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Coliseum’s Van Gets Stolen And Crashed

Coliseum‘s recording sessions today most certainly did not go as planned. As the band explained alongside the following photo posted tonight:

“So… Someone stole our van from outside the studio where we are recording. We call the cops… Turns out whoever stole it smashed it into a parked van less than half a block away (that van is pictured below). Our van was towed to a city lot a few hours ago, we have no idea how much damage it sustained. We’ve always avoided asking for donations or doing Kickstarters, etc. But this may be the time…”

click here for the photo…

Cephalic Carnage Recruit Intronaut Drummer For Festival Show

Cephalic Carnage‘s performance at the ‘Hell & Heaven Metal Fest‘ next month will be a special one. Joining the band behind the kit for the set will be Intronaut drummer Danny Walker. The band said of the pairing:

“Super excited to announce we’ll have Danny Walker playing with us for Hell and Heaven! Danny‘s been family to Cephalic for a decade and half now, and we’re honored to jam with him! Hell yeah!”

Some previously unreleased tracks from Torche, A Storm Of Light and more are featured upon Robotic Empire‘s new free 30-track mixtape “Blood“. The Torche track in particular came about during the “Songs For Singles” sessions, with frontman/guitarist Steve Brooks saying of it:

“This is a lost track we recorded for the “Songs for Singles” record in 2010. We weren’t completely satisfied with how it turned out and planned on rewriting it one day. One of the riffs got used in “Letting Go” [Harmonicraft.] It’s a tune I kinda forgot about until Andy Low sent us a copy asking if we’d be into having this on his new comp. Sure, why not?

If it wasn’t for Mr Low, Rick and I wouldn’t have met, Torche might not have existed and who knows where we’d all be today?

We decided to call the song “Andy Low” to make him uncomfortable/feel strange about his name as a song title AND because we love the hell out of him. “Andy Low” is for our boy Andy Low/Robodog/Robotic Empire Records. Enjoy!”

click here for the mixtape…

Enslaved Working On New Album

There’s a new Enslaved album in the works across various studios in Bergen, Norway. Band guitarist Ivar Bjørnson said of their plans for the as-yet untitled release:

“My favorite time of year is whenever we enter the studio with Enslaved to record a new album. Now the season of creative madness, endless days, and bleeding fingertips is upon us again… O joy! As before, it is the unholy trinity that forms the first line of attack: I (guitar), Grutle (Kjellson, bass & vocals), and Cato (Bekkevold, drums), are recording the foundations of the album live, while Ice Dale (lead guitar) and Herbrand (Larsen, vocals & keys) will add their instruments and voice in their own studios after these initial core sessions. Then I will add some wackiness at my home studio, before we all get together again to finish it.

I feel that I have delivered basic material that is rock solid. I have poured my very life and heart into these compositions while the rest of the band have refined it, shaped it, and delivered it like their very lives depended on it. It has been challenging to keep up the pace with the way the songs wanted to go; life flows its ways and takes its turns regardless of your artistic ambitions. However, the music led the way through the fog and I just followed, and never doubting the oncoming album for a second.”

The groups own Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson & Herbrand Larsen will be producing the album alongside Iver Sandøy. Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia) will take on the mixing duties for the effort, some of which will be recorded in the woods of Valevåg via a mobile studio.

The Metal Allegiance set that took place on ‘Motörhead’s Motörboat‘ this past weekend saw a number of covers performed, including the following Pantera covers done by former band members Philip H. Anselmo and Rex Brown. Anthrax‘s Scott Ian & Charlie Benante, Megadeth‘s Chris Broderick and many more also took part. Participating musicians throughout the set included:

Philip H Anselmo (Down, ex-Pantera)
Joey Belladonna (Anthrax)
Chuck Billy (Testament)
Chris Broderick (Megadeth)
Jon Donais (Anthrax/Shadows Fall)
Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Mark Zavon (Kill Devil Hill)
Frank Bello (Anthrax)
Rex Brown (Kill Devil Hill, ex-Pantera)
David Ellefson (Megadeth)
Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater)

click here for the footage…

Havok Frontman Breaks Wrist, Band To Miss Immediate Dates With Crowbar, Etc.

Havok vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez will temporarily be stepping down from his guitar duties as a result of a broken left wrist. He sustained those injuries while hiking and they will force the band to take a few days off from their ongoing tour with Crowbar, Revocation and more and will rejoin the bill on October 02nd.

Revocation‘s Dan Gargiulo will be filling in on guitars for those sets with the following statement and x-ray of Sanchez‘s shattered wrist being shared:
click here for the statement/image…

KEN mode To Record New Album “Success” With Steve Albini

KEN mode have laid out their plans for their new album “Success“. Exclaim have worked that the band are due to begin tracking the effort at Empire Recording in Winnipeg, MB on November 23rd with producer/engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Zao). Among the scheduled guests for the outing are Oxbow‘s Eugene Robinson and members of Full Of Hell.

Tentative track titles for the outing include:

Absolutely Not
Failing At Fun Since 1981
Dead Actors
A Catalog Of Small Disappointments
Management Control
A Passive Disaster
I Just Liked Fire

Publicist UK (Revocation/Municipal Waste, Etc.) Sign With Relapse

There’s a good chance you may already be familiar with Relapse‘s latest signing, Publicist UK. The outfit feature Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger, Municipal Waste, etc. drummer Dave Witte, Goes Cube guitarist David Obuchowski and more. They will begin recording their full-length debut in late October. Sessions will take place at Wild Arctic Studios in Dover, NH with producer Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Madball) and the outfit are looking to have it in stores in mid-2015. They said of their signing:

“We’re honored that Publicist UK is joining the Relapse ranks. From the start, they’ve put out some of the best, most brutal metal. They’ve also really expanded their scope and have proven that heavy, intense music doesn’t necessarily need to be metal, either. So for a band like us with metal roots and some metal moments, but an overall different sound, Relapse feels like the perfect home.”

Should you have missed them you can hear two demo tracks from the band here.

Slipknot Intend To Burn ‘Camel Shit & Oil’ For The ‘Scent Of Knotfest’

By now you should already know the lineup for this years US ‘Knotfest‘, which will feature Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, Killswitch Engage and many more. The organizers for the fest have now revealed the various attractions that will also be featured at the two day even, which will be held at the San Manuel Amphitheater & Campgrounds in San Bernardino, CA October 25th-26th. Here’s what they have in store—of particular note would be the ‘Scent Of Knotfest’:

A tented museum curated by the members of Slipknot themselves. Slipknot’s history on display to include priceless Slipknot artifacts such as masks, suits, art, previously used equipment and other memorabilia from the members themselves personal archives and home garages.

There is nothing choreographed about the THUNDERDOME. Two fighters step in and fight until one taps out. Nightly fights throughout the festival.

Straight from the bowels of hell is the Fire Zone, displaying a pyromaniac’s wet dream, with fueled performances throughout the festival day and night.

30+ costumed pagan performers roam around festival adorned as different creatures tapping into your nightmares. Included in these performers will be firewalkers, fire breathers and sword swallowers…

For the first time ever at an American festival, the Zipline will scream across the upper section of the festival area, allowing you to fly over fellow KNOTFEST fans below at high speeds. There will be a low cost per ride.

Ripped straight from the memories of Clown’s childhood at the Iowa State Fair is the Ring of Fire. Not for the faint of heart or stomach! There will be a small cover charge per rider.

KNOTFEST has its own aroma that will infest your brain, body and clothes for days after the festival is over. Personally picked by Slipknot themselves, the smell of KNOTFEST will permeate the festival grounds. Oil drums will be filled with camel shit and oil, set aflame to last the entire festival.

Goats will freely graze in the heavy-petting zoo, where KNOTFEST attendees can get close to their horned spirit animals.

What festival experience would be complete without a KNOTFEST tattoo? A world-renowned tattooist will be onsite to tattoo you and leave a memory to last a lifetime.

Beat on junkyard cars with other KNOTFESTERS throughout the festival hours and into the night. A repeat from year 001, Clown also will play host to a drum circle on junkyard cars. Festivalgoers will join in, and beat the crap out of the cars with metal pipes, poles and whatever else they deem fit.

Interactive midway style games that incorporate fire, such as a fire-belching tarot card reader or highstriker that shoots 50 foot flames into the night sky!

One of the most insane freestyle motocross demos in the world, Fitz Army is an action packed performance that hosts the biggest tricks, names and mobile freestyle motocross events. Founder and Metal Mulisha athlete Jimmy Fitzpatrick built the show on an adrenaline-choreographed performance. Each member of the Fitz Army freestyle motocross show has proved himself in the action sports industry, with multiple X Games medals, competitions, and world-class tours.”

White Empress (ex-Cradle Of Filth/Coal Chamber, etc.) are streaming their new album “Rise Of The Empress” online in full. Revolver posted the following stream of the album earlier today. Peaceville Records will see that the album receives a release tomorrow, September 30th.
click here for the stream…

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