Jered Threatin Says He Anonymously Tipped The Media Off To His Lies Prior To End Of His Infamous Tour: “I Manufactured My Own Destruction”


The BBC have conducted an in-depth  interview with Jered Eames, aka Jered Threatin—the man who masterminded a European/UK tour on the back of various forged/faked identities and companies. To pull off his scheme, Threatin impersonated a booking agent, a manager and more, whilst also creating websites for the aforementioned companies,  along with a fake label, a fake news site and more.

He also went on to purchase numerous likes/views to boost his social media profiles and employed various other tactics to get the tour off the ground, including poorly edited live videos with faked footage and more. Ultimately his plans unraveled as his hired band members left upon finding out the nature of his scheme after a string of empty venues and angry promoters.

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In this new interview, which can be read here, the BBC were invited into Eames home, where he provided detailed workings of his operation, including eight burner phones, notebooks of passwords and accounts and more he used to run the various social media, etc. accounts. Explaining his decision to go the route he did, he stated:

“Why do I need some gatekeeper to tell me that it’s what they want it to be, or it’s good enough for them? I’m going to find my own way to do things.”

He later elaborated on that:

“If a band approaches a venue and says: ‘Hey, we wanna play this venue,’ you’re going to get ignored. All it has to do is look like it’s coming from a booking agency – doesn’t even matter what booking agency, even a fake one – and then you’ll get talked to and you can get things booked. Simple as that.”

Eames also went on to insist that he had sought out to unravel his own lies by planting info to various news outlets about the hoax. Under a persona of ‘e. evieknowsit’, Eames himself sent out the following email:

“The musician going by the name Threatin is a total fake. He faked a record label, booking agent, facebook likes, and an online fanbase to book a European tour. ZERO people are coming to the shows and it is clear that his entire operation is fake.

You can clearly see the connection from all the websites which are connected to the same GoDaddy account.

Record label:

Booking agent:

Official site:

Please don’t let this man fake his way to fame. Email if you have any questions. Please Expose him.”

While Eames claims to have sent out the email in advance of the tour’s demise on November 02nd,  the BBC were unable to independently verify his claims; received said email on November 17th, well after his lies had been exposed. Eames himself boasted of his role in that to the BBC reporter:

“I manufactured my own destruction. My idea was, how am I going to fill these empty rooms? I’m going to fill them with eyes from the digital world. That was the objective from the beginning.”

Jered also went on to reveal that since the story broke, his music video for “Living Is Dying” has went on to receive 1.2 million views—though it is of course unknown how many of those views were potentially bought and paid for by Eames. He also claimed to have returned home from the disastrous tour to “thousands and thousands of CD sales”, alleging he now has a “cult following.”

He later went on to compare himself to that of a villain, stating: “There is no villain character anymore in rock music, or really in all music. I’m trying to vilify myself.”

Furthering that line of thought, he said he would have liked to have had an opportunity for an audience to actually attend one of his shows upon learning of his deception and then refuse to play a note:

“I just would have gotten booed off stage, or bottled, and it would have been a beautiful piece of stage art. It’s like, I show up and I play for no-one. And then when there’s an audience, I don’t play for anyone.”

You can dig into more details from Jered as well as his unwitting bandmates, promoters for the empty venues and more over at the

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