An Estimated 60 People Showed Up For Threatin’s Live Return To London Last Night


Jered Threatin made his return to The Underworld in London, England last night (November 01st) on the anniversary of his previously played show at the same venue. While the venue and Threatin himself had likely hoped to capitalize on the global notoriety his musical outlet Threatin had created with his infamously disastrous 2018 UK/European tour, it seems the public at large didn’t care.

At least one fan on Twitter detailed their experience at the bizarre show, which saw Threatin perform with backing musicians, mannequins and a sex doll onstage. Said Twitter user, whose report can be read at the aforementioned link, estimated that attendance was roughly somewhere around 50 people. The below footage from another Twitter user seems to confirm that. also filed a detailed report from the show, which they estimated featured an audience of no more than 60 people.

According to those in attendance, the show also saw the robotic mannequins clad in shirts that read ‘fake band’ & ‘I’m not real’ take center stage during a song or two, before ultimately being destroyed onstage during the show’s closer by Jered Threatin himself.

Threatin achieved an impressive level of notoriety in 2018 when it was discovered he had booked a UK/European tour in November 2018 after fraudulently creating a backstory and ‘following’ for the band. To that end he employed doctored footage, purchased social media likes/comments and various other forms of deception. He and his wife are also said to have impersonated a booking agency, record label, manager and more to perpetuate the scheme, which they used to hire on some unsuspecting backing musicians for that run.

Two of the touring bandmates Threatin had hired for that 2018 were unwittingly taken for a ride and ultimately won lawsuits filed against him earlier this year over the fiasco. Jered, who more or less claims to have masterminded the whole thing as a statement rather than a desperate attempt at relevance, claims to have spun his works into an upcoming documentary and a feature-length film.

Footage of the full show has also emerged online below via Metal Injection, who are also running their own report on the show.

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Threatin at The Underworld. One of the strangest gigs I’ve ever been to. It opened with a black curtain hanging from the stage, as soundbites of people (presumably in the media or made to sound like they were in the media) talking about Jered Threatin played over the PA. Then the music started and the curtain dropped to reveal dummies playing instruments, wearing T-shirts that said ‘Fake Band’ before the band came on for real. At one point, Jered brought on a sex doll wearing a T Shirt that said ‘BBC News’ and simulated a blow job with it. Sometimes he sang and sometimes he pretended to sing. At the end, Living Is Dying played over the sound system. Jered brought out a frame like in his promo pics and put it around his face, and then threw it down and pulled down his banners. Then he tore off a couple of dummy heads and offered them to people. ?? @blogjam #threatin #jeredthreatin #livingisdying #theunderworld #gig #london #livemusic #metal #rock

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