Threatin Also Allegedly Created A Fake Record Label & Rock News Site For Their Ill-Fated European/UK Tour


The tale of Threatin—the Los Angeles  band who recently gained notoriety for managing to book a largely unattended UK/European tour on the back of allegedly purchased Facebook likes, doctored YouTube footage, paid for customers and a faked booking agency—has taken another interesting turn.

MetalSucks took a deep dive into the what appears to be an elaborate hoax that also extends to the band’s mastermind Jered Threatin allegedly creating a fake label (Superlative Music Recordings) and a fake website ( to promote the band, not to mention give the group awards. You can dig into their findings over at this location.

Meanwhile, word has now come down that band’s touring guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis were allegedly duped by Jered as well and have quit mid-tour. Meanwhile, the band have cancelled their planned gig today, November 11th at The Empire in Belfast, IRE. That venue issued the below statement on the matter:

“Just before 2pm today, Jered Threatin’s management cancelled his performance at Empire Music Hall tonight. As yet, no reason has been offered.

Staff have been scheduled to work tonight, a sound engineer had been booked and two support acts, Periapt and Red House have gone to a lot of trouble to play tonight. Because of this, we have decided to have the gig anyway. Admittance will be free of charge!

The rental of the hall has been paid upfront, so we won’t be losing out. We believe in supporting local acts, genuine bands and our own staff, and we’d be thrilled if you could come down and support these great acts.

Doors at 7.00. Free in!”

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