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Judge Dismisses Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Over Alleged 2003 Helicopter Incident


Late last year Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee found himself the defendant in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe against him. In that suit, the woman in question claimed that during a shared 2003 helicopter ride together, Lee began “forcibly groping, kissing and penetrating her with his fingers, and attempting to force her to perform oral copulation” on him amid a shared private flight.”

The woman claimed to have been ‘lured’ onto the flight by pilot David Martz, without her knowledge that Lee would also be onboard. The woman also claimed that Lee and Martz freely engaged in alcohol, weed and cocaine mid-flight amid the aforementioned incident. Martz passed away in a plane crash back in 2015.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Holly J. Fujie dismissed that suit today, May 06th. Rolling Stone report that the judge didn’t feel there was enough supporting evidence to hear the case in the nature it was filed. Given that the standard statute of limitations had lapsed on the alleged victim’s claims, the suit was filed under the Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act.

This is where the case ran into a snag, as the judge agreed with Lee‘s defense team in that there was not enough supporting evidence submitted which showed that a “legal entity” was involved in covering up the alleged sexual assault — a necessity for the aforementioned act to be utilized. The plaintiff alleges that Lee‘s Mayhem Touring, Inc. was an operable entity at the time, though Lee claims it was suspended during the timeframe of the alleged incident.

This dismissal was done so without prejudice, with the judge giving the plaintiff a 20-day window to amend their complaint with revised supporting evidence for the case to potentially move forward.

You can find more on the case and this latest development over at Rolling Stone.

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