Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster's Dallas Taylor

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster’s Dallas Taylor Facing Numerous Health Issues, Renews Calls For Support


Another health update has been shared on the condition of Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster frontman Dallas Taylor, who continues to recover from an ATV accident in August of 2016. His family had the following to say of his current struggles:

“Update on Dallas. We got back from Bascom palmer eye institute in Miami last night. His eyes are extremely dry and he has pain behind his good eye. He has all kinds of special refresh tears but none work that great.

He has a plug in his good eye to try to see if it would help retain his own tears but it hasn’t worked.He still doesn’t have feeling on the side of his face where his good eye is, so he has no feeling in that eye, but he has feeling in the eye that has no vision. He has very blurry vision most of the time.

He is going to see an urologist next week, he still has trouble peeing. He takes Flomax but he only goes when he just can’t hold anymore. They seem to think it might be neurological from his brain trauma .He is also going to have surgery on his lung.

He has an artery and vein that are together in his lung. This can cause him to have a stroke. It will be out patient surgery. They go in and fill the artery. His oxgen stays very low around 89. They hope this will help. He also has a lot of problems with his teeth from the accident also.

His jaw was wired for 3 months where most people only have them wired about 6 to 8 weeks he had screws in his gums and every place that he had screws he has cavities on the front of his teeth he has never had a cavity in his life until now. His jaw doesn’t line up and will probably have to have braces.

He his an appointment with an orthodontist in April. He also has to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled because of the way his jaw lines up and he has been grinding them in his sleep He has to have a barium swallow test next week because he has such a dry mouth it is hard for him to swallow unless it has a lot.of moisture and it goes down the wrong tube at times

He has a lot of pain in his head and behind his good eye and in his back also.He has problems filtering his emotions and short term memory loss He struggles with depression and panic attacks. He doesn’t see very many people except us and Doctors, He is afraid to drive because of his eyes.

Dallas hasn’t worked since July. If anyone could help or share this we would appreciate ,He has so many bills and it is hard on his Daddy and I to help him that much.”

Dallas himself also commented:

“If there’s is any way you can help out no matter how much it is. If you could also maybe share this as well. This is the hardest time of my life, and any support would be greatly appreciated.

I’m fighting hard to get better, but it’s a long road with a lot of new problems, and my parents are not able to finically support me as there in there 70’s and my dad still works to get them by.

I love you all, and thanks for the help, financial support, and caring about me so far it’s greatly appreciated. Any amount will mean more than you know. I truly love, and thank you all more than you know.

Dallas Taylor

Should you be able to help, you can do so via

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