David Draiman Of Disturbed

Disturbed’s David Draiman Says He Is “Pro Peace And Coexistence Between All People” In The Wake Of His Artillery Shell Signing Controversy


David Draiman, vocalist for multi-platinum alternative metal band Disturbed has long advocated for Israel and Jewish-related causes, however, there were some who felt he took his support too far last month. Amid a trip to Israel, where he visited with victims of the October 07th, 2023 Hamas-led attacks in Israel and toured sites of the conflicts that took place that day, he also spent some time with the Israel Defense Forces.

During his time with them, he was photographed signing an artillery shell with the phrase “Fuck Hamas”. Draiman found himself on the receiving end of both support and condemnation for that action, with his detractors criticizing him for signing a shell that could potentially be used in killing an innocent civilian. He also faced criticism for supporting war in general.

This past Monday, July 01st, saw Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri voice his admiration for the music of Disturbed, an opinion which ultimately proved controversial to some, given Draiman‘s aforementioned actions. As such, Palmeri faced his own wave of accusations in regards to his own stance on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Some excerpts from those exchanges can be found below:

Eventually, the band Heavy//Hitter weighed in on the matter, telling Palmeri:

Palmeri replied back to the band:

It was that reply from Palmeri that led Draiman himself to weigh in on the matter, stating:

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