Threatin Announces November UK Show At A Venue He Played During His Disastrous Fall Tour


Threatin will officially return to the UK for a show at The Underworld in London, England a year to the date of his past infamous performance at the venue. If you somehow missed the whole saga, Threatin mastermind Jered Eames booked a European/UK tour on the back of various faked personas and companies, impersonating a manager, a booking agency, a label and more, while also employing purchased social media likes to appear legitimate.

The whole ordeal resulted in a disastrous tour that fell apart amid empty shows and his hired bandmates leaving him after uncovering his scheme. It also made international headlines however with Threatin‘s return expected to actually draw an audience time this around. Since the whole thing unfolded this past fall, Eames has detailed how he pulled it off.

With all that said, Threatin has announced that he will return to the The Underworld on November 01st.

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