David Draiman Of Disturbed

Disturbed’s David Draiman Draws Mixed Reaction For Signing An IDF Artillery Shell With An Expletive For Hamas


David Draiman, vocalist of multi-platinum alternative metallers Disturbed, has long been an advocate for the Jewish people and Israel, with members of his family hailing from the state and calling it home. His continued activism for Jewish causes recently saw him receive an award for his efforts to combat antisemitism.

Draiman has been spending time in Israel in recent weeks, and in a gallery of photos newly shared from his trip, he can be seen signing what appears to be a 155mm artillery shell with the phrase ‘Fuck Hamas’. That type of shell is commonly used in Western howitzers and artillery systems.

As you’d expect amid the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war, Draiman‘s actions in that photo have proven divisive, with a wave of reactions from both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli sides flooding the comments of his below Instagram post. Some commenters voiced their concerns that the shell could potentially hit innocent civilians rather than an intended combatant target, while others sought to criticize him for supporting war in general.

Per posts on his social media, Draiman himself has been using his time in Israel for activism and education, visiting sites and inspecting the aftermath from the October 07th, 2023 attacks on Israel, while also meeting with people whose family were taken hostage in the aforementioned attacks.

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