Phil Anselmo Denies Racist Allegations After Footage Of Him Giving Nazi Salute/Yelling ‘White Power’ Emerges (Updated)


Update – January 29th 12:57pm:

Anselmo may have indeed consumed some white wine (or at least something other than Beck’s) that night, according to this photo.

Original Story:

Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down, etc. has denied racist accusations after footage of him giving the nazi salute and shouting ‘white power’ at the crowd during the ‘Dimebash‘ event at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood this past weekend. Anselmo himself has since taken to the internet to address the matter:

“Ok folks, I’ll own this one, but dammit, I was joking, and the “inside joke of the night” was because we were drinking fucking white wine, hahaha…
Of all fucking things.
Some of y’all need to thicken up your skin.
There’s plenty of fuckers to pick on with a more realistic agenda.
I fucking love everyone, I fucking loathe everyone, and that’s that.
No apologies from me.
PHA ’16?”

Philip Anselmo Nazi Salute

Phil Anselmo Reply

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