Deftones & Nine Inch Nails’ Are Among The Top Musical Artists To Have Sex To, Per A New Study


Per a newly published study from ZipHealth, the music of alternative metal favorites Deftones and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted industrial metal legends Nine Inch Nails remain among the most popular music to have sex to. Data for the study came from the survey results of 1,004 Americans, and an analysis of over 11,267 songs featured on 148 different sex-themed playlists on Spotify.

Not surprising is the inclusion of Nine Inch Nails‘ eventual strip club anthem “Closer“, which ranked high across several fields. Meanwhile, Deftones placed #3 behind The Weeknd and Kanye West on the top 10 artists featured the most on sex-themed playlists.

The genre of heavy metal as a whole ranked at #7 on sex-themed playlists. As for artists featured on sex-themed playlists in that genre, it was Deftones who secured the #1 spot, with Slipknot and System Of A Down following. You can delve into the rest of the findings of the study via ZipHealth.

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