Phil Anselmo

Members Of Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die, The Ocean, Etc. Comment On Phil Anselmo’s Racist Outburst


Machine Head‘s Robb Flynn was perhaps the most prominent metal artist to publicly condemn Phil Anselmo for his recent actions at last weekend’s ‘Dimebash‘ event, which saw him indulge in nazi salute and yell “white power” from the stage. All Shall Perish (see here) and Darkest Hour (see here) both followed and now more artists have spoken up.

Today (January 30th) Anselmo issued this video apology for his most recent actions—though it should be pointed out that it’s not the first time some racially charged comments have come from his mouth. The incident widely seen wasn’t even the only time Anselmo sieg heiled that night, as Flynn pointed out, Anselmo can be seen doing it during “A New Level.

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Prior to the aforementioned new apology being issued, more musicians commented on the matter, some just voicing support for Flynn and others getting deeper into the matter:

Hatebreed‘s Jamey Jasta:

Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die:

Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage:

The Ocean:

“that video clip of Phil Anselmo Sieg-Heiling the audience at a gig, and the half-baked explanation related to white wine, hot on the heels… that was disturbing enough already — but that SPEECH he held on stage with Pantera in 1995? I gotta admit, I was not aware of this at all. I wasn’t aware there was a Sportpalastrede in the history of our community, with an agitated crowd cheering ecstatically at his question “are you proud of who you are?”, after him talking about how black rappers are “pissing all over our white culture” and how “we ARE the great people”….

That video currently has close to 600.000 views, 3.426 likes and 705 dislikes. If this reflects how the metal community feels about a speech like that, then we don’t want to be a part of this community.
No tolerance for dangerous stupidity and ignorance. No tolerance for our former idols, out of misunderstood respect. Thanks to for taking a stance. #goodnightwhitepride

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“We have nothing but 110% respect for the guy [Robb Flynn] who took Mnemic out on tour back in the day, and we fully support this sentiment.
Quite embarrassing for the metal community, but Rob hits the nail on the head. Share it, so it can echo throughout the media and the corridors of this ad network.”

Telle Smith of The Word Alive:

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