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Chimaira Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist & Drummer Announce Their Departure

Following the departure of guitarist Emil Werstler, the rest of Chimaira‘s current lineup sans vocalist Mark Hunter have now quit the group as well. Guitarist Matt Szlachta, keyboardist/vocalist Sean Zatorsky, bassist Jeremy Creamer and drummer Austin D’Amond issued the following collective statement to today:

“In light of recent news, the rest of the band have decided to part ways with Chimaira. For us this was a great stepping stone, and an honor to play these songs live, and fulfill an incredible legacy. This was an an excellent platform to help continue playing music, when our collective bands either ended or went on a hiatus. Chimaira was an amazing experience and we look forward to future music endeavors with eachother.”

The above-mentioned musicians previously joined vocalist Mark Hunter in the group following a similar mass exodus of members that took place a few years back.

Ecstatic Vision (Ex-A Life Once Lost) Sign With Relapse Records

Ecstatic Vision—who feature ex-A Life Once Lost members Doug Sabolick and Jordan Crouse—have signed to Relapse Records. Sabolick said of their new album progress:

“We are currently recording our debut album at various studios around Philly. The album is a great mix of trance inducing primitive African tribal meets heavy psych a la Hawkwind. We are stoked to be working hand in hand with Relapse to bring this unique album to fruition and bring our brand of heavy psych to the masses.”

An early 2015 release is planned while a previously released demo of the bands track “To The Astral Plane” is available here.

Megadeth’s ‘Classic Albums’ Coming In New Box Set

Megadeth‘s most successful works will be packaged together for a new box set to be issued by Capitol on September 30th. The set is titled ‘5 Classic Albums‘ and is part of the labels series of no frills catalog reissues of the same name. Albums due for inclusion in the set are:

Rust In Peace
Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?
Countdown To Extinction
So Far So Good…So What

Ex-Chimaira Bassist Slams Mark Hunter As Rumors Swirl Of The Bands Demise

As rumors swirl that guitarist Emil Werstler‘s recent exit from Chimaira is the tip of the iceberg, the bands ex-bassist Jim LaMarca has fired a shot towards his former bandmate, Mark Hunter. Today LaMarca tweeted:

“I wonder when somebody wakes up and realizes he is a total loser and has to find a job and move out of his moms basement #markhunter”

LaMarca‘s comments arrive with some irony given the ribs thrown his way by Hunter in the below joke track, “Notes Don’t Matter Nuthin’“. Hunter previously kept the band going as the sole original member following a mass exodus of members a few years back.
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Devin Townsend Sets October Release For New Ziltoid/DTP Album “Z²”

Devin Townsend‘s new “” double-album will officially arrive in stores on October 28th. Excess proceeds from an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign for Townsend‘s Casualties Of Cool project went towards the new double-album, which pits the Devin Townsend Project against Ziltoid. Townsend said of the effort:

“Hey all!

So it’s been years I’ve been trying to get the energies in line to do another Ziltoid record, and it’s finally happened! Z2 is my new record, and it’s a multimedia event that has taken a ton of people a ton of effort to bring to you! It’s a double album, (one side DTP, and one side Ziltoid) and the concept expands on Ziltoid the alien, and his sci-fi adventures in a way that kind of throws back to 50′s radio plays… but obviously with complicated, heavy music as its soundtrack.

It has taken a great deal of energy to put this all together, and the music is just one of the aspects of it. It’s a dream come true in a lot of ways, and I’m excited and honoured to be able to finalize the project with a live version of the entire record at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London on April 13th of next year! (!!) Basically what we did with The Retinal Circus a few years back will be taken to the next level with Z2 live.

At the end of this process, we reached for the stars, and hopefully got to the moon, and after this album cycle, I will be taking some time to recharge my batteries and see what the next chapter holds. I hope you enjoy this record and all its offshoots, as one of my goals is to hopefully inspire folks to reach for unconventional ways to express themselves as well. We couldn’t have done it without you! See you at the show?


As Townsend mentioned above, a special set will take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England on April 13th. Townsend will also be out touring this fall with Animals As Leaders and Monuments on this North American tour.
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