful for the creativity, passion and energy that Henrik has fueled the band with and we wish him nothing but the very best as he moves on to the next chapter of his life and career.

After a couple of tours as a session player, Benjamin joined the band in 2016 and toured with us up until the end of 2022. A consummate professional, Benjamin‘s live performances were immaculate, as were the guitar solos he contributed to last year’s release, our comeback album The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph). Benjamin has been working on some seriously delicious music of his own for years now and the time has come for him to step down from Scar Symmetry and to reveal his future musical plans. We thank him for his hard work and dedication and we are looking forward to following him on his continued journeys.

So, without further ado… Let’s present the new guys!

It is our utmost pleasure and honor to welcome Lawrence Dinamarca into the band! Lawrence is a real drummer’s drummer; he was hand-picked by Henrik to take over the live duties in 2022 and has been touring with us ever since. This tornado of a drummer has played with bands like Nightrage, Carnal Forge, Manticora and Loch Vostok in the past and the fierceness of his playing is in stark contrast with his gentle personality!

Let’s set the scene for our next introduction: a couple of years back, I went to a Devin Townsend show and was blown away by the guitarist in his band, a Mancunian guitar phenomenon who was celebrating his 35th birthday that very day! After the show, at the bar, we were introduced to each other and I immediately broke out in song, singing ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” at the top of my lungs, getting the help of a loosely assembled choir consisting of other people from the touring party as well as random bar patrons. Our birthday boy was surprised but probably not as surprised as when I called him up, about a year later, asking him to start touring with us. It is our honor and utmost pleasure to welcome mr Stephen Platt into the fold!

Please give Lawrence and Stephen a very warm welcome as well as your best wishes for Henrik and Benjamin!


Per and Scar Symmetry

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