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Every Time I Die Members Cover Nirvana, Silverchair & More As Soulpatch, Footage Available

Fan-filmed footage of Soulpatch‘s recent “90′s rock tunes” set at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar in Buffalo, NY has been uploaded below. The outfit featured Every Time I Die‘s Keith Buckley and Stephen Micciche alongside Joey Dynamite and Niko Georgiadas of Quintana.

According to those in attendance, along with the below covers the band ran through songs by Oasis, Alice In Chains, Blur, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer and more.

Nirvana – “Breed” cover:

Toadies – “Possum Kingdom” cover:

The Pixies – “Debaser” cover:

Silverchair – “Tomorrow” cover:


  • Relentless_Beating

    Well that was awesome.

  • FarBeyondDriven

    I really want to see the rest of this… they did a great job

    • G Scotty

      who thumbs this down? Whoever did…just simply fuck you

      • jayofdajungle

        Commence thumbs down avalanche

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    That would’ve been fun, sounds great!
    Ugly Kid Joe would be a sweet addition to their set.

  • Livedefflo

    VERY cool. Good job Soulpatch! Now… just make a grunge rock album and I’ll be happy =D

  • AMeN

    This video reminded me how truly fucking awesome Frogstomp was, I lost my cd a decade ago, time to download!

    • southpawchew

      He said this is a song from an awful band that has awful lyrics and I have no idea but I used to love it when I used to dress like this lol it was interesting

      • J3553

        silverchair is the shit. diorama was a fucking masterpiece.

      • SteveTango

        A-Fucking-Men dude. LOOOOVE Silverchair.


        Silverchair > Every Time I Die

  • southpawchew

    Man who’s the asshole who recorded this on an iPhone and didnt catch all of possum kingdom, or would? By a.i.c?!

    • monkeywithagun

      I agree they were killing on that Posseum kingdom cover to. kick ass covers for sure.

  • adamonfire

    Keith singing STP? /cums

  • sansself

    1) That “Tomorrow” cover gave me wood. So did “Possum Kingdom,” but that’s more because I used to go to and love seeing shows at a venue called The Boathouse (Norfolk, VA… RIP The Boathouse) and I’ve always had an affinity for the song ever since. But damn, this is good shit.

    2) Yeah, we need that AIC cover to find its way online somehow so I can finish fapping to the sound of sweet, sweet 90′s rock sung by Keith Buckley. One of my favorite singers covering my favorite band? BOING.

  • southpawchew

    Yeah I was thinking I should of deleted breed sense etid actually covers that so I could record would but I didn’t. My bad. Maybe I will get a normal recording device for the Xmas show and if they do another soul patch show

    • adamonfire

      And remember to turn your device sideways from now on.

      • southpawchew

        lol ah thats the secret ah? i havent been able to transfer data from my iphone to my computer in over a year so i had to find a program (diskaid) to help transfer this to my computer then to youtube all so i could get it on here for your viewing pleasure.

  • G Scotty

    Although better recordings would be ideal, this is awesome to watch. I will always be a 90′s grunge kid at heart, and hearing Buckley and co. do this stuff is like full circle. They may have a comical name and image, but i would go see this on tour and definitely buy a covers CD a la Evergreen Terrace’s Writers Block from them. Get that ass in the studio, i needs drivin tunes!

  • Undertow101

    SongPoP 90′s Alternative? :)

  • irreversiblemess

    woulda been a lot cooler had they covered some grunge obscurities (bran van 3000, primitive radio gods, for squirrels, etc.) rather than these songs that everyone and their mother have already done.

    • jayofdajungle

      Exactly what would be fun in that, pre-hipster, hipster?

      • jayofdajungle

        So you could feel superior when your rocking out, and everyone else is staring at each other like “What the fuck is this?”. I think the point of this show flew WAAAAAY over your head.

    • Tom

      youre kinda missing the entire point of a cover band

  • massdeath

    If the Damned Things wasn’t proof enough that Keith should stop SCREAMING and continue SINGING this sure is…

    • G Scotty

      As much as i love TDT, and these covers…ETID’s whole catalog is something i, along with many others here, praise very highly, and not being able to look forward to new ETID just makes me sick to think about. So if you dont like his screaming, just don’t listen to it…i will happily accept pretty much everything he has given us thus far

      • massdeath

        This dude has WAY TOO MUCH vocal talent to simply be the guy who screams through every song. IMHO ETID’s best songs by far are the ones where he sings the majority and peppers in a little screaming for flavor. Keith has one of the best voices of the genre and is an INCREDIBLE lyricist. He is doing an extreme disservice to himself by simply pigeonholing himself as just another screaming hardcore guy. He, and the rest of ETID, are simply BETTER than that. You may “thumbs down” this all you like; but I’m not sure why you would because I respect him as an artist and I want to see him GROW artistically instead of maintain an increasingly tired status quo. He’s capable of so much more. Another album of 90% screaming is wasted potential of the sheer genius they displayed in songs like “The New Black”, “We’rewolf”, and the entire The Damned Things album.

      • southpawchew

        i think thats why he did/does the damned things, these covers and other contributions, but i wish he would of busted the dust off a buckley tune, lover you should of come over or so real would of actually made him press his range. i heard the guitarist say they where going to cover rusty chains but “he couldnt find the range” which is heart braking sense tommy did such a sick cover on the anotomy of things.

  • coolguy2424

    I got a bit choked up during that Silverchair cover. Spot fucking on would be the word on that deal. That Pixies cover ruled too. The kid can sing. I feel like it is 1995 all over again. Keep the fire alive gentlemen. Peace.