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Arsis, The Absence & Ex-The Black Dahlia Murder Members Unite In New Band

A number of established metal musicians have gotten together to form a new band named Necromancing The Stone. New music from the outfit is due on Tuesday, September 23rd, until then here’s who’s involved:

Vocals – John Williams (Brimstone Coven)
Guitars – Justin Wood (Brimstone Coven)
Guitars – James Malone (Arsis)
Bass – Ryan Williams (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder)
Drums – Jeramie Kling (The Absence)

Following some rumors, Korn are indeed planning to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album with select performances. Frontman Jonathan Davis recently told

“On festivals, we’re gonna play the first album in its entirety. We’re gonna start doing that. We’re even gonna play ‘Daddy.’ And I said I would never do it, but I’m gonna do it anyways. We’re gonna do the complete album in its entirety and then tag on some songs at the end of the show. So, it should be pretty cool, but it’s gonna be very stripped down.

I think we should capture what we were doing at that time when we were coming up. With our first album, we didn’t have any production; it was just one backdrop, so I think it’ll be kinda like that down-and-dirty cool old-school vibe, and we’ll do that first record…Once the 20th anniversary hits [October 11th,] we’ll start doing it.”

Despite the aforementioned album signaling the successful launch of the nu metal genre, Davis still rejects the term. He said of that:

“I’ve always rejected the fact that us getting pigeonholed into some kinda genre that we helped create, they said. It seems like when a band comes out and we do something new and something different, that’s all great.

When a whole bunch of bands jump on the bandwagon and start copying what that one band did, then it gets called something. And those bands are cheap knockoffs of what the original thing was.

So to me that’s why I never liked the ‘nu metal’ term. You don’t call the Red Hot Chili Peppers a funk band. You don’t call Metallica just a thrash band. These are bands that have been around over 20 years.
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Nonpoint, Gemini Syndrome, Islander & 3 Years Hollow Fall Tour Confirmed

Nonpoint, Gemini Syndrome, Islander and 3 Years Hollow will take to the road in late October for the following trek:

10/23 Indianapolis, IN – Rock House
10/24 Kent, OH – The Outpost
10/25 Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
10/26 New York, NY – Webster Hall
10/28 Patchogue, NY – The Emporium
10/29 Saratoga Springs, NY – Putnam Den
10/30 South Burlington, VT – The Venue
10/31 Hampton, NH – Wally’s Pub
11/01 Hartford, CT – Webster Theater
11/02 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
11/03 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
11/04 Virginia Beach, VA – Shakas
11/05 Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans
11/07 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live
11/08 Orlando, FL – Kink Music Festival
11/11 Cape Coral, FL – Dixie Roadhouse
11/12 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theater
11/13 Jacksonville, FL – 1904 Music Hall
11/14 Destin, FL – Club LA
11/15 Biloxi, MS – Kress Live
11/16 New Orleans, LA – The Parish
11/18 Little Rock, AR – Juanitas
11/19 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
11/20 San Antonio, TX – Scout Bar
11/21 Dallas, TX – Trees
11/22 Wichita, KS – The Cotillion
11/23 Merriam, KS – Aftershock

Nonpoint have a new album titled “The Return” scheduled for a September 30th release date on Razor & Tie.

Gwar Provide Proper Introduction To New Members Blothar & Vulvatron

Gwar have now officially introduced their newest members, Blothar and Vulvatron. The following official press release was issued, complete with bios:

GWAR, the most brutal band in existence, has bolstered its ranks leading up to the GWAR Eternal Tour. The Berserker Blóthar and Vulvatron are the latest intergalactic warriors to be banished to the pathetic mudball known as Planet Earth. Blóthar; a fat, filthy, frozen space viking, will take over as GWAR‘s lead vocalist. The role of the red-hot cybernetic spitfire known as Vulvatron is more mysterious…Both will feature prominently in the anticipated GWAR Eternal Tour – which promises to be the most shocking and entertaining rock show of the year! Get to know your new masters before they grind you to a bloody pulp!



Origin: The Berserker Blóthar is an ancient shape-shifting holy warrior from the planet Scumdoggia. Blóthar is known to associate with intergalactic outlaw biker gangs

Position: Doggy Style baby! A true Renaissance man; Blóthar sings, he dances, he kills things…

Features: Blóthar wears a ceremonial headdress fashioned from the gigantic antlers and pelt of a Spectral Moon Moose he killed eons ago. He carries a mighty battle axe, an impenetrable shield, and for some reason has grown a set of hideous space udders

Hobbies: Ice fishing and ritual murder

Quote: “I went into a trance of blinding rage. I must have killed a million space apes. I was sleeping it off, and I woke up with a piss boner. I figure, why waste it, you know? So I’m rubbing one out, and the next thing I know, I’m on stage with GWAR in front of thousands of hideous, acne-ridden teenaged humanoids. I was promised there would be wifi, but it’s hit or miss….”


Size: Genetically engineered to the optimum proportions for a female of her species

Origin: Vulvatron has returned from the year 69000, where she was a high-ranking Scumdog assassin in the battle against futuro-fascist forces. Her primary functions include mastery of the arts of war, quantum mechanics, and intergalactic musicology

Position: Head Bitch In Charge

Features: Shock-white dreadlocks, high-tech armor, cybernetic implants, boob spew, prominent posterior

Hobbies: Adapting her superior technology and sexual prowess to the present day, perfecting the chemical formula for Vulvoline – her line of signature drag-racing motor oils, hot yoga

Quote: “I have summoned Planck quantities of energy to navigate the fabric of space-time back to this primitive era on Earth. I believe our wormhole might have slightly malfunctioned upon my arrival, also ushering in a primeval creature from a far earlier era, vaguely resembling a Moon Moose. I shall have to report this anomaly to maintenance. My mission is to alter the current path of GWAR so that they might prevent the darkest period in the history of the Universe! I have calculated an optimum plan of action to achieve…Hey! Quit staring at my tits!”

See the Berserker Blóthar, Vulvatron and the rest of GWAR as they embark upon the GWAR Eternal Tour and search for Oderus Urungus!”

You can find a closer look at Vulvatron here. Dates for the bands forthcoming ‘Gwar Eternal Tour‘ can be found at this location.

Gwar Decide To Spare The Life Of Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl

Gwar have decided to spare the life of Foo Fighters frontman/guitarist Dave Grohl following his recent onstage tribute to fallen Gwar frontman Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie. The bands Jizmak Da Gusha delivered the good news for Grohl in the below new video.

Most recently, Gwar unveiled a new female co-vocalist to fill the void left by Brockie. Her name is Vulvatron and you can find out more about her here.

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Today Is The Day & Lord Mantis Plan October US Tour

Today Is The Day and Lord Mantis have the following US trek booked for October. Today Is The Day will be out supporting their new album “Animal Mother“, which hits on October 14th through Southern Lord.

10/07 Portland, ME – Geno’s
10/08 Dover, NH – Sonny’s
10/09 Beverly, MA – Spotlight Tavern
10/10 Providence, RI – Dusk
10/11 Washington, DC – The Pinch
10/12 Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron
10/13 Philadelphia, PA – Kung-Fu Necktie
10/14 Boston, MA – Church
10/15 York, PA – The Depot
10/16 Frederick, MD – Cafe 611
10/17 Long Island, NY – TBA
10/18 Allentown, PA – Jabber Jaws
10/19 Johnson City, TN – Hideaway
10/20 Pensacola, FL – The Handlebar
10/21 New Orleans, LA – Siberia
10/23 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
10/25 Shreveport, LA – Hangar 21
10/26 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
10/26 Memphis, TN – Hi Tone