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Ex-Woe, Is Me Frontman’s New Band Favorite Weapon Debut “Hollow”

Former Woe, Is Me frontman Hance Alligood has returned, fronting an outfit named Favorite Weapon. The band have inked a deal with Rise/Velocity and will release their debut album “Sixty Saragossa” on October 14th. Their track “Hollowpremiered today and can be heard below:
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Minsk Recording New Album

Recording sessions are underway for Minsk‘s new album, which will arrive early in 2015 on Relapse Records. Sanford Parker is of course producing the effort, of which vocalist Timoty Mead stated:

“So much attention and care have gone into this process, this renewal. We knew that in order to really move Minsk forward in a meaningful way we would need to raise the bar all over again. This realization lit a fire within us to transcend what was. So many things had to fall into place to make it what we knew it needed to be. A new rhythm section, a second guitar for the first time since the early days of the band, additional vocalists, Sanford‘s contributions moving to the realm of synth/noise for this album. Lots of changes, to be sure, and yet the results will be unmistakably Minsk… just Minsk on a whole different level this time around. We cannot wait to share the fruits of these labors.”

Documentary On Metallica’s First European Headlining Show Back In 1984 Available

A recent documentary chronicling a June 09th, 1984 show Metallica performed in De Westereen, Netherlands can be viewed after the break. It features interviews with the bands Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett. The show stands as Metallica‘s first European headlining show. The official description for the documentary reads:

“‘How Metallica raised hell in De Westereen‘ (original title: ‘Hoe’t Metallica De Westereen op ‘e kop sette’), the 2014 Omrop Fryslân TV documentary of Douwe Talma about the show Metallica did in the small Dutch village Zwaagwesteinde (De Westereen) on June 9th 1984. The documentary features exclusive interviews with Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich.

That Zwaagwesteinde gig 30 years ago was the first Metallica European headline show ever, thanks to a mistake of the local venue owner. The documentary features a story full of anecdotes about the time that Metallica was still an unknown band and heavy metal was something completely new to everybody in Holland.”

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Downset. Premiere “One Blood” Music Video

Downset. have uploaded the following video for the title track to their new album “One Blood“,  which they premiered via Myspace. “One Blood” the album was released last week. Guitarist Brian Ares Schwager said of the shoot:

“Doing the ‘One Blood’ video was putting a big breathe of fresh air into the lungs of Downset. We wanted to embrace our Hardcore roots, are Hip-Hop roots, are Graffiti roots and are Los Angeles roots, as well as unite many of are of closest friends and family for a ‘One Blood’ debut show and reunion. The day of the shoot was a blast and working with Digital Iris Productions was a great experience capturing ‘One Blood’ on video.”

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More Footage From Alice In Chains’ ‘Guitar Center Sessions’ Episode Posted

More footage from Alice In Chains‘ ‘Guitar Center Sessions‘ episode has been been posted. Check below to watch members of the band discuss their ‘second chapter’. Yesterday, this performance footage of “No Excuses” from the episode was shared. The full episode will air on DirecTV‘s Audience Network on August 03rd.
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Meshuggah’s “obZen” Gets Mashed Up With Quad City DJ’s “Space Jam”

At least one individual thought Meshuggah‘s “obZen” would be a good match with Quad City DJ‘s “Space Jam” theme from “Space Jam“—the 1996 film that paired animated Looney Tunes characters with various actors and basketball stars. If it seems odd, points out that there is a community on Reddit dedicated to mashing up the “Space Jam” theme.
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High On Fire Lining Up Summer US Dates

High On Fire previously hoped to be in the studio around September/October, but it’s looking like the latter is more likely. The group have announced a string of dates to lead them up to their appearance on ‘Motörhead’s Motörboat‘. Here’s what they have lined up for the US:

08/12 Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair (free show)
08/15 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg (free show)
09/06 Raleigh, NC – Hopscotch Festival
09/19 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
09/20 Miami, FL – Grand Central
09/21 Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
09/22 Miami, FL – Motorhead’s Motorboat

Black Veil Brides Singer Says People Write Them Off As A “Fa**y Makeup Band”

Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack took some time to discuss the bands new album “IV” with The group have been working on the effort with producer Bob Rock (Metallica, The Offspring) for an October 28th release date. When asked of the lyrical content on the new album, Biersack replied:

“Very angry. I feel like in a lot of ways I had a lot of aggression towards the state of how we were perceived. Obviously some people will see, “Oh, he’s the guy who yells at awards shows” or whatever. But in a lot of ways, we had made this record [Wretched and Divine] so large in scale and had this grand story and we did the film. There was a certain level of frustration when you feel you do this thing so large and great, but there were so many people who just refused to listen to the songs, like, “They’re a faggy makeup band.”

I think on some level, when I was younger that used to affect me. In a way, I enjoyed looking back on those feelings because I don’t really care anymore. I can’t write about things in the moment anyway, but in a way I wanted to re-tap into those aggressive feelings. I think if anything thematically there is a lot more angst on this record in general. I’m shooting from the hip a lot more on this one. There’s no grand story and the metaphors aren’t as strong. So it’s a return to form—more like our first album, lyrically.”

In regards to the music, he offered:

“With the songs being more directed at a personal more angst feel, I think things are definitely heavier. Everybody says this is their heaviest and most melodic but it truly is for us. The feeling was, let’s really do something aggressive. We felt that way as a reaction from our own work. When we made ‘Wretched and Divine’ and as much as I love it, it’s a pretty sparkly record—it’s a record that could be done as a play because it’s very theatrical with no grit.

Like many artists, we don’t want to redo what we did. We’re savvier musicians than we were five or six years ago. We were writing songs together as opposed to fragmented in the studio. So we really wrote songs together, making decisions collectively with Bob there, and went back to a much more grittier and heavier sound.”

Scar Symmetry will issue the first in a planned trilogy of conceptually linked albums on October 14th in North America through Nuclear Blast. That first part of the series will be titled “The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)” and the cover art for it done by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie is available below.
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