Phil Anselmo & Rita Haney

Photo Of Phil Anselmo Reportedly Drinking White Wine At 2016 ‘Dimebash’ Emerges (Updated)


Update – January 30th 11:11am:

As trivial as it seems given Anselmo‘s actions on the night in question, it has been determined that Anselmo was not in drinking white wine in the photo below. MetalSucks have determined that it was in fact Deep Eddy Lemon-Flavored Vodka.

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Original Story:

Pantera/Down, etc. frontman Phil Anselmo‘s usage of a nazi salute and yelling ‘white power’ on stage (see footage here) during the ‘Dimebash‘ event in Hollywood, CA this past weekend has been a topic of heated discussion. Today Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn released this video, condemning Anselmo for not only his onstage behavior, but other incidents in which he alleges that Anselmo spouted racist remarks, even calling Machine Head‘s nu metal days the ‘nigg*r era’ backstage at the show.

Anselmo himself has written off his actions at the ‘Dimebash‘ event as being an inside joke brought on by the consumption of white wine backstage. While there’s certainly no excuse for the other allegations leveled at Phil Anselmo detailed in Machine Head frontman Flynn‘s video, it appears there may have actually been some white wine (or at least something other than Beck’s as was alleged by Flynn) consumed by Anselmo at the event.

Photographic evidence from the night in question was shared by Rita Haney—the longtime girlfriend of the late Pantera guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, who helped organize the ‘Dimebash‘ event. The location of the Lucky Strike Live venue is shared via the geo location of the picture and you’ll notice that the Discharge shirt is the same one Anselmo performed in that night.

White wine or not, Anselmo‘s gesture was unquestionably an idiotic move and the mounting evidence of his past outbursts of borderline racism certainly don’t help his case, but there may have been a bit of truth to the statement he issued in regards to the video.

Phil Anselmo & Rita Haney




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