Threatin To Return To The UK For Live Show At Venue He Previously Lied To On Disastrous Tour


It looks as though Threatin mastermind Jered Eames is ready to fully try to capitalize on the infamy he generated when he booked an ill-fated UK/European tour under various false pretenses this past fall. That tour saw little to no one attend and quickly fell apart as promoters and his own band members learned of his deception.

In the time since, Eames has detailed how he pulled it off, outlining how he created websites for a fake label, a fake booking agency and more while also impersonating various people and purchasing thousands of fake likes on social media to appear legitimate.

The latest development in the saga finds The Underworld in London, England confirming that they are in the process of booking a show from Threatin in the new year. Jon Vyner, who handles bookings at the venue has told The Times that a show is indeed in the works.

The venue was one of those burned by Eames‘ tactics the first time around. However, for this booking Eames will actually be paid rather than spending his own money to rent out the venue as Vyner stated to the publication:

“We’ll probably promote it in-house. Last time there was no one to promote him—because he had no fans at the time. Now he does.”

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