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Rest Among Ruins (Raunchy) Stream “Beyond The Storm”

Rest Among Ruins—who are fronted by Raunchy vocalist Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals/The HAARP Machine) have released a stream of their new song “Beyond The Storm“. That track will be part of a 14-song concept album titled “Fugue“, which the band will release next year. Semesky said of that:

“The album concept was inspired by the story of a fascinating patient I had the pleasure of meeting when I was working at a psychiatric hospital, back before I began pursuing my music career. This person’s extremely rare clinical condition was the unfortunate result of a severe traumatic incident, and it sparked a hauntingly fascinating journey in his life under a fictitious identity of which his mind had created. It was unlike any other case I’d ever heard of throughout my experience in the field.

Out of respect for rights and privacy, the album absolutely does not reveal names or any identifying details. The lyrics are written in first-person, stream of consciousness form, and shift in and out of his reality, dreams, and dissociation as the story progresses. The instrumentation of the album adapts stylistically to best compliment each chapter of the story, and explores a broad range of heavy and melodic metal, prog, and rock.

We hope you enjoy the first dose of our album and we can’t wait for you to experience the story in its entirety! Guitar playthrough videos, more new music, and release details are soon to come!”

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Detroit, MI’s Gift Giver have signed with Century Media. The press release describes the band as being a ‘tech/nu-metal’ and their debut album will surface through the label in the new year. Vocalist Justin Johnson said of their new label digs:

“We are very proud to announce that we have signed to Century Media Records! We’ve got a brand new full length ready and a couple new singles that will be coming out shortly. We busted our asses, dealt with member changes, and other endless amounts of bullshit to make this record happen – and it’s finally ready! It feels good to have a badass label believe in what we are doing and we hope to see all of your support as well! See you guys on the road.”

A new single from it will surface soon. The band will also be on the road soon as part of the ‘Destress The U.S. Tour‘ with Barrier, Villains, Traitors and Adaliah:

02/28 Tampa, FL – Epic Problem
03/01 Lake Worth, FL- Propaganda
03/02 Orlando, FL – BackBooth
03/03 Jacksonville, FL – 1904
03/04 Ringgold, GA – Cloud Springs Deli
03/05 Troutville, VA – Inside Out Venue
03/06 Taylor, PA – Underwood Skatepark
03/07 Paterson, NJ – The Wild Bull
03/08 Providence, RI – DV8
03/09 Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
03/10 New York, NY- TBA
03/11 Albany, NY – Bogies
03/12 Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joes
03/13 Kent, OH- The Outpost
03/14 Detroit, MI – The Magic Stick
03/15 Crest Hill, IL – Bada Brew
03/16 Cudahy, WI – The Metal Grill
03/17 St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar and Hall
03/18 Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground
03/19 Springfield, MO – The Outland Ballroom
03/20 Tulsa, OK – The Vanguard

The 2015 ‘Skate And Surf Festival‘ lineup has come together with the following bands among the first to be announced:

Dropkick Murphys
Manchester Orchestra
The Wonder Years
The Front Bottoms
The Story So Far
Motionless In White
Modern Baseball
From Autumn To Ashes
Small Brown Bike
Four Year Strong
Big D & The Kids Table
The Scandals
Aaron West
Beach Slang
Head North
Steady Hands
Major League

A half pipe competition and Legends Of Wrestling will also be onhand for the festival. More bands will be announced in the weeks to come leading up to the fest, which will be held at the Asbury Oceanfront in Asbury Park, NJ on May 16th-17th.

Veil Of Maya Release Teaser Video, New Song Coming?

Veil Of Maya‘s new album is moving ahead with the following teaser having been released. Judging by the video, a new song from the outing will be released on January 01st, 2015. The band’s new vocalist has yet to officially be revealed, but there are certainly rumors as to his identity. They will also be touring early in the new year with Upon A Burning Body, Volumes and more on the ‘Slow Your Troll And Know Your Role Tour‘.
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Ex-Rings Of Saturn Guitarist Says Lucas Mann Is “A Hack Of A Musician”

Having recently left the band, former Rings Of Saturn guitarist Joel Omans had little kind things to say of his former bandmate, Rings Of Saturn guitarist Lucas Mann, Speaking through his Facebook today, Omans let loose on Mann with the following diatribe:

“So there’s been quite a bit of vagueness to the real reason why I quit Rings of Saturn and It’s been eating away at me keeping it to myself so here it goes. The deciding factor in me leaving the band was Lucas. I had enough of biting my tongue and going along for the ride. When I first joined the band we got along great and had the same common goals as musicians but that changed more and more over the years. To summarize he simply doesn’t care about playing guitar or being a musician anymore.

Word for word he told me “I don’t give a shit about playing guitar or getting better at guitar, I just want to write music and get the band as big as possible in the shortest amount of time.” So with that kind of attitude it hindered the band from playing any of the new songs from Lugal Ki En that we were suppose to be playing live for the last 6 months. Ian, Aaron, and myself were all capable of playing the new songs we prepared for the set but we had to make up excuses such as “the label won’t let us play songs until the music video is out or we didn’t have time to practice as a band so we aren’t playing any songs on the album release tour.”

And his reason for not learning the songs was that he was too busy managing the band. I was also told to get off his back for it since he “Does more in life in general than I do.” All in all what it comes down to is Lucas Mann is a hack of a musician and I will never work with him ever again. He stresses the band into recording songs note by note, releases them, doesn’t learn them and then makes as much money as he can from the merch while sitting in the comfort of his parents’ house.

On top of that he is a self centered asshole to his band mates and fans which is not acceptable to me in anyway. I admit he is very smart with managing and promoting a band. Maybe he’d do better helping other bands since he doesn’t have the desire to play instruments himself. I’ve learned a lot from being in ROS and met some amazing people but Ive had enough of the bullshit.

I’m not going to sacrifice time with my family, my musicianship, or my integrity for some childish wanna be musician. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to leave. I now have time with the people I care about and I’ve regained that burning passion for my instrument. Thanks to all who have supported the band, I’m excited to start releasing albums that are REAL all the way through for the remaining listeners of mine to enjoy. No longer will I stand for someone to record bullshit parts with my music and not even learn it. Fuck that.”

Floor And Minsk April European Tour

Floor and Minsk have an April European tour booked together:

04/09 Tilburg, NET – O13 (‘Roadburn Festival‘) (no Minsk)
04/10 Leipzig, GER – Doom over Leipzig Festival
04/11 Hamburg, GER – Hafenklang
04/12 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
04/13 Warsaw, POL – Klub Hydrozagadka
04/14 Prague, CZE – 007
04/15 Innsbruck, AUT – p.m.k.
04/16 München, GER – Feierwerk
04/17 Bologna, ITA – Freakout Club
04/18 Milano, ITA – Arci Lo Fi (‘SoloMacello Fest‘)
04/20 Paris, FRA – Espace B
04/21 Nantes, FRA – La Scène Michelet
04/22 Lille, FRA – La Péniche
04/23 Dortmund, GER – FZW
04/24 London, UK – The Desert Fest
04/25 Antwerp, BEL – Kavka

Dark Funeral Officially Reveal New Singer And Bassist

Dark Funeral have now given their new frontman and bassist a proper introduction following their audio debut on the new song, “Nail Them To The Cross“. The band provided the following statement on these latest additions:

“After launching their brand-new song “Nail Them To The Cross” some days ago, Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral now introduce their new frontman Heljarmadr and bassist Natt:

Heljarmadr - Vocals

With roots in the second half of the 90’s black metal scene and with tentacles in bands such as highly respected Grá, Domgård and Cursed 13 comes a raw force from the underground.

Known as a fierce frontman, both on stage and on recordings with his previous bands, he will now step up and claim a seat in the throne room of Dark Funeral to inflict deep scars and infect wounds in the black metal scene. The name Heljarmadr derives from the old Scandinavian languages, simply meaning “a man belonging to hell”.

With long time experience in the arts of creating dark satanic music, he will play a key role in shaping the future vocal and lyrical direction of Dark Funeral. Expect nothing but excellence, pure darkness and uncompromising evil!

Natt - Bass

Treading into this world, Natt has always had a strong, deep interest in music and the arts of the great unknown.

Spending time during the nights, exploring the Swedish ancient forests, avoiding the common mass that wanders this simplistic world, made his relations and visions to that which lies beyond, stronger.

Before Dark Funeral, Natt was a member of the black/thrash metal band Angrepp where he met his now close friends Adrian Lawson (Angrepp, IXXI) and Fredrik Widigs (The Ugly, Marduk) and later on joined the deeply devoted Black Metal act, Withershin.

Natt: “Since the beginning of my time, here, in this world, there has always been, a strong connection, towards the isolated parts of the soul, a connection within and beyond. A connection to what can not be seen, nor heard. To everything and nothing. To what is, and what is not, and that which lies between. Outside the borders of this life. Beyond, yet within the acausal flame, in the night, I dwell, beyond the broken circle, outside of the causal mundane, yet not.”

With these new members joining the band’s ranks, Dark Funeral open the gates to a new chapter of furious, intense and merciless black metal.”

SUMAC (Baptists, Ex-Isis, Etc.) Stream “Thorn In The Lion’s Paw”

SUMAC—a new outfit spearheaded by ex-Isis frontman Aaron Turner and Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn—are currently streaming their new song “Thorn In The Lion’s Paw“. That trackappeared first over at Noisey and can also be streamed below. The bands lineup is completed by Brian Cook (Russian Circles, ex-Botch, etc.) and their debut album “The Deal” is on course for a February 03rd release on Profound Lore/SIGE.
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Crossfaith Sign With Razor & Tie

Crossfaith have locked up a record deal with Razor & Tie and will be releasing a new album through the label next year. If you missed last night’s news, the band were also confirmed for the 2015 ‘Vans Warped Tour‘. Band vocalist Kenta Koie commented of the news:

“We are thrilled to announce that we’re signed with Razor & Tie. We think they are the most exciting and challenging label in the western music industry nowadays. The fact that we’re going to work with this label partner allows us to showcase our infinite creativity to the music scene. Plus, we’re playing at the Van’s Warped Tour all next summer, which is insanely great news for us and our fans! We’re simply ready for “our” future!”

Skull mask adorned outfit Dr. Living Dead! have released the first track from their Century Media debut, “Crush The Sublime Gods“. Check out that song, “Civilized To Death“, below to prepare for the album’s February 24th digital only North American release. A physical release will be issued overseas on February 23rd.
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Crazy Town Streaming New Single “Megatron”

Crazy Town have premiered a new single titled “Megatron” today which you can hear below via Billboard. Meanwhile, the groups EP plans have been scrapped with their next effort, “The Brimstone Sluggers” now set to be a full-length effort. A Spring release is expected for it with a digital single for “Megatron” slated for a January 27th release.
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