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Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession/Ex-Mushroomhead) Calls Out Otep Shamaya


A Killer’s Confession frontman Waylon Reavis (formerly of Mushroomhead) has called out Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya over her alleged mistreatment of local acts and feud with Amerakin Overdose, Reavis, who teamed with Amerakin Overdose in the past, said the following during a recent live show, footage of which can be seen below:

“…Amerakin Overdose, the band of ‘anal glands’ as she [Otep] keeps talking—they’re on my fucking album. You don’t talk about my boys and you damn sure don’t talk about local fucking bands. We all start at local levels.

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I been doing this shit for fucking years. I thank local bands because there is no national fucking acts if there is no god damn locals. Treat ’em right, those motherfuckers bust their ass.

So guys, be sure, go to that fucking merch booth; You do not have to buy anything from me, but go support those local fucking bands because it’s your fucking scene. And Otep if you say one more mother fucking word about my boys in Amerakin Overdose, you’re gonna have to deal with me and you ain’t gonna fucking like it.

Now this song goes out to Otep, it’s called “Final Breath“.

Meanwhile, Nethersphere vocalist Cary Funk has also spoken out against Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya for her alleged behavior at a show they played together in Berwyn, IL. Funk had previously released a statement with the show’s promoter later shooting down some of his claims. Funk had originally complained about limited access to the venue, a shortened set time and not being allowed to sell merch. Funk has since responded with the below follow-up:

Nethersphere might not have been cut short because of Otep. The conversation between the promoter and I totally happened afterward and he did take blame for it on behalf of a miscommunication. I took it as something that was involved with a different issue and I maybe totally misspoke. That wasn’t on her or the band or her crew.

I saw one of their crew at the sound booth and I guess that I assumed.. I made 10 out of 2 and kind of overreacted. I do that on occasion. Totes not her or the band’s fault. Probably. She’s a lot of things but I’ve not often heard of her bothering to cut local bands’ sets short. Hell, she’s not even in the room anyway…

However, I don’t make up random shit.

The whole deal about me being able to load out was kind of a miscommunication between myself and the staff and I’ll swallow that. I didn’t realize that I basically needed to get my shit out before they were in the building. My bad. I’ll take that. Kind of weird. But still my bad.

We were absolutely told that we weren’t allowed to sell our merch inside though! And when I asked why it was because, “Her rules.” Even with the “allotted” space there would have been(that we were never told about), as the promoter mentioned, no suitable place for merch existed. It would have either had been set up by a fire exit or next to the bathrooms(where the ticket taker was).

Which, I’m not bitching about.. I’ve sold a lot of merch near where people piss or puke(no one wants to shit at metal shows) and I would have been okay with that. I was told what I was told so why would I bitch about the area of wall that we’d not get to use? Right??

Why in the actual fuck would I sell our merch out of my truck if I could have a proper table and a space to do so in the venue though? I did that as a bit of both business and also admitted trolling because my truck was parked right in front of her bus. “Won’t let us sell merch inside? Well, sweetheart, we’ll do it outside. And in front of you!!” And we did. We did kind of well, actually, for being a “local” band that doesn’t sell tickets.

As far as Aristotle, whom is her guitar player, or Ari or “Spartan” or as she calls him, “Not Doyle” is allegedly a decent guy. Maybe I wrongly overheard a conversation. Maybe. We’ll go with that. Perhaps. I’ve been called worse. However, I heard what I heard. I’m told that he is in fact a great guy so maybe he was on a bad day. I’ll never know.

I don’t really care but I will apologize for saying that he’s on steroids. I am told that he is decidedly not and that he leads a very clean life and I applaud him for that. It is what it is, I guess? He could totally fight robots though. And probably win. I have zero fucking doubt that he could kick my ass at any rate.

To Miss Otep:

Darling ( and I only refer to you as “darling” because at one point you and your music were very dear to me), if you were such awesome shit like you think that you are you could be at your own shows and just chill like all of the rest of us do. If you didn’t make yourself such a “commodity” to behold whenever you felt like it was admissible you’d be a lot more comfortable with your fans and your audience.

People used to want to love you. Nowadays it’s so much easier to hate you. I don’t hate you. I don’t begrudge you at all. You’re doing you and apparently it is going at least moderately well for you. This whole bullshit between our bands was likely just a blip on the radar for you but has been a nonstop hell for me. I don’t care if we ever share a stage together again. Hell, I don’t really care if you ever go on stage again. I just wish that you were better. Be a better person.

Think more about your fans. Be nicer to your opening acts. Some of us aren’t much but there are more of us than you, sis. And some of us have been doing it longer than you too. Think of that. Be kind to your local openers. They do, in fact, sell tickets.

Blessings to you.

Cary D. Funk

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