Deftones' Chino Moreno

Michael Bublé Is A Deftones Fan, Chino Moreno Talks “Eros” & The Band’s Dark Days


The Deftones got a glowing endorsement for their latest album, “Gore“, from an unexpected source: Canadian crooner Michael Bublé. Bublé recently tweeted:

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In other news, the band have been teasing something for April 12th via their Instagram across a series of pictures. It could perhaps be the debut of the video they recently filmed for “Prayers/Triangles“. The band are also scheduled to perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ on that same day.

In other news, frontman/guitarist Chino Moreno had an interesting conversation with Independent that covered Stephen Carpenter‘s involvement in the band’s newly released album “Gore” and more on the status of their shelved album “Eros“, among other things.

On Carpenter‘s input on “Gore“:

Stephen had a little less to do with the inception of these songs, although he is very present in every song. He plays and is creative on every song but the foundations of this record were laid by myself, Sergio and Abe.”

On the dark times of the self-titled album & “Saturday Night Wrist” during which Moreno struggled with drug abuse:

“We definitely went through a point where our communication just broke down and we were phoning everything in. Everybody was coming in and doing their parts separately and it was up to me to come and make sense of them and turn them into songs. I felt that way for a while and I lost interest in making music because of it.

One of the most important things about making music is collaborating, I have no interest in making music by myself, it’s just not exciting to me. Collaborating is what it’s about, reacting to what someone else is doing. That’s the essence of creating, when you’re bouncing ideas off one another, and we were missing that in those dark days. Sadly it took a tragedy like Chi‘s accident to put things in perspective for us and that was what brought us back together and re-connected us.”

On “Eros“:

“Musically it’s probably 75 – 80% done and lyrically it was about halfway there, but honestly, I wasn’t too happy with the material we had. Some of the music was lacking a little bit. I had faith it was going to come together and be great in the end, but we never got to that point. Once Chi had his accident, everything came to a halt with the Eros sessions, so the idea of going back to that batch of songs, finishing them and have Sergio learn Chi‘s parts just hasn’t felt like something that we’re interested in doing.

If the record were finished and we were just sitting on it, we probably would have put it out by now, maybe even given it away, just so that people can hear it, but it would take a lot more work to get it done. But when we get together, we’re much more fascinated with where we are in this moment, trying to create something new.”

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