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Prong Streaming New Album “Ruining Lives”

If you’ve got Spotify you can now stream Prong‘s new album “Runing Lives” online in full here. A May 13th release date in North America is set for the effort on Steamhammer/SPV. Tomorrow (April 19th) will see the band release a limited edition 7″ for the new album track “Turnover” in celebration of ‘Record Store Day‘.

Failure’s Ken Andrews Speaks On The Direction Of The Bands Next Album

Failure frontman/guitarist Ken Andrews had a chat with Noisey which touched on their legacy, their reunion and their new album. When asked how all the changes in their lives since their last release, 1996′s “Fantastic Planet“, might affect the new album, Andrews replied:

“…As an artist that’s a huge fear, that you’ll lose that spark, whatever it was that made your collaboration with your bandmates cool. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, to come up with something that’s the next evolution in our albums, without going off track too far.

And you know, to use all the experiences we’ve had since our last record, and to use them. It’s kind of interesting, We’re just at the beginning of it now, so it’s hard to tell where its going to go. But there’s already enough diversity in the material, that it’s gonna feel as ambitious as Fantastic Planet in terms of different types of songs on that album.”

The band will soon be out on this headlining North American Tour.

Finch’s “Say Hello To Sunshine” To Arrive On Vinyl In June

Finch‘s 2005 release “Say Hello To Sunshine” will make its debut bow on vinyl on June 10th via ShopRadioCast. The outing has been remastered for the format and will be pressed on 180 gram yellow (500 copies) and 180 gram blue vinyl (1,000 copies). Two bonus tracks “Gak 2” and “Spanish Fly” will be featured on the 2xLP set, which you can pre-order here.

The Dillinger Escape Plan Bassist Liam Wilson Reviews Winger’s New Album

The Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson took on the task of reviewing the new Winger album “Better Days Comin’” for An excerpt from that can be found below:

Winger? The Winger whose battleship Mike Judge almost single-handedly sunk with Beavis and Butthead’s nerdy neighbor Stewart’s self-flagellating choice of t-shirt? The Winger whose frontman’s visage was strafed with darts by Lars Ulrich in Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” video? Yes, that Winger. Maybe I’m showing my age here, but I can recall a time before all that when a hair-sprayed form of androgynous “metal” ruled the airwaves. Winger were considered pretty impressive and even catchy by my school cafeteria table’s standards; guitar icon Reb Beach’s scorching neo-classical shred and drummer Rod Morgenstein’s arrhythmic rock pocket just narrowly eclipsed the Casanova-ness of Kip Winger’s bass-wielding ballet moves.

As a pre-tween, I fondly recall waiting for their 1988 self-titled tape (and nine others just like it) to arrive in the mail from Columbia House, at the bargain rate of $.01. (I know some of you are probably thinking that I got ripped off.) I honestly thought my interest would have succumbed to the same fate as that well-worn and long-lost cassette, but for whatever unexplainable reason (and trust me, I’ve had to try to explain it to a lot of people who’ve heard my party playlists), my enjoyment of this not-so-guilty pleasure hasn’t really dissipated over the years; if anything, they’ve endured the test of time in much the same ways that certain harder-hitters by Ozzy or Whitesnake have…..”

Antemasque (Ex-The Mars Volta) Streaming New Track “Drown All Your Witches”

You can find a full stream of the new Antemasque (ex-The Mars Volta, etc.) track “Drown All Your Witches” online below. Those who purchase the below EP will be treated to the bands self-titled debut album for free on July 01st, two weeks ahead of its official July 15th release date.

click here for the stream…

Autopsy Premiere New Song “Burial”

Autopsy are streaming “Burial” from their new album “Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves” online via Pitchfork. April 29th stands as the North American release date for that new offering via Peaceville.

Korn drummer Ray Luzier has paid tribute to late Korn touring guitarist Shane Gibson, who passed away earlier this week due to a blood clotting disorder. Luzier said of Gibson‘s passing via Instagram:

“Death is so strange & the timing of it is never right.. I’m still in disbelief that we lost Shane Gibson 2 days ago.. You were way too young to leave this planet.. You were one of the most talented, funniest & caring people I’ve ever known. I’m honored to have shared the stage & travel many places with you for so many years. My heart goes out to the family & friends that you’ve touched in your short life. You will truly be missed and never forgotten. RIP ENAHS”

Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor continues to draw inspiration from Phil Collins on the bands coming album “Once More Round The Sun“. As he told Decibel magazine in a recent issue:

“As far as drum lines go, I’m carrying on from where I was on the last record and trying to recreate the Phil Collins drum sound. As funny as that might seem to a lot of people, he’s one of my favorite drummers, and has always possessed one of the most incredible drum sounds.

So, I try to get that really Brody tom sound, take the bottom heads off ’70′s-style. I just think it makes the tom sounds real cool and no one, especially with heavy metal…. I don’t know, the drums don’t sound interesting to me in modern heavy music, so I look to the past to find something that’s cooler and gives it a little more character.”

Once More Round The Sun” is expected out in June with an exact release date to be announced. An official stream of the first single from it, “High Road“, was launched yesterday and can be heard here.

Sylar Streaming New Album “To Whom It May Concern”

Sylar have launched a full album stream of their new effort “To Whom It May Concern” as a result of it leaking online ahead of its intended May 13th release date. The group said earlier this week of the leak:

“Earlier today we heard rumors about our debut album ‘To Whom It May Concern‘ leaking. Unfortunately, it’s true. We’re now in a position where we can’t do absolutely anything about this situation. Since that’s the case, we encourage you to find it, listen to it, and share it with everyone you know. If you enjoy the record, PLEASE support us by pre-ordering on iTunes or our MerchNow site.

We gave this album our everything and it means the world to us. Regardless, thank you for the endless support you guys have given us, this record is for YOU, To Whom It May Concern.


click here for the stream…

Suffokate Headed To The Studio This Month With A New Vocalist

Suffokate will be in the studio late this month to track two new songs. Given their recent troubles with their most recent frontman Matthew Krawchuk, the group have found an as-yet unannounced new vocalist. They said of their plans:

“We will be hitting the recording studio April 28th to record 2 new songs. We can’t wait to release these new songs and want to thank all our fans for their continued support we promise we won’t dissapoint!

We have a new vocalist, and some tours that are happening this summer but we won’t be giving out details yet. We will post new music , tour information, and announce our new vocalist all together. Leave us a comment letting us know if your excited for the new music, as well as where you want us to play on tour.”