Deftones' Chino Moreno

Deftones’ Chino Moreno Says Sessions For Shelved “Eros” Album Had “Great Vibes”


Deftones, etc. frontman Chino Moreno appears on the latest episode of ‘2 Hours With Matt Pinfield‘ and spoke about the sessions for the band’s unreleased album “Eros“, which was scrapped amid the car accident that eventually claimed the life of their bassist, Chi Cheng. Having had a difficult time recording 2006’s “Saturday Night Wrist” prior (more on that here) he explained that the band had begun to reconnect during their time touring behind it and that the initial “Eros” sessions found the group enjoying a rekindled sense of friendship:

“We were getting along so well during the “Eros” sessions. It’s like the music actually was even taking a backseat to our friendships. Like we’d go into the studio, and we were way into playing the board game ‘Risk‘ at the time, so we’d set up this elaborate game of ‘Risk‘ that would go on for like….

We’d start a game and it’d last for weeks at a time. And we would just like play and you know and Terry Date was producing that record and he’d come in and be like ‘c’mon guys let’s get to work’ and we’d be like ‘one more game, blah, blah, blah.’ But we were having so much fun together as friends and reconnecting that right at that… During those sessions is when Chi had his accident.

So, it was like we had been through all this and were just on the brink of doing something great with all these great vibes around it and then that happened. We were just broken at that point, we were like ‘what do we got?’ Honestly we didn’t even… There was no even thought to really of like are we going to continue as a band, I mean we just pretty much figured that’s it. We took a good six months to a year where none of us even… Music wasn’t even spoken about.

Obviously our thoughts were with Chi and hoping that he was going to come out of the situation, for those that don’t know he was in a coma pretty much, and the doctors they couldn’t give us an answer on whether he was going to come out of it… So we remained optimistic but like I said we didn’t really have any thoughts on what was going to happen with the group, the music itself we had been working on or anything in the future.

And then one day we all met—and we still have it actually—this studio in Sacramento that we were writing that record and worked there for years and years. We all met up there one day and we were sitting down and kind of talking… And it was weird cause all our gear was still setup, like Chi‘s bass, everything was setup in the circle that we always setup into to write and record in, and he wasn’t there.

But everything in that room was exactly where we left it when we were working last. So we just started talking, we probably spent an hour or two just sitting there talking about Chi and telling stories from our first days meeting him to where we were at that moment.

And at that point instead of taking the conversation over to ‘so what do you want to do now?’ Everyone just sort of walked over to their gear like natural and we just started playing and from that moment we started writing what became ‘Diamond Eyes‘.”

For more on why “Eros” was scrapped, head here. Meanwhile, you can hear the entire chat with Matt Pinfield via

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