Jered Threatin Gives First Interview After Disastrous Tour Booked On Fake Likes, Label, Etc.


Jered “Threatin” Eames made international headlines this fall when his UK/European tour for his band Threatin booked on the back of fake likes, faked personas and forged websites, labels, booking agencies and more crumbled amidst angry club owners and largely unattended shows.

Eames himself has now given his first interview on the matter, speaking with Rolling Stone. Throughout the chat, which examines Eames health woes, his ambitions and his admissions at the various chicanery he took part in to get the tour booked, he remains mostly unapologetic, at one point stating: “It’s a publicity stunt, but the music is very real.”

He also copped to creating the fake record label ‘Superlative Music Recordings‘, the fake publicist ‘Magnified Media PR‘, the fake booking agency ‘StageRight‘, fake management company ‘Aligned Artist Management‘ and the fake likes he purchased for his social media profiles:

“I’m just trying to manufacture the bandwagon effect. The fact that people look at these numbers that are so easily fictionalized and hold them as any kind of merit — that shows a huge flaw in the music industry as well.”

Eames himself claims to have spent around $5,000 of his savings to book the ill-fated tour and appears to be planning to return with a new album, hoping for a much different outcome given the exposure (and infamy) he acquired since his stunt. You can dive into the full interview over at

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