Katatonia Guitarist Talks Opeth Tour & New Bloodbath Singer


Katatonia guitarist Anders Nystrom was recently interviewed by Metal Insider. A variety of topics were covered; but perhaps most interesting among them was the fate of the rumored Opeth & Katatonia North American tour and Bloodbath‘s new vocalist.

In regards to the tour, the following exchange occurred:

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Speaking about touring, guitarist Fredrik Akesson let it slip this past summer that Opeth and Katatonia would be touring North America again later this year. Is that still happening?

That was supposed to happen, but Mikael [Akerfeldt, Opeth frontman] actually pulled the plug on that at the last minute. It’s very unfortunate because we have two more days on this tour now. In three days, we were supposed to start that tour, so it’s a bummer really. We were ready to do that.

Did he give a reason for canning the tour?

I think honestly, Mikael’s burnt. He’s just been touring nonstop, constantly. I think he had to choose his priorities because they’re going out in Europe in a month as well. So that would mean they probably wouldn’t have a gap at all and they decided to pull on this tour, which is unfortunate for us. But things like that happen, it’s out of our control.”

Speaking on the new Bloodbath album, he stated:

“Well, we are going to make one new album. That’s part of the agenda. We’re already looking at seeing where we can fit it in schedule wise. The big obstacle is that Axe [Martin Axenrot, drummer of Opeth] is still in it. We use to say “Oh, Mikael is so busy, it’s hard to do Bloodbath,” but it’s just as busy for Axe, right?

So we’re trying to look at the first week he can get off Opeth. We’re just gonna try to throw him into a studio and lay down drum tracks because after the drum tracks are done, we can just work whenever we want. Just on and off, weekends here and there. So we’re gonna try to work on the album in 2013 where we have the gaps. And we’ll see… This is a thing I’m not allowed to say, but with the new singer and everything like that.”

He went on to mention that the new singer (who replaces Opeth‘s Mikael Åkerfeldt) is an established name (a “legend” in his words); and that the group hope to begin initial studio sessions for the effort in March. You can read the entire interview at the aforementioned link.

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