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Anti-Mortem Call It Quits

Anti-Mortem have decided to disband. The group—who released “New Southern” on Nuclear Blast earlier in the year—announced their decision to call it quits yesterday with the following statement:

Corey Nevada Rado Levi and Zain.. Anti mortem had the greatest times. We all learned alot. We all gained a lot of life experience. Everyone in this band tried their very best. We all love music and we love all the fans we ever made. Thank you so so much for all the help to get us here. Please check out everyones personal artist pags, I promise you we are not done with music.

If you felt the fire of anti mortem you know it burned in all five of us and it always will, so please find it in your hearts to support and love Levi and zain‘s and vada and rado‘s new endeavor. We will be making music till the day we die. We love every single one of you. Thank you for the best ten years.”

Doomriders Book 10th Anniversary Show

Doomriders (Converge, etc.) will ring in their tenth anniversary in December with a special December 07th show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.

Bring Me The Horizon To Premiere New Track “Don’t Look Down” Next Week

There’s a little bit more info to be had regarding Bring Me The Horizon‘s next new song, which is due to debut next Thursday, October 30th. The song is titled “Don’t Look Down” and will be aired as part of BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe‘s rescoring of the “Drive” soundtrack. That song arrives in addition to the newly premiered track “Drown“, which you can now watch the music video for here.

Devin Townsend Project Release Lyric Video For New Song “Rejoice”

Devin Townsend has already given Ziltoid his say, now its time for the Devin Townsend Project to chime in. Townsend has released the below lyric video for “Rejoice” through Loudwire. That song appears on the “Sky Blue” half of his new crowdfunded album, ““. The effort is broken into two warring halves, with the Devin Townsend Project taking on the first disc with “Sky Blue“, while Ziltoid commandeers the second disc for “Dark Matters“. “” is headed for an October 28th release on InsideOut Music.
click here for the lyric video…

Skeletonwitch Address The Recent Absence Of Their Frontman Chance Garnette

Skeletonwitch‘s recent shows have been undertaken without their frontman Chance Garnette. The band have issued the following statement regarding that, revealing that they will finish out their immediate touring as a quartet:

“Lately there have been a lot of rumors, speculation, and assumptions, regarding Skeletonwitch. We want to set the record straight.

Unfortunately, Chance is unable to finish out the tour as he has some serious personal matters to attend to. We ask you to respect his and our privacy regarding these matters.

This obviously left us with a very difficult decision to make and we’ve decided to finish out the tour as a 4-piece.

We made the assumption that Skeletonwitch fans attending the shows would rather see 4 of us ripping through our songs, than a piece of paper on the door announcing our cancellation. If the first 2 shows were any indication, we assumed correctly.

You have our sincerest apologies for not being able to bring you the full show, and for canceling the stop in Albany.

We thank everyone for their understanding and their support now and in the future.

Please come out to the remaining shows for riffs, beers, and hi-fives with us. At the risk of sounding too sentimental, music is equally important, if not more so, during rough times as well as the good.

Skeletonwitch is not going anywhere. See you soon.”

Some fan-filmed footage of the bands instrumental set in Brooklyn, NY can be seen below:
click here for the footage…

Second Episode Of ‘Metal Grasshopper’ (Philip H. Anselmo, Etc.) Released

The second episode of ‘Metal Grasshopper‘ has been released. That comedic web series finds Philip H. Anselmo of Down/ex-Pantera, etc. fame schooling comedian Dave Hill in the ways of metal. This latest episode also features cameos from some famous monsters—Frankenberry and Boo Berry. Check it out below courtesy of Metal Injection:
click here for the video…

Metallica To Close Out This Years ‘Blizzcon’

Metallica have been booked to play ‘Blizzcon‘ on Saturday, November 08th. That annual gaming convention will be held in Anaheim, CA and celebrate all things Blizzard Entertainment (‘Starcraft‘, ‘World Of Warcraft‘, ‘Diablo‘, ‘Hearthstone‘, etc.) Coverage of the convention, including the bands performance, will be available via PPV.

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Turns In His Memoir “Dark Days”

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has completed the first draft of his new memoir “Dark Days“. While Blythe initially approached the writing process with confidence, the process slowly broke him down, as he details in a lengthy new entry over at his blog. An excerpt from that can be read below:

“As I sat down each day to work on Dark Days, I very swiftly realized that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to do much of anything at all except write my book while I was writing my book. Writing a book is not easy. Not at all. And despite the fact that I am, indeed, intimately familiar with one variety of the creative process after making several records with my band, the process of writing a book is vastly different from getting together with four other dudes to write and record an album. In my experience, writing a book makes writing a record look like a joke in comparison.

And if you do it like I did it, with no cowriter or ghostwriter or underwriter or whatever they are called these days, then you do it 100% alone. That means when something sucks, it’s 100% your fault. There’s no chance of pawning off even one shitty sentence in your book on someone else. Unlike an album, where listeners sometimes exercise a great amount of leniency and tolerance for aspects of the music they don’t care for because of the things they do enjoy about the band (ie., “I don’t really care for the singer, but the drummer/guitarist/accordionist/kazooist/whateverist is amazing”), an author has nothing to offer to the audience but his own contribution to the book.

A reader isn’t going to recommend your book to anyone else just because it has a few good paragraphs in the first chapter, or they really liked the epilogue. And unlike the collaborative effort that occurs in a band, you as the author can’t blame that particularly sucky self-indulgent part of your book on anyone but yourself. In a band, if a song just sucks (even if it’s your fault), you can always pass the buck and blame someone else: “This would have worked if it wasn’t for that stupid wanking guitar solo at the end,” or “If the drummer would have just played a straight beat like we wanted him to, the middle of this tune wouldn’t sound like he had epileptic fit in the studio,” or “This thing was a ripping jam until that douchebag singer came in and ruined it with his pretentious lyrics and awful screeching.”

Then, when the album drops and people hate it, you can just sit back and take a long relaxing soak in a glorious hot tub of self-righteousness: “I tried to tell them, but those boneheads wouldn’t listen. Now look at ‘em.””

At present Amazon lists the book for a February 03rd release date.